One Piece Talent System Chapter 133

Chapter 133 Thriller Bark

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In the Florian Triangle sea, the Ghost Shadow Ship sailed slowly.

Sailing in this foggy and gloomy sea, Ghost Shadow Ship feels like a fish in the water. Its color is dull. Now in this sea, it is like a ghost ship sailing out of hell.
Seven days passed quickly, and within seven days, Ghost Shadow Ship encountered debris from time to time, some of which had been shaking and rotting in the sea for decades.

"Whoop, somethings coming."

"It doesnt seem quite fit Captains description."

Laffitte, who spent most of his time sitting on the sentry post at the top of the Ghost Shadow Ship mast, suddenly noticed something. He stood up and looked ahead at the sea, his eyes glittering slightly.

It was a huge ship, its hull looked shabby and worn out. It seemed that it was an old ship. Looking at the erosion and decay of the wood and sails, it was a ship from twenty or thirty years ago.

Ross and others came out of the cabin to the deck.

"No, not this one."

Looking at the approaching crumbling ship, Ross shook his head. Although it was very large, it was much smaller than the terrifying three-mast sail ship named Thriller Bark.

Hearing that it was not the goal of the trip, Law and Xilu calmed down and as the broken ship approached, strange voices suddenly sounded from it.

Squeak Squeak

As if some wood was moving, and as if some broken door had been pushed open.

When the two ships were staggered, a white skeleton appeared on the side of the broken ship, sitting there, smiling gloomily at Ross and others.


There was silence on the Ghost Shadow Ship. Whether it was Laffitte, Robin, or Law, there was no screaming form this encounter, all of them were calm.

Ross looked at the skeleton without expression. Suddenly, his figure flashed and he left Ghost Shadow Ship. The next moment, Ross appeared on the broken ship.


They heard a crashing sound.

A few minutes later, Ross emerged from the stern of the wrecked ship, tidied up his sleeves, jumped forward, crossed an arc in the air and returned to Ghost Shadow Ship.

"Did anything interesting happen? Captain."

Laffitte smirked at Ross.

Ross shook his head and said, "No, I just asked some questions from a skeleton who has lived here for decades. Okay, keep sailing."

Law and Xilu looked at each other, then went to the cabin one after another and soon there was only Laffitte left on the deck.

Five more days passed.
Laffitte was initially interested in this piece of the sea but then he lost his interest. On that day, as he was leaning on the sentry post on the top of the ship, his ears moved and his eyes glistened in the fog ahead.

"That is"

In the fog, a huge shadow loomed, far from being comparable to the old wrecked ship and its size was similar to that of an island!

And according to Laffittes observation and judgment, the shadow is not fixed, but moving on the sea, It is a huge ship!

"I finally found it."

Laffitte stood up straight, his bored expression was swept away as his mouth showed a hint of a smile and he quickly informed Ross and Robin.

The Ghost Shadow Ship is gradually approaching the huge terrifying three-masted sailship. The main entrance of the huge ship is a huge mouth similar to a human mouth when it was open.

Within the back of the misty, a gloomy castle emerged and the atmosphere seemed extremely depressed.

"Should we just go in? Captain?"
Laffitte looked at the front door with its huge open mouth. Instead of being afraid, he looked interested and turned to Ross.

Ross nodded calmly.

Morias strength is almost at the bottom of Shichibukai. Even if he swallows a thousand shadows and can break a small island in half which is comparable to Luffys fourth-gear Great Ape King kong gun, but the trick is extremely clumsy. And it is easy to lose consciousness.

In contrast, Doflamingo not only has the original identity of tenryubito, but also holds the secret of tenryubito, and grasps the innumerable transactions and intelligence in the dark world. It will be a lot more difficult to deal with him.


Ghost Shadow Ship sailed slowly into the interior of the terrifying three-mast sailboat and the rear gate closed silently, like a beast from hell, swallowing Ghost Shadow Ship in one gulp.

After another voyage, Ghost Shadow Ship arrived at the shore.

"Xilu, you stay here and watch the ship."

Ross jumped up and landed on the shore, giving a command to Xilu.

Among all the people, besides him, Xilu and Laffitte have the strongest Observation Haki. Laffitte is obviously eager to learn Gekko Morias methods, so he had to leave Xilu behind to guard the ship.

Xilu was not very adapted to the gloomy environment and nodded at his words.

"Lets go."

Laffitte, Robin, and Law all landed on the shore, Ross slight smile and walked towards the gloomy Fort City in front of him.

As the four advanced, the surrounding environment became more and more ghastly, the trees grew very strange, and even a large number of tombstones and graves appeared.

Rosss face was dull, Laffittes smile was getting bigger and bigger, Laws face was expressionless and Robin was also interested in watching the scenes around her.

As the four moved forward, a rustling sound came from the dark woods, and then suddenly, the grave burst open, and a large number of skeletons and Zombies wrapped in bandages emerged from it. All of them made a gesture with their teeth and claws and made a strange sound of hoot hoot hoot.

Ross: ""

Robin: ""

Law: ""
Laffitte: "oh."

boom! boom! Bang! Bang!

There was a burst of explosions in the graveyard, from which panic and screams were heard.

The heads of several zombies flew up into the sky and the heads of several zombies touched their buttocks. Several zombies seemed to be real zombies, tearing their teeth and claws at their companions.

Ross and Law stepped out of it without expression and went on to the Fort City of Moria.

Robin grinned and smiled: "This ability, its quite interesting."

"Only you find it interesting."

Law screamed in his heart as he wielded the demon knife, his eyes were cold and indifferent.

Laffitte swung his cane and smiled. "Its an interesting ability to manipulate zombies Uh huh?"

His voice stopped suddenly and his ears moved slightly as if he had caught something.


Ross and Robins footsteps also stopped. The slowest reaction was Law, but when he noticed Rosss reaction, he stopped and looked around vigilantly.

Robin stood there looking at the front, but her eyes were constantly turning to one side and finally, her arms were raised and slightly crisscrossed in front of her.

"What do you want to do? Mr. Transparent?"


More than a dozen arms appeared in the air, showing the shape of someone, which seemed to grasp something close to Robin.

"It is the ability of transparent fruit,Absalom."

Ross casually looked at Robin as she had captured someone who was invisible by using her Observation Haki, Her haki has improved by a lot in such a short time.

In fact, Using his Light Distortion ability, he can easily become transparent, but since Robin has learned the Observation Haki, it is impossible for him to sneak into the bathroom.


Absalom struggled hard to break free of Robins hold and using his strength he was able to make 10 arms disappear, but in this process, it also showed his figure. His pupil contracted when his eyes fell upon Ross.

He had planned to play tricks on Ross and others, but as soon as he got close, Ross and others noticed him. He stared at Ross and said in a solemn voice:

"You are Ghost Hand Ross?!"