One Piece Talent System Chapter 126

Chapter 126 Showdown

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"Ah, ah, even Marines Vice-Admiral fleet was defeated. You are growing very fast recently. I cant delay my revenge for Sai."

Don Chinjao came right in front of Ross, touched his bare head, squinted, and spoke gently to Ross.
Ross looked at Don Chinjao indifferently and did not respond to him, He looked at Robin and said:

"Stand back, Robin."

Robin nodded and glanced at Leader Don Chinjao with a dignified look. All the information about Don Chinjaos intelligence flashed through her mind as she leaped gently back toward the rear.

Don Chinjao squinted and glanced at Robin indifferently. "Is that Devil Child, the survivor of the OHaras incident? Ah hoo hoo, you younger generation is really bold.

Before OHaras, Don Chinjao was a member of Garps generation. At that time, even Great Age of Pirates had not begun. He had heard the news of the destruction of OHaras, but that was many years ago.

"No matter what their identity is, as long as they are on my ship, they are my crew."

Ross calmly stood there.

As for Don Chinjaos current strength, he cant accurately judge it. In his memory, Don Chinjao can fight against Gear Second Luffy in Dressrosa, but later he was almost defeated by Lao G of Donquixote Family.

The battle with Luffy was the last battle of his old age, but right now Don Chinjao is far from that time, his beard has not even turned into white, but remain gray.

At least at his peak state, he is as strong as a high level Shichibukai. Its not clear how much strength he possessed after Garp hammered his head.

"Hee-ho-ho-ho-ho, its quite strong Haki."

Don Chinjao slightly grinned. Suddenly, the drooping gray-white beard, unaffected by gravity, began to float upward in an unexplained form. His narrow eyes opened slowly, and a terrifying momentum rose gradually from him.

As he stared at Ross, his eyes flashed with a fierce color and his tone suddenly turned cold and his murderous and repressed anger unfolded without hiding, he said:

"However, Sai was also the best descendant of the old man, who died by your hands. As the leader of the Happo Navy navy, this old man also needs to let you experience it!"


In the next moment, Don Chinjao clenched his fist violently and activated Armed Armament Haki and slammed down at Ross

At the same time, a shocking Haoshoku Haki burst out from Don Chinjaos body and rushed in all directions.


Rosss face remained unchanged as he clenched his right hand and met Don Chinjaos fist with his own. Two disproportionate fists suddenly collided in the air and a terrifying sound surged in all direction, cracking the gap between the two people, like a spiders web that gradually spread.

"This isHaoshoku Haki?"

Rosss eyes glistened slightly as he felt the breath bursting out of Don Chinjao, similar to Kenbonshoku (Observation) and Armament Haki, but totally different.

The aftermath rippled away.

Ross stood where he was, without retreating, and the ground beneath him fell apart inch by inch. Don Chinjao kept his fist-waving posture and the ground beneath him also broke into pieces.
The spectators in the distance had fallen silent. They were all stunned by Don Chinjaos Haoshoku. But Don Chinjaos Haoshoku was not strong. Many people still stood, but most of them overflowed with a little cold sweat on their foreheads.

"What happened, how did you fall down?"

Some people looked at some unconscious people who were foaming in their mouth and not knowing the reason for it, they all panicked.

"Its Haki, Haoshoku Haki."

There are people who have seen this type of scene before and said: "But thats also a reasonable thing. Leader Don Chinjao had a bounty of more than 500 million berries in that time!"
580 million Berries!

This is the bounty of Don Chinjao who was at the peak of his power at that time and was able to compete with Garp!

Although Don Chinjao was later beaten by Garp, who flattened his head, there is no doubt about his strength.

"Ah, ah, not only can you use Haki, but also recognize Haoshoku Haki. Your knowledge is quite good. Who did you learn your Haki from?!"

Looking at Ross who steadily withstood his punch, Don Chinjao snorted and stared at Ross. His gray beard seemed to be blown up by the strong wind, and the erupting Haoshoku Haki gradually dispersed.
"Who knows?"

Ross slowly retrieved his fist and responded calmly. He did not learn his Haki from anyone but he worked it out through day-to-day hard practice.

"Well, self-awakening? Thats not bad, but without the right exercise method, your Haki is weak and vulnerable!"

Don Chinjao gave a sudden shout of anger, his palms closed in front of him, his upper body turned sharply, his bare head slammed towards Ross.

Hasshoken, Buto(Military Head)!

Ross did not retreat. His right hands fingers closed and he suddenly clenched his fist. Power of distortion surrounded his fist and ran up against Don Chinjaos head.

Don Chinjao was bald in the head due to Garp. Although he lost his main weapon, his Armament Haki was weakened.


Rosss fist hit Don Chinjaos head with a thunderous bang.

Almost instantly, the crumbling ground under Rosss feet broke apart inch by inch, and the ruined buildings around him could not withstand the aftermath of power of distortion, showing signs of cracks.

In the reverberation of the attack, Rosss arm was shaking constantly and Don Chinjaos head and neck were shaking constantly, both sides were constantly stimulating their strength in this fierce collision and confrontation.


For almost two seconds, Rosss power of distortion kept breaking out. With a low grunt, he smashed Don Chinjaos Hashoken apart and hit Don Chinjao in the head, knocking him down and causing him to fly out.

Bang! Bang!

Don Chinjao, who flew out, crashed into two buildings in a row and broke into the ruins.

"Leader Don Chinjao was hit!"
"This is the strength of Ghost Hand Ross even the legendary figure is not his opponent?"

Many people can not help but feel shaken when they look at this scene from afar.

Rosss suspended bounty has reached 440 million Berries, but he is only one of the younger generation who has just risen. But now, his punch has caused a legendary figure to fly backward, which undoubtedly means that Rosss power has already moved towards those of the older generation!

In the tremor of a group of people, the ruins suddenly clashed, and the figure of Leader Don Chinjao rushed out of it. The broken stone debris on his body kept scattering, without leaving any damage.

"Ah-hoo, its a good move, but youre far from winning!"