One Piece Talent System Chapter 128

Chapter 128 Next Will Be A Marine Admiral

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Marine Headquarters Medical Building.

In a separate room in a high-rise ward, a man without his right arm and wrapped in bandages was sitting quietly at the window with a newspaper in his hand.
He is Headquarters Vice-Admiral Doberman.

After his fight with Ross in the Spring Island, he was badly injured. Despite the emergency treatment of the accompanying ship doctor on the Battleship, he had to amputate an arm. Because of the severe internal injuries, he almost lost his future battle ability.

Because of this, Marine Headquarters did not impose any substantial punishment on him because of this serious defeat and even his Vice-Admiral rank, which had been on the verge of being stripped, was retained for him.

Standing next to Doberman is a Headquarters Captain.

" These are all the announcements from Headquarters. You can either stay in Headquarters to process files or you can choose to work as a trainer in the recruiting battalion.

Headquarters Captain looked at Doberman with some concern. He knew about Doberman and that Doberman had lost his battle ability. He would review documents and teach recruits at most in the future, so he feared that Doberman would not be able to bear the result.

Doberman, sitting at the window, didnt react. He just held the newspaper in one hand and looked at it. His fingers kept pinching and kneading one end of the newspaper into a ball.

The newspaper printed news of Hawkeyes duel with Carlos and Rosss killing of the legendary pirate Leader Don Chinjao.


Standing on the side the Headquarters Captain got more and more worried, he was worried that Doberman wouldnt be able to accept it.

He also knows about Ross. He was only a small Pirate Hunter in West Blue at first, but he grew strong very fast and eventually, Doberman paid a heavy price for it. This kind of thing may not be acceptable even to him.


Doberman took a deep breath and suddenly loosened the newspaper, putting it aside and said, "I see. When you go back and report for me, you say Id like to stay in Headquarters to process documents."


The Headquarters Captain showed a little surprise. He knew Dobermans style very well. He was tough and hard working. He believed in strength and absolute justice. He did not expect that after losing his strength, Doberman could accept the civil service of handling documents.

Doberman slightly smiled and said: "Even if I dont have any battle capabilities. I have experienced and seen more than you think. Go on."


The Headquarters Captain nodded and left the room after saluting.

After he left, the expression on Dobermans face changed gradually. Although he still kept smiling, the smiling became more and more fierce, and finally became a little crazy.

"Such an end, uh"

He gave a few horrible sneers, grabbed the newspaper and stared at the newspaper story about Ross.

Loss of his strength is more painful to him than death, but he will not choose to die, because he has to watch and see Ross in even more worse position!

"Ill watch it."
"Pirate Ross."

Having confronted Ross head-on, plus all the information about Ross, he knows Rosss character well, He is definitely not a person who is willing to submit to others.

Arrogant! Aloof and arrogant!

Even if he escaped Marines encirclement and suppression and entered New World, he will face a situation where the sea is his enemy and he will be squeezed between Marines and Yonko(Four Emperors).

He would watch Ross defeated by Marines and taken to Impel Down, or defeated by Four Emperors and killed in despair by Four Emperors. Before that, he would live even in pain and he would never die without seeing Rosss last appearance.

Impossible island.

After defeating Leader Don Chinjao and killing him, Ross and Robin returned to the Ghost Shadow Ship, leaving Laffitte alone to move freely on the island until Log Pose magnetism was full.

Leader Don Chinjaos bounty at its peak was 580 million Berries, and after hunting Don Chinjao, Ross was rewarded at the level of 580 million berries pirate and the reward wasnt cut because Don Chinjaos head was made bald by Garp causing a decrease in his strength.

1 Free Talent Points!
120 Talent Proficiency Points!

Its more impressive than Rosss previous victory over the magnitude of Marine Vice-Admirals.

These 120 Talent Proficiency Points, Ross thought a little, then made a choice and filled 50 points into the Physical Enhancement of the General Department.

The Generals Talents Tree shines with a slight change.

Agility Enhancement: 200 (Top Level Strengthening)

Physical Enhancement: 400 (Top Level Strengthening)

Tenacious: 50 (Mid Level Strengthening)

A warm current emerged from Rosss body, Strengthening his body and it disappeared after a few seconds, his Physical Enhancement also broke through 400 points, close to 500 points of Maximum Value.

With the remaining 70 Proficiency Points, Ross was in a little hesitant, after a period of hesitation, he finally chose to add 50 Proficiency Points to Armament Haki.

The Ripper Mongel was killed before and the 15 Proficiency Points were all added on the Distortion Fruit. The power of distortions has been enhanced, plus 20 points now, the promotion is big enough.


Now he has been able to combine Armament Haki with the power of distortion, so he has to improve his Armament Haki, otherwise, its strength will be too weak.

Most importantly, if he meets the Marines again, its probably going to involve a Marine Admiral. Todays three Marine Admiral, Aokiji, Kizaru, and Akainu are the top Logia powers.

Currently, his Armament Haki can deal with the likes of smokers and Crocodile, but he will be dwarfed by the top powers, even when combined with the power of distortions, he may not be able to hurt the other party.

In the War Of The Best, Marco and Flower SwordVista, two division Captains of Whitebeard Pirates, joined forces and used Haki to hit Akainu, but they were unable to cause any harm to him.

Looking at the entire War of The Best, only Whitebeard was able to cause substantial damage to Akainu!

The golden light flashed and the branch of Armament Haki which Ross had been neglecting was finally filled with some proficiency points.

The 50 Talent Proficiency Points just pushed Armament Haki into Mid Level Strengthening and directly upgraded Rosss Armament Haki!

In the practice room, looking at the square Iron Block in front of him. Ross raised his right hand and Armament Haki suddenly condensed into a dark hardened color and then he punched the iron block.


His fist Bang struck the square Iron Block and gave a bang ring instantly. Even though the practice room had excellent sound insulation, it still reverberated in all corners of Ghost Shadow Ship.

This punch directly put a deep fist mark on the iron block.

"It should be a little worse than Don Chinjao, but its not too much."

Recalling Don Chinjaos Armament Haki strength, Ross slightly nodded, this level of Armament Haki has a little bit of capital against an Admiral.

The last 20 points left are naturally poured on the Distortion Fruit.

Firearms Shooting: 50

Close-Combat Fighting: 100

Distortion Fruit: 480

Soru of Marines Rokushiki: 0

Kami-e (Paper Drawing) of Marines Rokushiki: 0

Marines Rokushikis Gepp (Moonwalk):0

Observation Haki: 50

Armament Haki: 50

"I dont know how far I am from Marine Admiral." After looking at the Battle panels, Ross muttered in his heart.