One Piece Talent System Chapter 134

Chapter 134 Invasion

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"It seems that you are not ignorant of the outside world."

Ross looked calmly at Absalom, In this foggy sea news bird will not come, Moria mostly has other channels to get intelligence.
With his hands behind his back, he asked indifferently, "Where is Moria?


Absalom stared at Ross with trepidation and vigilance. He did not answer Rosss question but prepared to step back. Suddenly, he bent his knees and launched his transparency powers. He also bounced into the darkness towards the rear.

However, Ross snorted as he lifted his foot and gently stepped on them. The ground was like a blanket as it wrinkled in an instant. Absalom back hit the raised ground directly and was immediately squeezed into the middle by the mud bank used around him.


Ross held out his hand and grasped it from a distance. The surging earth suddenly tightened to the center, making a slamming sound as it turned into a raised grave.

In his memory, this guy sneaked into Namis bathroom with transparency and Ross was not ashamed but jealous because he was able to use transparency to sneak into the bathroom while he could not use Light Distortions ability to transparently do things like sneaking into the bathroom.

"Lets Go."

After killing Absalom, Ross turned and continued to walk towards the distant City Fort.

Thriller Bark is the largest ship in the world. It is comparable to a small island. There is more than one City Fort on it. After Ross and others went deep into the section, there were several roads leading to different City Fortes.

Rosss memory of this ship is not clear and even if he recalls it, there is no way he would be able to instantly form a map in his mind.

"Three roads, Ill go in the middle."

Ross looked ahead at the three forks and chose the central road directly because the central road leads to the largest Fort City.

"Oh, then I will go this way"

Laffitte gently pinched the corner of his hat with his finger, made a weird laugh and went to the right side of the road. Finally, there was a left side of the road. Law walked past, carrying the devils knife and went towards the left path.

Robin was thinking lightly. When she was about to choose, there was a strange sound coming from behind. She saw a three-headed dog appearing in the darkness behind her and growling at her.

"Ohh? Its so cute."

Robin looked at the Cerberus showing a hint of surprise on her face. Her appreciation of ugly creatures always made Law and Ross want to vomit, but neither Law nor Ross is here right now.

Central City Fort.

In a dark room, Gekko Moria, one of the Seven Warlords of the Sea, who is very fat is lying on a huge bed and at this moment, several figures hurried in and woke him up.

"Ah I had a nightmare."

Moria rubbed his head and sat up on the bed.

"Thats great, Lord Moria." The bandaged zombie, headed by him said respectfully to Moria. "Its three days since the last night raid. Youve been sleeping all the time. Weve prepared food for you for three days."

"This prey is very strong. It is the Ghost Hand Pirates which defeated Marines in the Spring Island. If you can get their shadow, it will definitely help you."

The suspension bounty of Ghost Hand Ross is the highest one they have ever encountered. The suspension bounty of Ghost Hand Ross is up to 440 million Berries.


Before becoming a Shichibukai, Moria had a bounty of up to 320 million Berries and even went to New World to challenge Hundred Beast Kaido, one of the Four Emperors (Four Emperors)!
How can a measly Ghost Hand Pirates be stronger then Hundred Beast Kaido? The difference is too wide and far and this is his home, so they only have the excitement of doing meritorious deeds as they are sure that they would win.

Moria squinted slightly as he heard his zombie subordinates words.

"Oh? Is that the guy who killed Crocodile, Where are Dr.Hogback and Absalom?"

Having arrived at New World and challenged Hundred Beast Kaido and he survived despite failures and loss of his crew members, Moria despises people other than Yonko, even Ghost Hand Pirates are nothing to him.

There is no fear or any other emotion for pirates who have learned and seen one of the strongest existence of the ocean.
"Absalom has been dispatched."

"Call everyone The shadow of the Ghost Hand Pirates, if you can get it, will be enough to make my zombie Legion stronger and I will be closer to the position of the Pirate King.

Moria showed his fangs and a strange laugh echoed through the room.

West City Fort.

Hogback, one of the three mysterious subordinates of Moria had just come out of the lab with a little blood on his hand. He took off his gloves and threw them aside.

At this moment, a zombie came in from the outside and bowed to Hogback: "Lord Hogback, Lord Moria has summoned you."


Hogback glanced at the zombie and said, "Really, I just got out of the lab and havent eaten a piece of pudding yet"
Shaking his head, he walked out the door.


But just then, there was a sound of crashing outside, as if something had rushed in and started to beat someone up.

With a wrinkled eyebrow, Hogback pushed open the door and went out, listening to the movement in his City castle, he could not help asking, "What happened?!"

Lor Lord Hogback, someone broke in."

A zombie ran towards him in panic and reported to Hogback: "He is very strong. We cant stop him."

Hogback now vaguely knew why Moria had called them all of a sudden. It looked like a group of heavyweight preys had come. He grinned and walked in the direction of the news.
Very soon.

After passing through several rooms, he came to a hall where a mess of books, murals, and carpets were cut into pieces, which were stuffed into shadows and turned into living objects.

"Youre the gifted surgeon Hogback?"

Law stood in the middle of the hall, holding the devils knife, looking at Hogback who was coming out of the inner hall.
Hogback grinned, revealed four long, pointed beast-like teeth, and gave a strange laugh. He said, "You are very knowledgeable, yes, I am the world-famous Dr. Hogback!"

Laws face was expressionless and he didnt do anything about it. The demon knife in his hand pointed towards the zombies he had cut open and said, "Are these your masterpieces?"

Those zombies have obvious marks of cutting and stitching.

Hogback showed a proud expression on his face and said, "Naturally, my experiments"


Law interrupted Hogbacks words gave him the second half of the sentence.

Hobaks throat went stiff and his proud face froze in an instant and gradually became gloomy, staring coldly at Law and saying, "What did you say?"

"I said, Your masterpieces sucks."

Law put the demon knife on his shoulders and said calmly, "Whether it is stitching or other parts Oh, I forget to tell you, I am also a doctor."

In front of Law, who owns Surgeon-Surgeon Fruit, Hogbacks so-called splicing operations are so rotten that they cant be worse, but they still have a high reputation in the world, which, in Laws view, is somewhat unbearable.


Hogbacks face contracted as he bit his teeth and his eyes were filled with anger as he said: "Kid, Youre ten years too early to comment on my medical skills! Die!"

The moment his voice fell, he shouted angrily at the many zombies that had already gathered inside and outside the room. In the instant, countless zombies rushed towards Law.

Law calmly raised the sword in his hand.