One Piece Talent System Chapter 13

Chapter 13 One Eyed Flo

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Flo Pirates.

The entire crew on the ship, with or without any problem in the eyes, wears a one-eyed cover to blindfold the right eye. This is Captain one-eyed Flos order.

"There is a boat coming over!"

"Its a small boat."

A pirate standing in the sentry position, seeing Ross boat in the distance, reported.

As soon as they heard that it was a small boat, the numerous pirates on the ship lost their interest, because a small boat means that there will be no treasures that are of any worth.


Some people also showed a strange expression and ask the sentry post: "They are taking the initiative to come here? Didnt they see our pirate flag?"

"Yes! They seem to be accelerating."

The sentry post didnt care at first, but after noticing that Rosss boat was charging full speed towards their ship, he suddenly felt that something was wrong.

Under normal circumstances, when normal ships spot a pirate ship, wouldnt they immediately turn around and run away? Taking the initiative to rush over when coming across a pirate group only Pirate Hunters would do!

When he thought of it, the sentry post was immediately shocked.

"Reporting to Captain, it may be a Pirate Hunter!"

"Pirate Hunter?"

As soon as they heard the word Pirate Hunter, many of the pirates faces changed. Someone quickly went to the cabin and reported to Captain Flo.

One-eyed Flo was taking an afternoon nap and was very annoyed when he was woken up by his men. He yawned and went to the outside deck, and looked at the boat in the distance:

"Pirate Hunter? I am one-eyed Flo, I have a bounty of 27 million Berries, which Pirate Hunter dares to provoke me, they are really tired of living!"

"Exterminate them for me."

One-eyed Flo rubbed the back of the head as he gave the order to attack to a pirate nearby.


Several pirates responded and quickly filled the cannon with gunpowder, aimed at the boat that Ross was riding and started the bombardment.

A cannonball drew a arc, and fell into the sea, creating huge waves in the sea.


Ross took a deep breath and said: "Robin, you go inside the cabin first."

Ross power of distortion in present condition can prevent attacks from the general sword, but the bullets fired by the guns, and any sword attack with slight sword energy, he cannot block them head-on, not to mention cannons.

Fortunately, the bombardment done by this pirate group was not as orderly as Marine, and seems to be even somewhat messed-up as they were unable to form dense and terrifying cannonball hail.


Ross didnt intend to block the cannonballs although he will be hard pressed to stop them.

He didnt need this boat anymore. He just needs to rely on the boat to get close to the Flo Pirate Ship, after getting close he could make a hard jump to the ship by Soru.


A cannonball struck towards Ross and Rosss foot stepped hard on the floor of the boat. He escaped to a distance and avoided the cannonball.


The shells crashed on the bow of the ship, and the sawdust flew in every direction and a cloud of smoke floated over.

"Indeed, it is not a simple thing to use the fruits ability to stop the shells or to cut open the shells with a sword."

In the face of a situation where he can die or get seriously injured by cannonballs, Ross was extremely calm because, with his current agility and speed, he was able to avoid the cannonballs that had come from afar.

Bang! Bang!!

As the boat approached the Flo Pirate Ship, the hit rate of the cannonballs began to get higher and higher, and it became more and more difficult to avoid them due to the close distance.

Ross calmly looks at the Flo Pirate Ship ahead, he has focused his maximum attention such that any shadow that flies over, he will instantly avoid it.

"Captain, if this continues, then we wont be able to approach the ship."

Robin hid in the cabin with several large holes in it, observing the situation outside, and made a mouth on the pillar next to Ross, to tell him of her observation. Rosss eyes swept towards the lips on the pillar. He was not surprised as the ability of Flower-Flower Fruit(Hana Hana no Mi) in which a part of the body can be made anywhere.

He responded calmly: "Relax, we dont need to get too close."

Fifty meters

Forty meters

Thirty meters

Ross stared at the ship with all of his focus and judged the distance.

"This distance is enough!"

Rosss gaze flashed, and he jumped without hesitation to the top of the boat. Then he stamped hard, smashing the part of a boat, and jumped towards the ship creating an arc in midair. He fell down onto Furlow pirate groups pirate ship.

On the Flo pirate groups ship, many pirates were looking at the boat that was crumbling in the bombardment with an evil smirk. Seeing a figure suddenly jumping up from the boat to come to their ship, all of them were stunned.

"Be careful!"

"Captain! Someone is here!"

By the time pirates reacted, Ross had already hit the Flo pirate groups sail. He landed on the sail, and light as a feather dropped down on the mast.

The distance of this jump is obviously not something that ordinary people can do. Many pirates revealed shock. Some people looked upwards. They vaguely felt that Rosss figure was a little familiar, and then thought of something, their faces drastically changed.

"You are Ghost Hand Ross! You have Killed the Marine Branch Captain and have a bounty of 40 million Berries!"

"Very good, I dont have to introduce myself."

Ross calmly glanced at the pirates below, and jumped down directly onto the ships deck. He said while looking at the pirates in front of him:

"Flo pirate group, I dont have to offer apology, right? My boat was broken by you so, therefore it is regrettable but I am gonna have to take your ship as compensation."

The pirates standing next to Ross couldnt help but swallow their saliva.

Although they are also tyrannical pirates, the news said that Ross is extremely vicious, he not only slaughtered a small town but also killed the captain of the Marine Branch, his degree of madness is far higher than theirs!

"I thought it was a Pirate Hunter who didnt have eyes. I didnt expect you, Pirate Hunter no, pirate, Ghost Hand Ross."

One-eyed Flo walked out from the back, his one-eye staring at Ross was slightly narrowed, revealing a dangerous look.

Although Ross is notorious, he is also not easy to provoke. What about the bounty of 40 million Berries? After all, he is alone!

"Want my ship, how about joining us?"

One-eyed Flo spread out his hands towards Ross, and said: "With your strength, if you join forces with me, there will be few people in West Blue who will be our match."

If Ross was a Pirate Hunter then he would have already started fighting, but Ross is already a pirate and he is alone. If he can get him on his ship to be a combatant, then the Flo pirate group will be able to run amok in the West Blue.

"Bounty of 27 million Berries, one-eyed Flo." Ross slowly moved forward, his eyes indifferent: "Are you planning to be my subordinate?"

Flos face sank and sneered: "It seems that you havent figured out what kind of situation you are in, Ghost Hand Ross."

As his voice fell, many of the nearby pirates pulled out their guns and swords, readying for battle.