One Piece Talent System Chapter 153

Chapter 153 Overnigh
In the sea.

Kizarus Yasakani no Magatama (Comma Jewel of Eight Shaku) fired at the sea and it covered a wide range of underwater areas, but his attack was not hitting any coated ship or submarine, but a ship under the maximum escort of Rosss Distortion Wall.
Although the lasers could penetrate Rosss Destruction wall, their speed and power were greatly slowed down and no serious damage could be caused to the hull.

The ship sank diagonally all the way down, and soon Kizarus laser was no longer visible.

"That is Marine Admiral KizaruLogia Glint-Glint Fruit, these Marine Admirals really eat some good things."

When Law saw that the laser had disappeared, he was completely safe and pushed the demon knife into its scabbard.

Robin stood in front of the deck guardrail, looked up at the sea above her and after a while retracted her eyes, saying, "He is extremely fast, similar to that Wings Of Sky, I could hardly catch his movements."

"There is still a difference."

Ross also pushed the Happy Spring to its scabbard around his waist and shrank the area of the Distortion wall around the ship to slow down his stamina consumption, while his eyes flashed.

"Glint-Glint Fruit gives an unrestricted body with limited response speed. Speed Fruits acceleration ability ignores the optic nerve response speed, but the body cant be elementalized."

One is limited by the speed of reaction, the other is limited by the bodys ability to withstand its power, in general, there are certain restrictions to them, otherwise, it is almost an invincible ability.

Robin and Law understand Ross meaning and thought to themselves.

"Speaking of it, your ability, too, is limited by the speed of response." Ross turned to look at Law next to him.

Laws Surgeon-Surgeon Fruit is capable of exchanging positions within the ROOM range. It can be exchanged with sandstones and even air. But it is limited to Law reaction speed, The faster his reaction, the faster is the speed of exchange.

And because of space movement, it is not limited by physical strength, but his ability will consume a lot of stamina, which can be regarded as a kind of limitation.

As Robin and Law pondered, Laffitte looked up and turned to Ross and said, "Captain, I got this from Donquixote Family before."

He shook his wrist and a delicate Devil Fruit appeared in his palm, the Logia Sand Sand Fruit that was taken from Gladius.

Ross recognized the Sand Sand fruit, one of the three fruits he especially told Kaku and others to collect.

Logia Devil Fruit is different from Paramecia and Zoan in appearance. It is the easiest type to judge. For example, Flame-Flame Fruit has flame color and there is swirl flame pattern on its entire body.

"Logia Sand Sand Fruit"

Ross took the Sand Sand fruit from Laffitte and looked at it carefully in front of him. He smiled and said, "Donquixote Familys trading network is huge and its doing a good job."

"Whoop, It is indeed."

Laffitte raised the corner of ceremonial and looked at Law next to him.

They also have to deal with Donquixote Family and one of the reasons for dealing with Donquixote Family is the existence of Trafalgar Law, Their ship doctor.

"But this fruit cannot be used for the time being."

All four of them are Devil Fruit users, They dont really have any use of the Sand Sand fruit right now.

Ross measured Sand Sand Fruit and said: "Rest assured, it will come in handy sooner or later. Logias fruit will be a powerful Battle force as long as its used well."

As he spoke, he put Sand Sand Fruit away and looked around him as it grew darker.

He originally intended to fly over the Red Line, but since he has already descended into the sea, it is better to go from the Fisherman island, so as not to encounter Kizaru when flying to the sky.


Inside the central City Fort, Doflamingo is sitting on a sofa with a Den Den Mushi in his hand, listening to the news from Den Den Mushi, with a sinister smile on his face.

"Running to the Sabaody Archipelago and killing Saint Charles?"

He has always been concerned about the intelligence of the Ghost-Hand Pirates. As far as he knows, the main ship of the Ghost-Hand Pirates has disappeared and the bounty order of Great Axe Xilu has been withdrawn. Only three Captain cadres headed by Ross are still fleeing and have become bereaved dogs.

Unexpectedly, the group ran to the Sabaody Archipelago and retaliated by killing a tenryubito!
Doflamingo used to be a tenryubito, but because of a series of things he lost his tenryubitos identity, even if he took his fathers head to Holy Land, he still didnt get approval and couldnt get back the identity of tenryubito, so he hated tenryubito very much.

The Saint Charles family was one of the tenryubitos who opposed him in regaining his identity.

"Fufufuful, interesting, I reckon there will a major mess in Mariejois soon." Doflamingo couldnt help but laugh and his strange laughter echoed in the City Palace.

Trebol also slid crawling over the ground, flicking his nose and grinning: "Hey hey hey, Ghost Hand Pirates killed a tenryubito. Its really good news."

Doflamingo has to deal with both the Ghost Hand Pirates and Tenryubito. Now that the Ghost Hand Pirates has killed a Tenryubito, there is no more pleasant news.

Just as Doflamingo and Trebol laughed, the Den Den Mushi on the table suddenly rang again.
Puru Puru Puru!

Doflamingo took over the Den Den Mushi with a smile on his face.

"I am very sorry, young master."

From the other side of Den Den Mushi, it was the voice of Gladius and his tone was extremely depressed. "Sand Sand Fruit was taken away during the transaction."

Doflamingos smile froze on his face for an instant. Trebol beside him also stared. His tone was very annoying.

"What did you do Gladius? How could someone rob us? Who dares to break our Donquixote Family deal?!

"Subordinates Willing to take responsibility and punishment."

Gladius said in a dry voice: "The situation was special and it was not possible to confirm the identity of the other party. However, according to the survey, it should be Demon Sherrif Laffitte of the Ghost Hand Pirates."

This sentence made the atmosphere in the City Fort suddenly fell into a strange silence.

Doflamingos face is completely stiff.
He cant smile anymore.

At the same time.

Ghost Hand Ross killed tenryubito Saint Charles in the Sabaody Archipelago and confronted Marine Headquarters Admiral Kizaru and injured him, This news quickly spread in the entire sea.
If the news about the Ghost Hand Pirates in the past just shocked the big powers, this piece of news left the entire world in silence.

Killing a tenryubito!

Fighting and injuring a Marine Admiral!

It is simply an incredible event of dreams.

The weak Ghost Hand Pirates who could have fallen at any point by in front of the irritated government and Marines previously has grown up to this point where they dared to kill a tenryubito and injured an Admiral and escaped.

Overnight, the sky turned upside down!