One Piece Talent System Chapter 131

Chapter 131 Not A Clue

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Looking back, Ross began to think about another possibility, that is, the external shock of Tremor-Tremor Fruit (Gura Gura no Mi), is perhaps the effect of Devil Fruit awakening?

This possibility exists, but it is difficult to explain that when Blackbeard seizes Tremor-Tremor Fruit (Gura Gura no Mi) of Whitebeard, he is directly capable of producing external shock, unless the ability of Tremor-Tremor Fruit (Gura Gura no Mi) seized by Blackbeard is directly the awakening state that Whitebeard develops to the limit.
If so.

So what I have touched before is the feeling that can release the power of distortion from the body and it is extremely rare among the abilities What about Devil Fruit Awakening?

Apart from the Impel down Jailer who may have the Zoan awakening, Paramecia awakening has a very small reflection in Rosss memory, In his memory, only Doflamingo awakened his devil fruit and his Devil Fruit belonged to Paramecia category.

"If my fruit can be awakened, it will become interesting."

Ross looked at his hands.

For a long time, he had a vague idea that the ability to activate from Talent System, such as Light Distortion and Gravity Distortion might not be the normal abilities of the Distortion Fruit, but all the abilities that should be possessed only after awakening!

Just because Talent System exists, he can use these capabilities ahead of time without awakening or development.

If so, that is to say, when his fruit awakens, all of his abilities will be strengthened, resulting in a huge qualitative change!

Ross is not sure if it can reach Marine Admirals level after such a qualitative change, but at least he can reach the same level as Doflamingo!


Ross perceives the power of distortion in the body and keeps it flowing throughout his body, but he has no clue about the so-called awakening.

There is too little introduction to Devil Fruits awakening in the original series.

"Right, I almost forgot about the CP9 group. They have been exposed to so many secret intelligence in the World Government and maybe they had been exposed to news like Devil Fruit Awakening."

After thinking for a moment, Ross turned back to the cabin, took out Den Den Mushi, dialed Den Den Mushi of Kaku, the Intelligence team is headed by Kaku, although Jabra is a little dissatisfied.

Den Den Mushi is quickly connected.

Ross rarely communicates directly with Kaku, most of the times his orders are relayed by Robin, but occasionally he bypasses Robin to give orders directly.

"Kaku, have you ever been exposed to Intelligence about Devil Fruit Awakening before?"

"Devil Fruit Awakening?"

On the other side of Den Den Mushi, a voice of doubts came from Kaku, saying, "No, Ive never heard of it. Ill ask Jabra about it"

As he spoke, Kaku dialed Jabras Den Mushi and asked Blueno next to him. The answer was that they had never heard about Devil Fruits awakening.

"Im sorry Captain, but we can collect some intelligence about this."


Ross nodded, not surprisingly, to Kakus answer. Although CP9 is a powerful intelligence organization, Kaku and others did not have Robin like memory. They can forget something in their minds. They can only investigate when they need it.

And now they have lost their CP9 status and can no longer mobilize the power of the governments intelligence agencies and the governments database.

"Right, I am going to report to you about the intelligence of Supernova and Shichibukai I will pass it on to you with the image Den Den Mushi."

The sound of the documents flipping was heard from Kakus end.

The image Den Den Mushi is a special Den Den Mushi capable of projecting images. There are many kinds of Den Den Mushi in the world. Ross has been collecting all kinds of Den Den Mushi and has made a room especially for Den Den Mushi alone.

Keeping in touch with Kaku, Ross came to the Den Den Mushi room and looked at the rows of Den Den Mushi and the labels on the counter and quickly took out the image Den Den Mushi.

After the image Den Den Mushi was opened, It immediately projected on a piece of white on the wall and issued rustling sound. After a few seconds, the other side was connected. After a flash, a clear image appeared, which was a map.

This is a map of the Grand Line, far more clear than what Ross has today. It shows nearly half of the island in the first half and the small part of the island in the second half.

On these islands, the location of pirate Supernovas and Seven Warlords of the Sea are clearly marked, including Doflamingo, Gekko Moria and others.

Many others, such as Hawkeye and Kumas location have not been marked on the map, and out of all pirate Supernova, three of whom who had a bounty of more than 200 million berries has entered New World.

"They all went to the New World"

Looking at the label of the map, Ross had to slightly shake his head. Now in the first half, only one of the pirates with a bounty over 200 million is left. There are still two between 100 million and 200 million, but the distance is too far and the uncertainty is too great if he runs that far.

In addition to Supernova, one of Shichibukai fell into Rosss eyes, Shichibukai Gekko Moria, clearly marked as landing in the Devil Triangle sea.

The devil triangle sea, which is close to the Impossible Island is almost connected to storm sea, forming a triangle and a circle.

"Good job."

Ross saved the image and, after a little thought, he said to Kaku on the other side of Den Den Mushi: "The next mission is to collect intelligence about Devil Fruits awakening, and the whereabouts of Sand Fruit, metal attribute and Barrier-Barrier Fruit."

The owner of Sand Sand Fruit and barrier fruit and metal fruit died by Rosss hands. After the death of the Devil Fruit user, the devil fruit will regenerate somewhere in the sea after a while.

So far, the only way to stop this regeneration and directly capture Devil Fruits ability is to eat the dark fruit of Black Beard Teach, which Ross does not have.
These three fruits, even though they are not comparable to Rumble-Rumble Fruit, are also powerful and capable of creating three very strong Battle forces. If there is a chance to seize them then Ross will naturally get them.

"In addition, You should also pay some attention to Marines. If you find any big moves, report it to me immediately."


Kaku responded before he hung up Den Den Mushi and ended the call.

Ross put the communication Den Mushi in his pocket and he took out the previously saved image and he looked at it carefully for a moment, he went out of the cabin and came to Robins room and put his hand on the door.


The latch was drawn from the inside as Ross pushed the door open.
Robin was leaning against the bed in a thin shirt, her slender white jade feet gently on the windowsill, her hairs were still wet as if she had just finished exercising and taking a bath. She looked at the book in her hand without raising her head and her face was calm.

"Whats the matter? Captain."

"Later, tell Laffitte to sail to the Florian Triangle. By the way, theres one more thing I want to ask you"

Ross closed the door behind him and went into the room. "Youve seen Devil Fruit before. Have you heard about Devil Fruits awakening?"
"Devil Fruit Awakening?"

Robin laid down her book and looked at Ross, with a flicker of thought in her eyes. She said, "I do seem to have seen this word"

She recalled for a moment, shook her head at Ross and said, "I should have seen the word but I didnt read anything about it. I wasnt interested in Devil Fruit at that time."

"I see."

Ross nodded as he glanced at the smooth long legs of Robin on the windowsill and turned and walked away.