One Piece Talent System Chapter 129

Chapter 129 Hidden

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After closing the Talent System, Ross took a deep breath and started to exercise. He had to adapt to the strength he had just raised.

It was at this time that several figures passed through the messy ruins and quietly came to the shore, close to the Ghost Shadow Ship.
"That is the Ghost Shadow Ship?"

The headed person is petite and beautiful women, wearing a strange hat and a loose jacket on the upper body, it seems that there is only one jacket and there is no button, she is wearing a wavy short skirt on the lower body and a pair of sunglasses on her eyes.

Standing behind her are two men wrapped in grey robes. One of them looked at the Ghost Shadow Ship on the shore and respectfully said: "The same as in the intelligence, there should be nothing wrong."

The three continued to walk towards the Ghost Shadow Ship.

Almost as they came to the side of Ghost Shadow Ship, Robin appeared silently on the side of Ghost Shadow Ship, standing there looking down at the three people, with glittering eyes and making gestures ready to use her abilities at any time.

"Dont do it, we dont have any ill intentions, Nico Robin"

The woman in front looked up at Robin standing on the side of Ghost Shadow Ship. Her red lips opened slightly and her hands spread out slightly, indicating that she had no wicked intention.

Robin was slightly startled when she heard her name, but instead of putting down her guard immediately, she asked in a low voice, "Who are you?"

Belo Betty raised her hand and gently lifted the sunglasses up halfway and smiled.

"Revolutionary Army."

"I am the East Army, Army Captain, Belo Betty."

Belo Betty smiled at Robin after declaring her name. I have already declared my name. Arent you gonna invite us to sit up?

Revolutionary Army

Robin was slightly stunned as she did not expect to encounter the Revolutionary Army here and it was one of the mysterious military Captains. In other words, it is difficult for her to connect the girl in front of her with the dangerous criminals wanted by the World Government all over the world, such as Revolutionary Army Captain.

"Miss Robin, please believe us, we dont have any wicked intentions."

Standing behind Belo Betty, a member of the Revolutionary Army said to Robin in a sincere way, "Light of Revolution Thats what we call you. Weve been looking for you for four or five years. Youre the only survivor of OHaras in the world.


Hearing this, Robin lifted her hand and gently lowered it.

The Revolutionary Army member saw it and smiled at Robins kindness: "Now that we have found you, we will do our best to protect you from the government. This is the Order of the Leader."


Asked Robin, with a slightly twinkling eye.

"The Commander-in-Chief of Revolutionary Army Dragon. "

The Revolutionary Army member, with a solemn and serious look on his face, spoke to Robin, with deep respect in his eyes when he mentioned Dragon.
If someone is to be considered to be the most dangerous existence in the world, then there is no doubt that it will belong to the Revolutionary Armys Leader Dragon!

Although Four Emperors are also extremely dangerous, they will not attack the World Government on their own initiative, nor will they attack Marine on their own initiative, nor will they deliberately subvert the governments rule.

But Dragon is different.

The sole purpose of the Revolutionary Army was to overthrow the rule of tenryubito and overthrow World Government.

The governments intention to eradicate Dragon is much stronger than Rosss. If they can accurately detect Dragons location, they will send all CP0 members to attack him secretly and maybe even send more than two Admirals to kill him!
"Since its the Revolutionary Army, come up and sit down."

Rosss voice came from behind Robin.

He has been releasing Observation Haki in the exercise room. As soon as Belo Betty and others approached the ship, he noticed them, but he did not rush out. Instead, he went for a shower and changed his clothes before he walked out of the cabin.

"Ghost Hand Ross."

Belo Betty gently smiled at Ross, jumped and landed on the deck.
"So, lets make a long story short."

She came to Ross and Robin and her expression became serious.

"You are in a very dangerous situation now. We are all aware of the cause and effect of your deeds. Robin, If you are willing, we will do our best to protect you and escort you to the Revolutionary Army headquarters."

"As for your Captain, if you are willing to join the Revolutionary Army, we will do our best to help you out of danger, but only if you listen to our command."

Once Robin interprets Poneglyph, it is bound to be a heavy blow to the World Government. From the governments refusal to study the Void Century and they even went as far as to destroy OHara to hide that.

Ross is less important than Robin. Its not difficult to protect Robin alone. But when it comes to Ross and the Ghost Hand Pirates, she doesnt really want to be threatened by a Marine Admiral.

The Revolutionary Army is now in development state. Only their Leader Dragon can oppose a Marine Admiral. Even if Ross joins the Revolutionary Army, Dragon cant keep away from his duties to protect Ross.

Even if Ross is willing to obey their command, it is a lot of pressure for her.

Ross slightly shook his head and responded calmly: "I will not join any forces."

Because of the existence of Talent System, he must act according to his own way, pirates are his prey, Doflamingo is also one of the people he wants to destroy, it is impossible to hide in the dark with the Revolutionary Army, so whether he joins the Revolutionary Army will not make any difference.

Moreover, the government has to work hard to deal with the Revolutionary Army. Any exposed location of the Revolutionary Army will attract the governments frenzied pursuit. Once they are caught, they will be tortured.

"If I join your Revolutionary Army, the government and Marine will definitely pay more attention to me and the future will be even more troublesome."

"This is indeed the case."

Belo Betty shrugged helplessly and said, "But we have a strong Intelligence network, and we have more opportunities to avoid the government and Marines encirclement and suppression."


Ross did not respond and turned to look at Robin.
Robin slightly smiled and said, "Im sorry, but my position is in line with Captain."


Belo Betty snorted, seemingly anticipating that this might be the case. She did not intend to continue her persuasion. Instead, she walked toward the side of the deck and jumped back to the shore.

After taking two steps, she seemed to think of something again and turned her head towards Ross, she lifted her sunglasses gently with one hand and looked solemnly at them.
"Marine Admiral has been following you. Youd better be careful about your recent actions I dont really want to hear the news that Marines caught you.

Belo Betty smiled and puts down her sunglasses. Then, lets meet again.

As for Rosss style, she recognizes it. He is not someone who will succumb to the power of Marine and the government. Even though he is weak, he also resists and in the process of that resistance, he has been hunting pirate and Marines.


Currently, the Revolutionary Army is hiding here and there with no fixed place. They are no better than Ross. She cant even cooperate with Ross to fight against someone like a Marine Admiral.

I can only hope that Ross will be fortunate enough to survive the threat of a Marine Admiral.

Although this will be very difficult.

Chapter 129 Revolutionary Army