One Piece Talent System Chapter 143

Chapter 143 Sabaody Archipelago
Marine Headquarters.

"You went there and they still escaped?"
Sengoku was standing behind his desk, one hand on the desk, his eyebrows depressed and his face looked contorted.

Aokijis shirt was broken in a small part. He went to the side, took the teapot on the tea table and poured a cup of tea. After a sip, he sat down on the sofa and slowly said.

"Ghost Hand Ross, Demon Sherrif Laffitte, Devil Child Nico Robin, Surgeon of Death Trafalgar Law these four escaped."


Sengoku slowly sat back in his chair, rubbed his swollen eyebrows and said, "Has everyone else been killed?" I can barely explain it to the government if thats the case.

Aokiji went out personally to chase the Ghost Hand Pirates and four most important main crew members of Ghost Hand Pirates escaped. This is undoubtedly a great headache for Sengoku.

Unknowingly, The Ghost Hand Pirates has grown to this point!

At the same time.

The World Government has also received this news and Gorsei (Five Elder Stars) are a little shocked by the fact that the Ghost Hand Pirates has been able to escape the pursuit of a Marine Admiral!

Although Florian Triangle sea may be foggy and difficult to drive into with a large number of Battleships, it undoubtedly also shows the sharpness of the Ghost-Hand Pirates!

"What shall we do? Should we make him a Shichibukai?

"He wont accept it and doesnt this shows that the government is bowing to a pirate?"

"Aokiji is up to his tricks again, How is it possible that Ghost Hand Pirates escaped from the hand of the government highest power"

Gorsei (Five Elder Stars) has some headaches at this time.

Former Ghost Hand Pirates were a little nuisance for them and now that nuisance has turned into a big headache for them.

Being able to survive the pursuit of a Marine Admiral, the threat of the Ghost-Hand Pirates itself has gradually surpassed the threat of their small influence!

"We absolutely cant let them go."

"Continue to look for the Ghost Hand Pirates and once we have the opportunity to move out, we must kill him, there can not be a fifth Yonk (Four Emperors)!"

The Sabaody Archipelago.

This is the terminal of the first half of the Grand Line. Whichever route one takes they will eventually converge at this island and take it as a starting point for New World in the second half.

Because of this, there is endless darkness beneath the surface of this beautiful bubble group island, slave trade, tenryubito, the wicked pirates who arrived at this island.

Somewhere on the shore.
A Pirate Ship is docked here and several coating craftsmen are painting the Pirate Ship, which seems to have been completed by about one-tenth. It should have just begun.

On the shore, there are five or six pirates who stayed here to keep watch on the ship. They sit or stand, watching the coating craftsmen coating the ship and drinking and chatting.


One of the people facing the sea sat upright, looked in the direction ahead and rubbed his eyes, saying, "It seems something is floating over there."

Several pirates next to him looked in the direction that the man was looking at.

They saw a black shadow in the direction they were looking at. The black shadow turned out to be a simple raft that is spliced together by a large number of wooden boards. There are still several figures on it.

"Its like a man in distress, but its really awkward, haha-ha."

"Thats what it looks like. I dont think they will have anything valuable."

Several pirates sat on the shore grinning at each other.
And as the raft drew closer, the figures on the raft became clearer and clearer. It was four dirty victims, with ragged clothes and hair.

"I say"

A man who had been staring at the humble raft looked at the gradually clear figure on the raft. Suddenly, he frowned and showed a look of incredulity. He said, "Those people seem to be familiar. Look at the front one."

"Ah? Familiar?"

A pirate next to him gave him a strange look and subconsciously glanced at the direction of the raft and this eye also caught his gaze.

The figure sitting at the front of the raft, although it looked very awkward, did give him a sense of familiarity as if he had seen him somewhere.

"Yes! I remember it. That guy looks like Ghost Hand Ross!"

At that moment, someone finally got an inspiration, remembered something, and suddenly stood up, showing a trace of shock, looking at the raft that was gradually approaching the shore.

The people next to him were shocked when they heard the words.

"Ghost Hand Ross? The big pirate having a bounty of 440 million Berries on his head. Youre wrong. How did that character become like that?

"Its a little weird, but he does look like him! Could it be that they met a giant Sea King? Or was it Marines?"

Several pirates stood up and looked at the shadows on the raft murmuring in astonishment.

At that moment, one of them suddenly grabbed the gun beside him and aimed at the man on the raft, showing a tinge of nervousness and excitement.

"If its the Ghost Hand Rosswe can become famous by killing a pirate who had a bounty of 400 million berries!"

"Hey, are you crazy?!"

A man next to him looked shocked and said to him, "Thats a terrifying figure that has a bounty of over 400 million berries! We only have a Captain whose bounty doesnt exceed 40 million Berries!!

"Dont make a noise let me aim first."

The pirate, who held the gun, closed one eye and made an aiming posture, revealing his evil nature. He said: "Even if it is really that Ghost Hand Ross, his appearance suggests that he has been lost on the sea for many days, He will fall s=down if you poke him too hard."

Several others heard it, and their horror eased slightly. Looking at the motionless figures on the raft, it seemed that all four figures had died and their eyes sparkled.

"Its true, it seems that they are all starved to death, but it is safer to shoot them a few times first."

Several people looked at each other, all showing a grin. They all took up firearms and artillery and aimed at the raft which was less than ten meters from the shore.

Their faces are tinged with excitement and tension. This kind of opportunity is rare. Its just a chance for them to make them all famous in the sea!


No one knows who fired first but all others followed that shot and open fired on the coming raft. A time-intensive bullet, together with two cannonballs, flew towards the tattered raft.

Looking at the four figures on the raft, the first bullet was strangely stagnated about a meter away from the raft when it was blown up.

Followed by the second and third

Even the fist-sized cannonball was silently fixed in the air when it intruded a meter into the raft, as if it had hit an invisible wall.

The air seemed to be still and silent, and the atmosphere became very strange.