One Piece Talent System Chapter 146

Chapter 146 Wings Of Sky

Rosss expressionlessly waved his hand, after his Devil Fruits awakening, His powers are like a fish in the water. Its a far cry from his previous flexibility and his ability to exert his powers felt much better than before.

Almost instantaneously, the bullets and artillery were fixed in the air and then turned into pieces under the power of distortion, followed by the violent power of distortion sweeping the entire street, strangling the crowds of the Strange Guest Pirates.

As for the bizarre force under Rosss feet, he lifted his foot and stepped on it and it broke away without any effect.

"Eh You have got to be kidding me."

"He cant be this powerful!"

Compared to Ross, the crowd of Strange Guest Pirates, in front of Rosss revealed power, showed a certain degree of shock and terror. Where the power of distortion went, the whole street seems to be swept by a horizontal Ragon tornado and the buildings and the earth all collapse inch by inch and are torn to pieces.

Strange Guest Byron pupils violently contracted and before he could do anything he had already been hit by the violent power of distortions that wrapped him in it.

"Earth shift!"

Aware of the threat of death, he did not hesitate at all and gave a violent roar, arousing his Devil Fruit abilities and pushing his hands in a ring toward the outbreak of the power of distortion.


Rosss power of distortion, under the weird force he showed, turned a sudden sharp turn from forward to downward, and suddenly entered the earth.

Almost instantaneously, the ground, more than ten meters square, was pulverized by the power of distortions and a huge pit appeared, which reached a depth of tens of meters and penetrated the root of the spread Yarukiman Mangrove in Algeria and exposed the water below.


Looking at this scene, Ross looked a little surprised.

Strange Guest Byrons was in a somewhat awkward state, but he did not suffer any substantial injury. His hands were still in the push position and he slowly recovered them while coldly staring at Ross.

"Its a terrible power, but it doesnt hurt me. Im a transferor who has eaten the Paramecia transfer fruit and can turn any force in any direction at will!"

"It seems that for an unassuming person, you really do possess some skills."

After a little surprise, Ross regained his calm. Meanwhile, with his right hand clenched into a fist, he punched in the direction of Strange Guest Byron and Strange Guest Pirates.

"I have already said that this power is useless on me!"

Byron screamed coldly, posing his body without fear and his arms pushed forward again, launching his devil fruit ability, this time intending to completely push back Rosss power.


When his arms touched the power of distortion, his face changed. Although Rosss second attack was similar in scope to the first one, the power contained in it is more than doubled!

The air presents a strange Distortion. Standing on the side, it looks like the space of the whole street is like a piece of paper, folded by bending!
There is no doubt that there is an upper limit on the power that can be transferred by Byrons fruit power and Rosss power in hitting has undoubtedly exceeded the current upper limit that he can transfer!

"No, this is impossible"

Byrons arms supported the violent power of distortion that has struck his arms, It was as if a man was standing against a collapsed mountain, his arms were green as he tried his best to release the transfer force.

The void of Distortion quickly wrapped his hands and his hands instantly showed a strange folding Distortion, followed by a little bit of spread that completely defeating his transfer force and wrapping himself in it, together with all the Strange Guests Pirates in the rear.

The power of distortions spread out tens of meters in the street and finally burst with a sound. There was a terrifying crack in the street. The buildings on both sides were destroyed for the most part, as if half of the streets were instantly annihilated by a laser weapon 10 meters in diameter.

There are people who hide in the lane and watch in secret. They are almost wrapped up by this force. They almost came face-to-face with this power that left them with chills on their backs and sweat on their foreheads.

This Power is Horrible.

This is the power of Ghost Hand Ross, who had a bounty of 440 million Berries!

" Strange Guest Byron with a bounty of 230 million Berries, has been hunted and the rewards are, 90 Talent Proficiency Points, 1 Free Talent Point."
Previously, He had accumulated a lot of Free Talent Points, but it took 1 point to activate Tenacious Talent and It took 1 point to activate Spirit Heart. Only 1 pint remained after that. Now he got 1 point by killing Strange Guest Byron and he finally has 2 Free Talent Points.

Taking a glance at the fragmented street, Ross regained his gaze.

"Lets Go."

Killing the Strange Guest Pirates also reveals that he is in the Sabaody Archipelago. If the government and Marine are still eager to kill him, it will not take long for a Marine Admiral to come here.

Robin slightly nodded and followed Ross, who was about to leave the street.


Just as they turned and walked more than ten meters away, a voice suddenly came from the top of a nearby building.

"Oh Was I too late? The Strange Guest Pirates were killed and the 400 million Berries reward is gone.

It was a thin man in a white cloak, sitting on the top of a ruined building, holding a handful of peanuts in his hand, throwing a peanut in his mouth and shaking his head at the ruins of Strange Guest Pirates, which had been completely destroyed and whose bodies could not be found.

Ross stopped and Robin stopped at the same time.

Those who hid in this Ruins street saw the men who appeared on the top of the broken building and were shocked. Someone thought of something and instantly showed Various emotions on their faces.

Could it be that guy? !

Ross stared at the man in a white cloak at the top of the building and slightly narrowed his eyes and said: "Pirate Hunter Wings of Sky Ficheux Erman."

For pirates or pirate hunters, almost everyone uses guns and swords. It is too rare to see someone who doesnt use guns and swords.

Among the swordsmen is Hawkeye, the worlds strongest swordsman. Among the guns users, there is naturally someone who is the strongest gun user in the world and that someone is Ficheux Erman. He is one of the strongest Pirate Hunters alongside One-Armed Carlos. Carlos died in Hawkeyes hands so he can be removed, Which left Ficheux Erman as the strongest pirate hunter.

"Wing of the Sky, he is really him!"
"It is said that all the pirates that he had killed were pierced by peanuts. Although he is the strongest gun user in the world, Only a few people have seen his guns."

When Ross read out the name of the man in the white cloak, many people in the dark breathe in, Carlos actually ranks behind Ficheux Erman.