One Piece Talent System Chapter 14

Chapter 14 Named Sword happy Spring

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Facing the numerous pirates, Ross expression was still calm and indifferent.

"Its you who doesnt fully understand the situation."


Almost at the next moment, Ross moved, and arrived at the right side of the ship and punched, and sent a pirate flying, followed by kicking a pirate into the sea.

At the same time, his left hand has already pulled out his gun from the waist, aiming at the pirate group, and Bang Bang Bang. fired six bullets from his gun.

Everything happened almost instantaneously.

Except for the one-eyed Flo who went on alert the moment Ross moved, the rest of the pirate almost failed to react. Until Ross shot six bullets and knocked down seven people in succession, they finally reacted.

"Open fire!"

"Kill him!"

The rest of the pirates, almost all of their foreheads were overflowing with cold sweat. Everyone was shocked by Ross frightening speed. For a while, they were feeling afraid, but being pirates for a long time, their instincts allowed them to quickly raised the guns in their hands and shoot.

About 67 pirate simultaneously aimed at Ross.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The bullets hit the boat and the wood chips flew.

However, Ross had already left his original place as he directly rushed into the crowd.

"Be careful!"

"He is here!"

In this kind of close combat, the role of guns is obviously not big, many pirates decisively pulled out their sword to fight Ross.

Ross faced the swords and did not evade as he directly punched his fist wrapped in the power of distortion, and collided with the swords.

Kch! Kch!

The swords made of fine iron stopped in midair under the influence of the power of distortion. They were like rubber, and were forcibly distorted and broken!

Ross fist turned over and shook, and the power of distortion was bombarded out from his fists, attacking the several nearby pirates. The bones within the pirates issued scalp numbing crack sounds, and they all distorted into fried dough twist.


"This what power is this?!"

The remaining pirates who saw this scene, their movements stagnated. They were terrified and fear began to spread in their hearts.

If it was only about fast speed and accurate marksmanship then it would be fine, but this kind of unknown fist power that can turn people into soft mud causes people to feel fear!

"Is it cause of Devil Fruit?"

One-eyed Flo looked at the retreating group of his subordinates as Ross punch twisted the bones of another pirate, his pupil could not help but shrink.

He doesnt have the Devil Fruit ability, but he has seen how people with Devil Fruit ability fight. He knows that Devil Fruit users are very troublesome and difficult to deal with.

"Ghost Hand Ross, are you really unwilling to work with me? I can make you the first officer on board, second only to me."

Flo placed the sword horizontally in front of him and looked at Ross with a calm expression.

In his eyes, the useless subordinates that were killed by Ross were not worth caring about. Instead, Ross, such a powerful guy was someone he wants to recruit.

Ross looked indifferent and didnt speak. After repelling the nearby pirate, he directly charged towards Flo, turning into a afterimage and swiftly attacking.

"Damn, then die!"

Flos one-eyed flashed with faint anger, and he held the hilt of his sword with both hands, chopping his sword towards Rosss head.

Flos swordsmanship gave Ross the feeling that it was a lot worse than Colonel Moby, but the power of this sword was similar to that of Moby, and it sparked with faint sword energy!


"Is it a Named Sword?"

Ross was a little surprised but his expression didnt change. He nimbly moved, avoiding Flos frontal attack as he punched towards Flo.

Flos reaction was extremely fast. Both of his hands tightly grasped the sword and pressed down, while Ross twisted his body and dodged.

"Open fire!"

"Kill him!"

Flo competed with Ross to gain the upper hand, and entangled with Ross, while he ordered his subordinates, to attempt to distract Rosss attention.

However, at this moment, Robins voice came from the back end of the ship.

"30 Fleur."


Several pirates that have guns have arms growing out of their shoulders, knocking down the guns in their hands and twisting their necks.

"Dont interfere with Captains Battle."

Although, Robin was currently only sixteen years old, with the ability of Flower-Flower Fruit(Hana Hana no Mi), she can still deal with a group of ordinary pirates.

Many pirates were scared by Robins ability, and one-eyed Flo also felt cold in his heart. He didnt expect Ross to have a helper and a Devil Fruit user at that.

There were no problems on Robin side, so Ross looked back at Flo once again.

Flo was stronger than an average Marine Commander. With a Named Sword in his hands, his strength is similar to a Marine Captain.


This strength is still inferior to Ross.

Even if Ross didnt want to break the Named Sword in Flos hand. Flo still quickly fell into a dire circumstances. Soon, one of his arms was punched by Ross, and the flesh and bones all got distorted, covered with blood.

The Named Sword also flew out and inserted nearby into the ships deck.


Flos face showed painful expression, and his eyes became very flustered. Looking at the slowly walking over Ross, he endured the pain and said: "Dont dont kill me, if you want the ship, I can give it to you, I I can be your subordinate."

Rosss stepped forward with an expression face. His fist slammed down, and Flos voice stopped.

After killing the one-eyed Flo, listening to the clear system notification sound transmitted into his ear, Rosss eyes flashed with a trace of satisfaction, and then he turned and walked aside, picking up the sword that had just been taken from Flo.

"Robin, do you know this sword?"

He looked at the sword and didnt recognize it, so he asked Robin who wasnt far away.

Robin walked over and looked at the sword in Ross hand and hesitantly said. "I am not familiar with the swords, but I recorded all the information about swords. This sword looks like a 21 O Wazamono grade sword, Happy Spring."

"21 O Wazamono grade sword?"

Ross was a little surprised. He thought it was just one of the 50 Ryo Wazamono Grade Swords. He didnt expect one-eyed Flo to have a 21 O Wazamono Grade Sword in his hands.

The best swords in this world are the 12 Saijo O Wazamono Grade Swords. There are only 12 of such swords in the entire world. Next are the 21 O Wazamono Grade Swords, there are only 21 of such swords.

Of course, with his current Distortion Fruit ability, he cant generate vibrations via weapons like the Tremor-Tremor Fruit, so the sword has only one use for him, that is to show his status.

Getting one of the 21 O Wazamono Grade sword is a nice surprise that really satisfies him. After killing one-eyed Flo, he obtained talent reward.

50 Talent Proficiency points.

1 Free Talent point.

This was the first time that he had hunted a pirate whose bounty reached more than 20 million berries. He got 1 Free Talent point, and 50 Talent Proficiency points, which means that the first branch of Distortion Fruit can be finally unlocked without any surprise.