One Piece Talent System Chapter 139

Chapter 139 Ross Vs Aokiji

Aokiji stood there, looking at Ross coldly, exhaling, leaving an icy mist in the air in an instant, revealing the bitter cold.

"Although youre growing faster than many people expected, no matter what you do, you wont be able to change the outcome of this fight."


The moment his voice fell, Aokiji jumped up with his arms crisscrossed in front of him and he suddenly formed two pikes, falling from the sky and smashing towards Ross.

"Ice Block: Partisan!"

Aokiji, showing his real speed is still incredibly fast and these series of actions are done almost instantaneously.

Ross seemed to be in an emotionless state, his eyes were calm as he stepped back to avoid Aokijis attack.

"Several people have gone, its impossible for me to let you go too."

Aokijis eyes glimmered with cold as he stepped on empty air. His practice of Gepp (Moonwalk) is at its peak. He turned into a shadow as he arrived at rosss back and punched out.

Ross couldnt evade. He could only turn around and hit back.


With his fist wrapped in the power of distortion, it collided with the frozen fist, Rosss power of distortion burst into full swing in the air and rushed toward Aokiji, trying to disintegrate Aokijis body.

However, Aokijis face is indifferent and his high-grade Armament Haki is surrounded by the power of the ice-ice fruit that turned into a bone-chilling cold that rushed towards Rosss body.


After a stalemate for about a second, Ross power of distortion was crushed by Aokiji and he flew backward again.

Ross, who flew back used Gravity Distortion in midair while utilizing Gepp (Moonwalk) to fly to a farther place.


Aokiji is expressionless as he lifts his foot.


On the route that Ross fled, a huge ice wall with a length of hundreds of meters and a width of several hundred meters suddenly rose from the ground and blocked Ross route.

Rosss eyes twinkled as he used Gravity Distortion to change direction again and his figure crossed a perfect parabola in the air as he flew toward the sky.

But before he could fly out of the ice barrier, Aokijis figure had already appeared above him using Gepp (Moonwalk) and he pressed one hand down on Ross.

"Ice Block: Avalanche!"

Almost instantly, a giant ice ball with a diameter of several hundred meters was born in the void and fell towards Ross below, wrapped in destructive power.

Even Ross couldnt evade it in an instant because of its wide coverage. He was rubbed by ice ball and fell toward the ground below.

"Vector Distortion!"

Ross put his hands on the huge ice ball and pushed his power of distortion to the extreme, covering the whole ice ball, rigidly changing the direction of gravity of the ice ball, so that it deviated from the side and hit the huge ice wall.


A tremendous sound was produced from the Thriller Bark. It sounds like an infinite glacier breaking up and countless pieces of ice splashing everywhere.

Just as the huge ice ball hit the ice wall, Aokiji flashed up to Ross, turned his arm into white ice and pressed it against Rosss arm.

Ross crossed his arms and squared in front of him.


Ross crashed toward the ground and smashed into the shattered ice below.


Jumping out of the cracked ice, Rosss mouth was bleeding and he coughed twice and there was a trace of ice on his arm.

In the past, he relied on the power of Distortion Fruit to constantly suppress the enemy. This time his power was suppressed from the opposite direction and not only his fruit ability but also his body, Haki or speed, he was completely suppressed.

The only thing that can barely be said to be advantageous is the flexibility of the Distortion Fruit.

"Ice burst!"

Ross flicked his arm and the frozen traces peeled off inch by inch under the action of the power of distortion. Then he shouted angrily, and power of distortion suddenly poured into the frozen earth.

Bang Rumble!

The whole earth burst into pieces in an instant, with cracks hundreds of meters in length and width appearing. They broke apart rapidly and turned into huge blocks of ice and rocks and they rushed towards Aokiji in the sky.

At the same time, Ross flew away from Aokiji and into the other direction without looking back, His purpose was still to escape.

Even someone reckless and stupid like Luffy chose to run away when he and his crew were faced with an Admiral on Sabaody Archipelago because he realized the strength gap between them, So there is no need to mention Ross who was aware of the difference between their strength from the start.


Aokiji looked at the cracked earth and the huge ice and rubble flying toward him. He breathed softly and raised his hand against the coming rubble.

Kch! Kch!

His arm instantly turned into ice and spread all the way, freezing all the huge ice and rubble in mid-air, then he pushed the frozen rubble hard and made it a kilometer long and then he sent it away towards Ross.

Ross had no idea of confronting him. He continued to run away. Soru and Geppo and Gravity Distortion were all brought to their extreme. His entire figure was like an arrow on the ground, lashing into the distance.


Aokiji is still faster than him.

As he dashed forward, the ground ahead gave a sudden bang and a larger wall of ice rose again, blocking his escape route.

Ross tried to fly upwards as before, but the huge ice block, nearly a kilometer long, had fallen like hell, blocking all directions of escape.


Looking at the size of the ice, Ross slightly gritted his teeth and slammed his foot on the ground and the Distortion broke down as he drilled into the bottom.


The huge ice fell, wrapped in a terrifying impact and landed on the ground. Although Ross did not bear it head-on, the impact still penetrated the surface and hit him below.

Ross ignited the power of distortion to the extreme, resisting this part of the impact, but when it was blocked, Aokiji appeared above the surface of the earth and the power of ice plunged into the earth.

Kch! Kch!

Ross withstood the impact of a huge icefall but could no longer completely withstand Aokijis freezing power and he was instantly frozen into an ice sculpture.

At the same time, the Underground space created by the power of distortion collapsed and the whole earth collapsed suddenly and the crushed ice and gravel from above crashed down.


Aokijis frozen body slowly returned to its normal state, breathing out a cold breath, looking coldly down at the ice and perceiving Rosss state.

One second two seconds three seconds

Five seconds later, Aokijis face changed slightly as a crack suddenly appeared on the ice like a spiders web spreading in all directions.

Ross, who was covered in blood, rushed out of the Underground. His body was covered with frost everywhere. It was like a pedestrian coming out of a snowstorm. Without frost, there were a lot of scars and blood was spilled from the wound.

"Still alive."

Aokiji looked at Ross with a solemn face and breathed out a cold breath again.

Rosss body was scarred and there were also hidden injuries in his body that were overloaded with the power of distortion. He gasped fiercely and his eyes sparkled with inexplicable light.

In this depressing situation, he suddenly laughed and his lips opened a little.

"Oh, how could I die without turning the world upside down?"