One Piece Talent System Chapter 137

Chapter 137 Bitter Experience Aokiji
"Has it all been dealt with?"

Ross arrives first at the three-way fork road and glances at the split zombie trees and Cerberus and headed towards the newly arrived Law.
Law carried the demon knife on his shoulder and said: "I killed a doctor named Hogback."

"What about Laffitte?"

Ross looked around and found that Laffitte did not come and he was surprised. If Law met Hogback, then Laffitte should have met Perona and should have been the first one to come here.

Just when Ross was surprised, Laffittes figure finally appeared. He came to the front and took out a cloak from somewhere and shook it in the air.

"Maybe Captain will be interested in this."

Laffitte gently smiled, pulled back his cloak and revealed a small gift box. The ghost Princess Perona was tied up and placed in the gift box with a look of panic in her eyes.

Ross: ""

Robin slightly squinted, and Law stood with his head tilted irrespective.

Ross exhaled, rubbed his eyebrows and said, "The power of the ghost fruit may come in handy. Now that youve caught her, bring her with you."

Laffitte had a slightly demonic smile on his face. Law lowered the eaves of his hat. Robin also took back her attention. After a little tidying up, everyone turned around and planned to leave.

Perona was released, but she was still tied by a rope and could only whine.


Just as the crowd came to the shore, their movements were all stopped. Tearful Perona, who was following them, almost ran into Ross in front of her and whined again. Suddenly, something went wrong and her voice stopped.

Everyones eyes are looking towards the shore, where the Ghost Shadow Ship is, but the whole ship has turned into a beautiful ice sculpture.

On the railing of the ship, sitting alone.

Marine Headquarters Admiral


"Ah rara, I havent seen you for years and youve become a big girl, Nico Robin, but I am sorry, I cant let you continue sailing."

Aokiji just sat there and looked at Ross and others calmly. His tone was very gentle and there was no redundant movement, but it brought a terrifying pressure to all the people present.

On Rosss ship, there is no question of who doesnt know Aokiji as Kaku and others have already passed on the intelligence of Marine Three Admiral several times.

The frozen sea, transformed into an ice sculpture of Ghost Shadow Ship, is a stiff dispel of his terrifying power.


Robins forehead overflowed with cold sweat. If there was a person whom she feared most then there was no doubt that Aokiji had left her with fear and deep impression when she was very young.
Laws face was so heavy that his pupils were shrinking violently. Even though he was very young now, he knew the horror of Marine Admiral very well.

Although Laffitte remained calm, a light flashed through the depths of his eyes and his heart rate also increased. At this point, when they met a Marine Admiral, no one could remain calm.

The same is true for Ross.

He did not expect that Aokiji would appear on the Thriller Bark at this point in time and there was almost no sign. There was no chance to avoid him now.

Ross is not Strawhat Luffy, no Garp, no grandfather who is kind to Aokiji, no Alabasta, and all the Marines who chased him are hell-bent on killing him, so no matter what Marine Admiral he encountered, he is in a very dangerous situation!
The difference is that.

Kizaru may play tricks slowly, Akainu may fight without saying a word and Aokiji may say two or three sentences.

As Ross expected, Aokiji did not directly attack.

"Ghost Hand Ross."

Aokiji sat there watching Ross and reached out and touched his chin. He said: "I know everything about you. There is indeed some bad seeds inside the Marine. This situation is caused by lax management. It is our responsibility so I am going to apologize to you"
Having said that, Aokiji paused and his tone sank. "But the things you did after that are unforgivable. I believe that as a man, you should know the consequences of your actions."

Ghost Hand Pirates are dangerous, especially Ross. He knows better than anyone what will happen if he continues to let them go. He has his own justice and Rosss existence has touched his bottom line.

Ross looked at Aokiji and thought about how to deal with him while he replied in a gentle tone.

"False words do not need to said here, Its the law of the jungle in this world, justice is dominated by power, if the person who controls power is me, then this would have not happened from the beginning."

Since it is unavoidable, so fear, panic, and other emotions are all meaningless, meaningless things will not appear on Rosss face.

"Ah Lala, thats a terrible idea."

Aokiji stared at Ross. He had his justice and principles. Ross hunted pirate and contributed to peace. But killing Marine was an unforgivable crime. There were no such things like doing good things that will eliminate the bad things in this world.

Aokiji said nothing more. Turning to Robin on the other side, he said, "Nico Robin, when I let you go, I said that we were enemies and that after you made a mistake, the first person to catch you will be me, unfortunately, You chose the wrong path."


When Robin heard Aokijis words, she couldnt help but slightly bite her teeth and think of things happened when she was a child. Her hands were slightly clenched and she gritted her teeth. "So, the destruction of OHaras is due to the so-called mistakes?!"

Aokijis eyes slightly widened when he heard Robins words.

In fact.

He used to have doubts about the existence of the government and the justice of Marine. He is not as determined to stand on the side of the government as Sengoku, nor does he insist on absolute justice like Akainu, He is constantly thinking about what justice was.

In Marine Admirals position, he touched too many shadows. It goes without saying that Tenryubito knows too much about the governments massacre to cover up something.

World Government, does it really represent justice?!

Currently, Aokiji has just assumed Admirals post, he is not completely disappointed with the government and had not completely lost his faith in justice, but he still has his own beliefs.

So after hearing Robins words, his heart just slightly fluctuated and he restored calm and slowly said, "Breaking the law of the government is wrong."

"There is nothing more to say."

Aokiji stood up slowly, half of his body slowly covered with a layer of ice. He looked down at Ross and others and said in a cold voice, "You are dangerous elements, lets finish here as soon as possible."