One Piece Talent System Chapter 144

Chapter 144 Extinguishes Kills
"This this should be, Devil Fruit ability?!"

"Idiot! He is not dead and he is able to use his strength!"
No one knows how long it took for the pirates who responded to it to finally show their horror on their faces.

They are able to reach the Sabaody Archipelago. Although they are not members of the Supernova Pirates who have a bounty of over 100 million berries, they have encountered various kinds of crises. After this event, the fear spreads up immediately and they did not dare to continue to watch as they threw away their weapons and ran away.

At this time, Ross, who was sitting in front of the raft, stood up slowly. In his slightly squinting eyes, he showed an indifferent color as his right hand poked out and pressed forward.


The entire front of the air instantly showed a strange Distortion form, like a shock, bursting out suddenly. Dozens of bullets and two cannonballs, under this force, did not explode but were crushed to pieces of iron slag.

Where this power of distortion goes, the sea on the shore is instantly depressed, followed by the land on the shore. It is also like an irresistible plow past by land, leaving behind a collapse and tunnel with a vertical width of 5 or 6 meters.


Of the six pirates, only one barely avoided the power of distortions straight-line impact, while the other five were instantaneously trapped in it, stirred together with mud, rock, and seawater.

"I can finally take a good rest."

In order to preserve his Stamina, in order to avoid the inability to resist an Admiral, Ross did not use his ability to directly carry the raft to the Sabaody Archipelago but only slightly push the raft, so the consumption of stamina was very small and with the Tenacious talent, This consumption of stamina was doable.

He slowly retrieved his hand, stood up, looked at the Sabaody Archipelago ahead and suddenly disappeared from the raft. When he reappeared, he came to the only surviving pirate.

"Ahahthis is"

The pirate, looking at his companions fate, was already frightened and his legs were weak. He sat on the ground moving backward.

He could not even see the corpses of his five companions which shows the strength of this pirate with a bounty of more than 400 million berries!

Not to mention him, even if his Captain was here, in the face of such force, He would have no resistance!

"You should have a ship? Where is it?"

Looking at the pirate who was almost scared out, Ross asked in a gentle tone, but the pirate eventually turned pale and passed out in terror.

Ross was a little dissatisfied, but when he thought that he had been floating in the sea for seven or eight days, his present appearance must not be handsome as before, but that of a wicked pirate, so he can understand.

"The ship should be."

Laffitte and others went ashore and glanced at the Pirate Ship in the distance.

The battered raft that had been scrambled up with Laws abilities was obviously impossible to use again. It would never be used again in their life. They needed a new ship to take their place temporarily.

Laffitte looked at the Pirate Ship for two times and said with a crooked head, "Its about the same size as Ghost Shadow Ship, but the quality is much worse. We lost our main ship. Sooner or later we have to find Marine to settle our accounts."

Speaking of this, his eyes flashed with a trace of cold light, he has never eaten such a big loss, although it was Marine Admiral. But he went on Rosss boat in order to turn the world upside down.
"Those craftsmen are running away."

Law was carrying the demon knife on his shoulder, pointing to a group of coating craftsmen who were running away and were frightened by Rosss move.

This is the Sabaody Archipelago, right next to Marine Headquarters and if their arrival news went too soon, Marine Admiral will come for them again.

After seven or eight days at sea, everyone was in a bad state.

Robin said in a gentle tone: "We can only blame our Captain for making such a big move. It was obviously not necessary."
Rosss face remained unchanged as he said: "I am still adapting to my newly gained power, my control is very weak."

"They will forget what happened."

Laffitte laughed and walked towards the craftsmen. After a few steps, he caught up with them. The mahogany cane in his hand rotated, and a group of craftsmen stopped. Their eyes became blank as if they didnt know what had happened.

Ross slowly walked towards the Pirate Ship and waved at Laffitte: "Let them forget about these days and this doesnt need to be coated anymore."

"OK, Captain."
Laffitte hypnotized the craftsmen with an evil smile on his face and the craftsmen lost their tools and disappeared from the shore.

Robin approached the Pirate Ship and looked at the pirate flag above. She thought a little and said: "This is the Pirate ship Azura Pirate Group and their Captain is Azura Phantom with a bounty of 40 million Berries."

"Only forty million berries and they just provoked Captain. What a bold fellow."

Law spoke quietly. A year ago, Pirates with a bounty of 40 million Berries were an existence that was hard to deal with. But now he has absolute confidence even in dealing with 50 million berries pirates.


Ross raised his hand and fired the power of distortion, instantly removing the one-tenth of the bubble film on the ship and slowly embark on the ship.

"We will use this ship for the time being."

Ross looked at the ship briefly and said, "There are two ways to get to the New World, one is through the fisherman island on the seafloor, the other is through the Red Line with the permission of the government, but we dont have these restrictions."

He had been able to fly directly to the Sky island with the Ghost Shadow Ship for a long time with the ability of the Gravity Distortion. Now it is a breeze to fly a ship above the Red Line.


Even if he wants to go to Fishman Island, he can do the same. As a result of the Awakening of his Distortion fruit, he can easily exclude seawater from a certain range without coating the ship.

"The next thing is to take a rest, take a bath, and make a good adjustment."

Here Ross slightly grinned and his eyes flashed with cold light. He said, "Tenryubito often appears on this island. I heard Marine Admiral has a duty to protect them"


"I was wondering if the government would invite Captain to become a Shichibukai."

Listening to Rosss words, Laffitte slightly grinned, showing a grim smile and Law gave a shrunk laugh, showing a cold expression.
They wont directly find trouble with any Marine Admiral, but it doesnt mean that they cant get an Admiral into trouble and provoke them, The Marine admiral attacked them now they must be prepared to pay the price!