One Piece Talent System Chapter 130

Chapter 130 Idea

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"Its a decisive decision."

Watching the three Revolutionary Army figures disappear from sight, Robin turns to Ross and gently smiles, saying, "I thought you would at least hesitate for a moment."
"Its impossible for me to submit to any type of commands. If I were willing to follow the orders, I might be a Marine now."

Ross shook his head. He couldnt follow the Revolutionary Army to hide in some remote country. The purpose of the Revolutionary Army was to overthrow the tenryubito rule and overthrow the government. He was different. He became a Pirate because Marines and the government provoked him, so he would deal with Marine and government in his own way.

A single Doberman is not enough.

Although the original order came from Doberman, it was impossible for this series of events to be not followed by the government and Marine executives. Their attitudes were clearly very consistent.

In the eyes of senior government officials and Fleet Admiral Sengoku and others, Rosss existence is far less important than Marines and the governments prestige. It is absolutely impossible for the government and Marine to publicly withdraw a pirates bounty and admit their previous mistakes.

Well, just watch.

A deep glimpse flashed through his eyes, then he threw his miscellaneous thoughts behind his head, turned to Robin and said, "What about Devil Fruits ability training? And Armament Haki."

A month ago, he had handed over the Armament Hakis practice method to Robin and Laffitte and others. They were getting closer and closer to the New World and it will be difficult to gain a foothold in the New World without Haki.

Robin and others are not Battle members and Ross will not require them to have much strength, but they at least have to have the ability to fight in New World.

"Slightly stronger."

Robin glanced at Ross and wondered what special training her Captain was going to give her.

Ross snorted and lightly said. "Is it? Lets test it out."

For Laffitte, he has always had a free attitude, while he had pointed out the development of Devil Fruit and Observation Haki to Law. He had taught Armament Haki practice to Xilu and now it was time for Robin.

"What kind of test?"

Robin was not moved by it as she asked expressionlessly.

Ross glanced at Robin, walked into the cabin with his hands on his back and said, "Some ordinary tests."

Robins practice speed is much faster than Ross expected and she can already utilize a weaken Armament Haki.

Armament Hakis practice is not very difficult. As long as the physical fitness reaches a certain level, it can be practiced. However, this ability is easy to learn but hard to utilized. Many people always get stuck on the hardening process of the Armament Haki.

Even Xilu, who had been brought down from the Sky island had been practicing for several months with Armament Haki and he was completely unable to harden with Armament Haki and Armament Haki learned by Robin was only a little bit better than him.


Its better to have something than nothing. Even a little Armament Haki around your arm can enhance your defensive and offensive abilities, and even a little improvement can be made.

"Its still hard to train a team that is comparable to the Yonk (Four Emperors) Pirates in a short time."

After testing the strength of Robin and others, Ross couldnt help but sigh, why cant they work as hard as he did.
Although these people are practicing under his supervision, most of them are passive except Law. Mission-like practicing does not have that kind of strong determination and belief.

Instead of taking care of Law and Xilus practicing, Ross left the cabin and went to the deck and jumped suddenly and landing in the sea below, suspended above the sea.

"Distortion Fist!"

Rosss right hand five fingers converged and his eyes showed a serious expression. About three feet apart, He slammed into the sea below.

Soundless and stirless.
The sea was calm and the atmosphere was awkward.

"There is still no way to conduct air as a medium No, it should be said that the power of distortion cannot be released by air."

Ross took back his fist and looked at his palm, revealing a touch of thought in his eyes.

It is impossible to attach the power of Tremor-Tremor Fruit (Gura Gura no Mi) to the fist like Whitebeard and directly hit the front, which is a minor flaw of Distortion Fruit.

If the power of distortion is fixed, it must be released from the air, if not then there is nothing. But in his fight against Don Chinjao, Ross was able to faintly touch upon that feeling. It felt like his power can be released from any medium.
But in the end, he failed to catch it.

"Distortion FruitChop-Chop Fruitand Tremor-Tremor Fruit (Gura Gura no Mi)representing Distortion, splitting, and vibration, why are there such big differences between them?"

There was a hint of confusion in Rosss eyes.

The clown Buggys Chop-Chop Fruit can split his body and ignore the cutting of sharp weapons. This is a very chicken rib ability that is useful in remaining alive. But what if this ability is not limited to splitting himself, but everything that he touched in the outside world?

There is no doubt that it will be an extremely powerful ability!

Everything that is touched by this ability user will be silently cut apart and split. If the fruit is strengthened to its limit, maybe one stroke will be enough to divide an island, together with the people on the island, into countless pieces, showing an effect similar to Doflamingos birdcage.

However, this splitting fruit cannot affect the outside world but can only affect the user. This leads to a very powerful ability to become a chicken rib ability that is far less inferior to Distortion and earthquake.


If Tremor-Tremor Fruit (Gura Gura no Mi) is like Chop-Chop Fruit, not outward but inward, turning itself into a human vibration machine, it will obviously become a chicken rib ability, It will only be useful in pleasuring a girl

Rosss Distortion Fruit is similar to the earthquake and the split as he cant release Distortion into the air, but his body will not twist like a rubber.

If Distortion Fruit really becomes an inward-acting fruit, it may become an alternative version of the rubber fruit that produces distinct characteristics.

"Really Is this difference due to the nature of the devil fruit?

Ross meditated in his heart.

If it is because of the difference in the nature of the fruit, then there should be six fruits in the world, the external Tremor-Tremor Fruit (Gura Gura no Mi), the internal vibrating fruit, the external Distortion Fruit, the internal twisted fruit, the external split fruit, and the internal Chop-Chop Fruit.

If this is the case, then he got lucky by getting the Distortion Fruit. If got a vibrating fruit or twist fruit maybe it can create an alternative matchup with Robins Flower-Flower Fruit (Hana Hana no Mi)?

Forget it.
Rosss mouth slightly twitched at its corners and he no longer thinks about it.