One Piece Talent System Chapter 154

Chapter 154 Hidden
Marine Headquarters.

At this moment, the Marine Headquarters has already become a mess. Walking in the corridor one can see a large number of Marines rushing in and out of the headquarters, some people with a trace of cold sweat on their forehead.
In the top office, Fleet Admiral Sengoku was covering his forehead with a very depressed face.

Aokiji went after Ghost Hand Ross and Ross ran away from the sky. Kizaru went after Ross, As a result, the other party ran away from the sea. Naturally, that was not the point right now. The point was that Ross killed a World Noble tenryubito in the Sabaody Archipelago.

"Sengoku! Youre coming to Holy Land right now!"

"And Aokiji, Kizaru, come along too!"

On the other end of Den Den Mushi, the voice of the former Marine Fleet Admiral, the current Commander In Chief "Steel Bone" Kongs came.

It was only a few years since he left Marine Fleet Admirals post and now Marines had caused so much trouble that now Tenryubito has gone to Mariejois and scolded government officials at all levels.

"Yes Commander Kong."

Sengokus eyebrows were almost twisted together, his fists pinched and his heart was furious, but at this time he could not break out and only responded to the voice on the other side of Den Mushi.

In this office, there are a total of six people, in addition to Sengoku, Aokiji, Kizaru, and Akainu the three Marine Admirals, plus two special Vice-Admirals Crane and Garp.

"Hahaha, did that kid kill a tenryubito?"

Garp had just arrived at the office, and he had just heard about it. As soon as he came in, he grinned and laughed unconcernedly, instantly destroying the oppressive atmosphere.


Sengoku stared at Garp angrily and shouted, "How can you still laugh at this time? Dont you know how serious this is?!

Garp saw Sengoku angry and forcibly suppressed his smile and waved his hand at Sengoku. In his eyes, tenryubito is a group of trash. It gives him quite a pleasure to hear that one died.

This is one of the reasons why he has repeatedly refused to be promoted to Admiral.

Once he became Admiral and a tenryubito was offended, he would have to be dispatched immediately to give tenryubito a head. This is undoubtedly something Garp cant stand and he wont run to give tenryubito a head.


Sengokus face turned blue, but there was nothing he could do with Garp. He turned to Kizaru and Aokiji and said, "Kizaru, Aokiji, come with me to Holy Land."

Kizaru did not have a foolish attitude at this time, and the whole person seemed a little withered, not afraid, but this troublesome thing was spread out by him, which is really the first time since he became Admiral.

Aokijis face was not very good either.

Although his attitude toward tenryubito is not good, in Florian Triangle sea before, if he could catch Ross, it would not cause such a troublesome event now.

Akainus face is not very good-looking, although these incidents have nothing to do with him, but Rosss affairs, if calculated from the beginning, still involve him here.

"This time its really Its a terrible mess."
Crane watched Sengoku and Aokiji and others walk out of the room. He shook his head and there was a glimmer in his wise eyes.

Garp found a pack of cactus shellfish and sat down on the sofa, eating and saying, "Let that fellow do his Pirate Hunting in peace and stability."


Akainu left the office.

Because it happened in the eyes of the public and it was too late to block the news, it was impossible to press it afterward. Whats more, the government and the interior of the Marine are already in a mess.

Three days later, countless people were watching.

About the new bounty for the Ghost Hand Pirates, Surgeon of Death Trafalgar Law 60 million Berries, Devil Child Nico Robin 120 million Berries and Demon Sherrif Laffitte 200 million berries.

As Captain, Ghost Hand Ross, the principal of the murder of tenryubito, his suspended bounty jumped to a terrible height

1 Billion Berries!
Whether escaping from Marine Admiral or killing World Noble tenryubito, there is no doubt that he can afford the terrifying bounty of 1 billion Berries!

This kind of reward does not need to be halfway in advance, even in the second half of the Grand Line, New World, this bounty also jumped to the front, reaching the level of Three Disasters, second only to the Four Emperor!

And all of this, Ross and his party still do not know it.

Nine kilometers under the sea.

At this depth, the pressure from the sea has become terrifying, the surrounding sea has become dark, and Rosss control of the Distortion wall has shrunk to almost the edge of the ship.

In fact, Ross and others can no longer determine how many meters deep the seafloor is. Fisherman Island is recorded as 10,000 meters deep, but in fact, the whole fisherman island is spherical and its diameter is not only 10 kilometers, so the fisherman island is still in the deeper seafloor.

The so-called 10,000 meters is just a proxy for "very deep" and "very deep".

No one knows how long it has been.

Even Ross was under tremendous pressure, his forehead gradually overflowed with sweat, and a dark sea floor finally appeared bright.

Looking in the direction of the light, a planet-like island is wrapped in a huge double-layered bubble, suspended in the sea.

"At last, this is the rumored Fisherman Island"

Robin stood not far from Ross and when Fisherman Island finally appeared, the worry in her eyes slowly dissipated, turning to Fisherman Island, her eyes twinkled.

Law and Laffitte also came to the bow and looked in the direction of Fishermans Island. Even though their personalities were calm, the scenery of Fishermans island was still amazing.


Ross did not speak. He sank the ship to Fisherman Island with the power of distortion. His stamina was in constant depletion. Even with Tenacious talent, he had already seen the bottom. When he saw the Fisherman island, he immediately controlled the ship to dive towards the Fisherman island.
The slow-dive ship, under Rosss power, accelerated abruptly and did not go around the Fishermans Islands front door. Instead, it went straight through the bubbles above the slope.


Fisherman Island is wrapped by double bubbles. There is no seawater in the center of the two bubbles. Generally, if a ship runs hard, it will fall directly to the bottom. But Rosss ship has no such problem. After passing through the first bubbles, it shakes a little and hovers in the air immediately.

Allowing the ship to hover and float in the air is much easier than proposing a wall of Distortion that protects the entire ship from the deep seabed.

Ross breathed a sigh of relief when the ship got into a double bubble.

Originally, he planned to bypass the Fisherman Island and get to New World directly through the sea channel, but he overestimated himself. He did not have such strong stamina.

Chapter 154 Bounty Of 1 Billon Berries