One Piece Talent System Chapter 142

Chapter 142 Living

After being played by Ross, Aokiji showed a wave of anger on his face and chased after him without hesitation.
But before he could rush out far, the ice in front of him suddenly cracked weirdly. Under Rosss remote stimulation, it was as if two continental plates had collapsed and one was rising and the other was sinking.

Blocked by a hindrance, Rosss back has disappeared into the fog and only his Observation Haki can still sense the location of Ross and he was getting farther and farther.

"Dont try to run away!"

Aokijis face was repressed and terrible as he continued to chase Ross.

After the awakening of the devil fruit, Ross not only had the ability to remotely throw out the power of distortions like Whitebeard, but the power of distortions also increased dramatically.

Correspondingly, the effect of Gravity Distortion has also improved a lot. By utilizing Gepp (Moonwalk), his speed is only a little slower than full-powered Aokiji.

As for why it is a little slower

Because Aokiji is not simply using Gepp (Moonwalk), every step he falls, the void condenses into a square ice cube, which is struck by his foot and he uses its force to make himself faster.

Even this means has been exerted. Aokiji is very annoyed on the one hand. On one hand, the purpose of this trip was to destroy the Ghost Hand Pirates, but now not only Laffitte and others have escaped, but even Ross is going to escape!

In an instant, they rushed out of the Thriller Bark and pushed farther and farther into the fog.

Aokijis speed is still slightly faster than Rosss, but when Rosss power of distortion can be released remotely, there is too much room to slow down Aokijis attack and there is no need to fight Aokiji head-on.

They ran after each other and disappeared in the sky.

A few days later.

In the fog, a wooden block that is about four or five meters wide and about seven or eight meters long is slowly floating on the sea and it is very strange as if it was driving itself to hell.

On this wooden complex, Law is sitting in a corner carrying the demon knife, Robin is sitting there, Laffitte is standing on the edge with a mahogany cane, trying to catch fish in the sea.


Suddenly, he plunged the mahogany stick into the sea. A sharp piercing penetrated the water and instantly penetrated a fish swimming several meters below.

Laffitte salvaged the fish, lit a flame and began to do simple processing.

More than three days after escaping from the Thriller Bark, Robin and Law finally recovered and did not die of freezing.

"Its been three days. The food is good, but theres nothing we can do about freshwater."

"My ability can be used to break down a little fresh water."

Law opened his eyes and opened his mouth in silence. With his present abilities and stamina, though extremely reluctant, he was able to produce a little fresh water needed to sustain the lives of three people.

"Thats okay, I dont know when Captain can come."

Laffitte shrugged his shoulders as he handled the fish.

Robin took out a white moving card from her pocket, stared at the card for a moment and shook her head slightly, saying: "The direction has not changed for a long time."

That card is Rosss, Vivre Card.

Vivre Card represents a sign of a persons life and moves slowly in that persons direction. Ross collected Vivre Card materials after taking CP9 and made one for himself, Robin, Law, Laffitte, and Xilu.
The five Vivre Cards were all torn up into four copies, each with its own name, and each was given to different people for preservation in order to know the crews life and location.

Xilus Vivre Card has been completely destroyed and Rosss Vivre Card was half destroyed a few days ago, but it stopped being destroyed and remained intact.


During these days, Rosss Vivre Cards direction of movement has been changing, indicating that Rosss direction has been changing, possibly entangled with Aokiji.

Until four hours ago, the direction of the Vivre Cards movement did not change, so there were only two possibilities. One was that Ross did not move, the other was that Ross was coming to them.
Either way, Ross should be out of danger.

"Well, it seems that Captain has got rid of Marine Admiral. Its really our Captain Whoop."

Laffitte showed a smile on his face.

A Captain who can get rid of a Marine Admirals pursuit, its an exciting thing. It means that they have a foothold in the sea.

"But this time its still our tragic defeat."

Robins delicate five fingers folded gently holding Rosss Vivre Card in her palm and then sighed. Ghost Shadow Ship was frozen into ice sculpture by Aokiji and might be able to use it after recovery, but they could not return to the Thriller Bark to find the Ghost Shadow Ship.

Moreover, Xilus Vivre Card was destroyed, which also indicated that Xilu should have died in Aokijis hands. As for other crew members and handymen, they were either destroyed by Aokiji or they are all in Marines hands.

"We are still alive, this is enough."

Law, sitting on the other side, spoke quietly and calmly. "Its a victory to survive against Marine Admiral."
Laffitte raised his lips and said, "Thats right. The fish is ready. Come and eat it."

After sharing the fish, the three continued to drift in the mist.

They dont know how long it has been.

A dark shadow appeared in the fog, which flew in the air and gradually approached, falling into the perception range of Laffitte and others.

Laffitte had just crossed his cane and showed a trace of alertness. Then suddenly he loosened his alertness and showed a smile because he had seen the shape of the dark shadow.


Compared with Laffitte and others, The shadow looked worse, his clothes were damaged everywhere with a lot of clotted blood on them, the shadow broke through the mist and landed on the raft.

"Welcome back, Captain."

Laffitte smiled at Ross, pinched the corner of his hat and bowed to Ross.

Robins face, which had been low for several days, also showed a slight smile.

Ross looked at Robin and others. Although they were more and more confused, he still showed a slight smile and laughed loudly without hiding it.

Law sat in a corner and smiled. Laffitte followed Ross with a burst of laughter. The laughter spread out in the mist and passed to the depth of the mist.

He laughed for a while.

Ross and others returned to their usual calmness.

Despite the loss of Ghost Shadow Ship and the death of Xilu at the hands of Aokiji, four of them are still alive, which is enough. It is impossible to meet Marine Admiral without paying any price.

"Were still alive. Were going to live."

"Then, the government and Marine will not live well!"