One Piece Talent System Chapter 149

Chapter 149 Darkness
Sabaody Archipelago

Ross doesnt know anything about Laffitte, but hes going to go against Donquixote Family sooner or later. Its easy to do it one step ahead of time. Whats more, the deal Laffitte found may be something of high value, such as one of the Great Grade Swords.
Ross no longer needs to use his fist to stimulate the power of distortion after awakening his fruit power. He can easily concentrate the power of distortions on weapons such as swords, and then throw them out, just like Whitebeards shock ability.

If he could get a good sword then it will be even better for him.

After letting Robin and Laffitte return to the ship first, Ross searched for a persons existence on the island according to his memory Roger Pirates Vice Captain, Dark King Rayleigh.

Dark King Rayleighs hanging bounty is as high as 2 billion Berries, but now Ross cannot defeat Rayleigh and will be beaten by him, he also has no plans of self-abuse, the reason why he intends to find Rayleigh is to see whether he can get some useful information from Rayleighs mouth.

Ross knows a lot of secrets from his memory, but there are more things that he doesnt know. Compared to him, Rayleigh knows a lot more and a lot of information has a great effect.


After searching four or five islands, he could not find any trace of Rayleigh and a lot of time has been passed and a Marine Admiral will be coming here soon.

"Time to go."

Ross didnt mind fighting Marine Admiral, but he didnt plan to fight Admiral in the Sabaody Archipelago. First of all, he certainly couldnt fight. Second, even if he could, what about another Admiral? Marine Headquarters is right next to Sabaody Archipelago.

And just as Ross turned around, judged the direction, and began to return, there was a strange silence on the road ahead.

Immediately afterward.

He saw that in the distant streets, pedestrians stopped, like dominoes, kneeling down one by one and bowing to the ground as if to welcome the emperor.

In the silence, everyone dared not breathe. At the end of the street, a man with bubbles on his head was sitting on the back of a slave, who crawled hard on the ground on all fours.

World Nobletenryubito!

The descendants of the "kings" who founded the World Government 800 years ago have the Supreme privilege, and all laws do not hold true for them and any offensive act will be regarded as a death penalty that can be killed on the spot.

"There is nothing fun today."

Saint Charles rode slowly on his slave and yawned, showing a silly look. Several subordinates beside him followed respectfully and did not dare to answer at will.

At this moment, he casually skipped and saw a young girl kneeling on the left side. His eyes flashed and his head looked at her for a second.

"It looks pretty good, Lets choose her as the wife of my new house."


The subordinate next to him immediately responded respectfully and said, "Go and handle the procedure for welcoming Mrs. 21 to Holy Land Mariejois right away."

At the same time, several subordinates with indifferent faces approached the girl on her knees, ignoring her panic expression, and seized her.

The people next to them saw this scene, all of them were full of horror, but no one dared to say anything. They were all sweating kneeling on the ground. The whole street except for the girls panic and crying is dead silence.
It is a death sentence to commit a crime against tenryubito.

Offending a tenryubito will directly invite a Marine Admiral on their head!

TheSabaody Archipelago is the back garden of tenryubito. Nobody dares to offend tenryubito here. Even the wicked pirate and Supernova in the first half of Grand Line who sailed here are all unanimous in their choice and tolerance when facing tenryubito.

As for those who have not yielded, they have fallen under the hands of Marine Admiral, paying the price for their actions, and writing a bloody warning for later generations!

No one dares to speak.
No one dares to do anything.

Everyone watched as Tenryubitos guards grabbed the girl and slowly moved on.

Some of the people who knew the girl gritted their teeth and their hearts were filled with grief. What was the point of their existence? But no one dares to stand up even if they are angry.

Despite the azure blue sky, the threats of tenryubito and the World Government, as well as Marine Admiral, seem like a mountain of black clouds, which are pressing against the sky, making it difficult for everyone to breathe.

In this silent repression, Tenryubito, sitting on a slave, suddenly flashed a glance of anger and looked ahead at the street.

"Hey, that fellow, dont you want to live? How dare you stand there!"

In front of a kneeling street, there is a figure standing there, standing is only the most common posture, but here, in front of tenryubito, it is extremely rare.

The people there, listening to the sound of tenryubitos anger, looked up in horror and at the figure standing in front of the street.

At this time, someone dared to stand?


Ross looked at Saint Charles with indifferent eyes. His voice was calm and gentle. He said, "How can you kneel down to the garbage?"

On a quiet street, Rosss voice echoed clearly and all the people who were kneeling there were all horrified and their eyes were wide open.

Who is this guy?

Didnt he know what would happen if he said that?!

Saint Charles was there and it was the first time he had ever heard someone dared to say such a thing in front of him.

In a moment of anger, his ugly face was completely deformed, his angry teeth were gnashed, his breath was aroused, and his hands were pinched dead.


Seeing Tenryubito shivering and unable to speak clearly, the guards and attendants next to him were somewhat shocked. One of them shouted at Ross:

"Do you know what you said?! Do you know who he is, hurry and kneel down and pray for forgiveness!"

While squatting, several guards stepped forward.
But before they came to Ross, a strange force suddenly came and crushed several peoples bodies into the street in an instant. Together with the area several meters square, it collapsed suddenly and a huge pit appeared.

See this scene, many people kneeling on both sides of the street, are showing some surprise, He dares to offend tenryubito, he is indeed not an ordinary person ah.

"He ispirate"

"Captain of Ghost Hand Pirates, Ghost Hand Ross"
Some people looked at Ross and recognized his identity. His eyes were slightly widened as no one thought that there would be a pirate standing up at this time.


It should be said that he never knelt down from the beginning.

"Hes not afraid of Marine Admiral?!"

"If you offend tenryubito, youll attract Marine Admiral."

Many people were in a trance, and once again there was depression in their hearts. A Pirate stood up and provoked Tenryubito, but what about that?

In the past, pirates have provoked tenryubito, but they have been overwhelmed by Marine Admiral. If the privileges and identities of tenryubito are the sources of their inner grief, then the existence of Marine Admiral is like the heavy black clouds in the sky!

That will never fade, the dark cloud of despair!