One Piece Talent System Chapter 145

Chapter 145 Strange Guest Pirates
On the Pirate Ship, Ross and others took a break to tidy up their clothes.

In the evening, the rest of the pirates returned, but before boarding the ship, they whirled around and were thrown into the sea by Ross to feed the fish, including the 40 million Berries Pirate Captain.
Resting on the ship until the next day, Ross and others finally swept away the tiredness of drifting for a few days and all regained their vitality.

After leaving Law to guard the ship, Ross, Robin, and Laffitte set foot on the Sabaody Archipelago.

"Laffitte, you are free to collect intelligence and I am going to get some new Den Den Mushi with Robin."

The Ghost Shadow Ship is gone and so are all kinds of Den Den Mushi that he has worked hard to collect. If he wants to contact Kaku and others, he needs to reset some new Den Den Mushi.

This is the Sabaody Archipelago at the end of the first half of the Grand Line and one of the largest trading places in the sea. It is not difficult to find a place to buy Den Den Mushi.

"Okay, Captain."

Laffitte smiled and nodded, lowering the eaves of his hat and disappearing in the other direction. Ross and Robin lowered their hats and stepped inside the Sabaody Archipelago.

In addition to being the largest trading place in the world, Sabaody Archipelago island is also the backyard of tenryubito, where the heavenly gold received by tenryubito is usually consumed to buy slaves or interesting things like Devil Fruit.

"Its a beautiful view."

Looking at the huge Yarukiman Mangrove, the colorful bubbles everywhere in the street and all kinds of new transportation, Robin shows her smile.

Although the external environment had little influence on her, she could accept the gloomy terrifying place of Florian Triangle sea or the Sabaody Archipelago, but obviously, she preferred the latter.

"Naturally, after all, this is the backyard of tenryubito, even if there are innumerable dark transactions in the dark, Its needs to be clean on the surface."

Ross put his hands in the pocket of his new white overcoat and responded casually.

Very soon.

He and Robin found a place to configure Den Den Mushi. Ross bought four ordinary Den Mushi, one image Den Mushi and one video Den Mushi.

After getting the new Den Den Mushi, Ross dialed directly.

"Captain, have you replaced the Den Den Mushi? What happened?!"

Kaku and others still dont know anything about Florian Triangle sea. After all, there is a lot of fog. Nobody knows what happened except Marine top executives and the World Government.

"Something has happened. Its a long story. Theres a chance you will hear it soon Have you collected new intelligence these days? Ross asked quietly.

Kaku responded, "Ah, theres a new intelligence gathered. Supernova strange guest Byron with a bounty of 230 million Berries appeared on the Sabaody Archipelago two days ago.

"Good, you worked hard."

Ross affirmed the work of Kaku and others and hung up Den Den Mushi.

Even without Luffys time, when eleven Supernovas gathered on Sabaody Archipelago, it was not bad to meet a Supernova with a bounty of 230 million Berries.
"Lets Go."

"Lets go and find this unfortunate pirate Supernova."

After hanging up the Den Den Mushi, Ross took Robin out of the dark laneway and was looking for the strange guest Byron with the bounty 230 million Berries.

He has not yet killed any pirate with a bounty of 230 million berries, if everything went as usual then he will gain at least 90 Talent Proficiency Points and 1 point Free Talent Point.

Once he starts beating up a tenryubito, the government will be angry and most likely a Marine Admiral will come, although Ross has the confidence to deal with an Admiral, the more strength he has the better.
The Sabaody Archipelago is made up of seventy-nine Yarukiman Mangroves, or seventy-nine small islands. It is called the group island and its structure is extremely complicated.


The strange guest Byron crew came here. To go to the New World, they had to coat the ship. It took a long time to coat a ship, even Dark King Rayleigh needed three days and three nights to finish the Thousand Sunny Go coating.

If it is a larger ship, it will take longer.

Half a day later.
Ross and Robin searched for the intelligence about the strange guest Pirates and according to the intelligence, they came to the 27th island and eventually encountered them on a street.

"Ghost handRoss."

Vice-Captain of strange guest Pirates, standing beside Captain Byron, looked at Ross with gloomys eyes and said, "Are you trying to deal with us with this deliberate obstruction?"

As the first half of the conquest, their whole crew combined offered a bounty of nearly 400 million berries. Naturally, it was impossible for Ross and Robin to retreat because they met face to face.

Any Supernova that conquered the first half of the Grand Lines sea can be reluctantly called the Conqueror in the first half, which is quite different from those who fish in muddy waters and only had 10 or 20 million bounties on their head.

"Although Id like to compete with you very much, its very close to Marine Headquarters. If you want to make trouble, how about going to the New World and doing it again?"

Strange guest Byron looked at Ross with a flat face. As a pirate with a bounty of 230 million berries, he naturally had his pride, but this place was not a good place to fight.

Marines will arrive if there is a fight here.

"Dont bother so much."

Ross took off the white gloves he had just bought, put them in his pocket, and looked at the quiet crowd of strange guest Pirates and said, "You will all be dead before Marine can come here."

"Hum! It seems that you really want to die here!"

Strange guest Byron snorted and his eyes showed murder. He didnt want to fight here, but he could not ignore Ross for his arrogant remarks.

On the street.

When the two sides confronted each other, the civilians fled the street in a panic. Only a few brave people, or members of some forces, were still quietly hiding in the corner.

"Ghost Hand Ross, Devil Child Nico Robin and Strange Guest Pirates!"

"Looks like its going to be a fight. There are more than 500 million rewards on one side and almost 400 million on the other. I dont know which side will win."
The dark observers eyes sparkled with comments.

If all the Ghost-Hand Pirates were present, they would undoubtedly prefer the victory of the Ghost-Hand Pirates, but now only Ghost Hand Ross and Devil Child Robin are present, while Strange Guest Pirates are close to the whole staff, with more than 30 people!

Just a few months ago, Strange Guest Pirates left safely after destroying an island under the control of the Marine Headquarters fleet.

At the next moment, the Strange Guest Pirates moved. In a moment, more than ten firearms and guns were directed at Ross and fired, while the vice-captain of the strange guest Pirates pulled out his sword and waved his sword energy and cut the street.

At the same time, Strange Guest Byron gave a sudden low cry and a hammer on the ground with a strange force through the earth suddenly burst out from under Rosss feet.