One Piece Talent System Chapter 155

Chapter 155 Mjosgard
Ross adjusted slightly to control the ship through the second layer of bubble and landed on a beach clearing near the edge of the Fishermans Island, where it quickly and steadily stopped.

"Pirate Ship? "
Some of the Fishman on the beach, seeing the fallen Pilate Ship, showed some strange eyes, not all of them showed fear.

If it had been in the first few years of Great Age of Pirates, when Pirate Ship had rushed into the Fisherman Island, all the Fishman would have dispersed and fled for their lives.


Since Whitebeard has inserted his flag into the fishermans island and listed the fishermans island as his own territory, the pirates passing by here have barely dared to rush to the island to hunt down the mermaids and Fishman.

The weak pirate will be blocked directly from entering and the powerful pirate with the high and strong strength is very clear about what kind of existence is Whitebeard. Almost no one provokes Whitebeard before entering the New World.

"Mermaids, such rare species."

Laffitte stepped down from the boat and looked at the distant mermaids, who either hid or jumped into the water, laughing and appreciating most of them.

Law carried the demon knife on his shoulder and whispered, "It doesnt seem that they are afraid of pirates."

"This is normal because its Whitebeard territory."

Ross walked slowly from the rear, his eyes slightly deeper: "If Whitebeards power can be much larger and bigger than the World Government, then he will be the actual World Government."

There is only a power in this world and there is only a strong and weak one.

At New World, at the level of Yonk (Four Emperors), the division of power and territory is clear and everything in their territory is also sheltered by them. At this level, the so-called "government" and "pirate" are hard to distinguish clearly.

If the governments existence is defined as order and the existence of pirate is defined as chaotic, then at the level of Yonk (Four Emperors), there is no longer chaos, but a corresponding order.

If the power of Whitebeard Pirates is to be much larger and bigger than the World Government, then there will be something that looks like Whitebeard Government and Tenryubito Pirates, which seems ridiculous but seems to be the case.

Every year, tenryubito collects heavenly gold from all over the world. All the people have to hand over their savings to supply tenryubito. In fact, it is called legal plundering.

World Government.

Its essence is a bigger and they are just more orderly Pirates, nothing more.

"No wonder theres a change in the system where he can be rewarded by killing Marines" To understand this, Ross also has a deeper understanding of Talent Systems reward rules.

The essence should be hunting the strong.

So killing Lucci of CP9 got him some rewards, By Killing Shichibukai, he will get more rewards but killing a tenryubito awarded him with nothing, because in the systems judgment, the tenryubito killed by him is only garbage that has privilege but no strength.

"Come on, lets go in."

Breathing the air of the fishermans island on the beach, Ross opened his eyes and walked towards the inside of the fishermans island.

Now that he has come to Fisherman Island, he will take a break and stop by to see the Sea King, one of the three ancient weapons Mermaid Princess Shirahoshi!
Of the three ancient weapons, Ross knows best is Sea King, who can communicate with Sea Kings of the ocean and command the powers of Sea Kings.

Whatever biota is the strongest in the world, in front of the Sea King class, whether it is human or the giant clan, all of them have to stand aside.

The Giant Elephant Zunisha carrying Zou, Whose single trunk attack defeated one of the three Disasters Jack and there are more than a dozen sea kings of that size and power in the sea.

These super-large Sea King classes may not have any chance of defeating Marine Admiral and Yonk (Four Emperors), but it is easy for them to destroy an Island. The so-called power to destroy the world is not the power of being invincible in the world. It is the power that can ruin the world.

If Shirahoshi issued an order to destroy all the islands in the world, then Yonk (Four Emperors) and Admiral can do whatever they want to stop the Sea-kings but there will still be countless islands destroyed by the Sea Kings.
This is the so-called destruction of the world.

Whether it is Uranus or Pluton or Sea King, they are all nuclear weapons, Ross will not let them go in another hand until he has the power to truly control and protect the lockboxes.

But by the time he has the strength to fight Yonk (Four Emperors) Pirates, even against the Marine Headquarters, the ancient weapons will be in his hands and he will have all the powers in this world!

The other side.
Somewhere in a delicate street paved with shells, a ship flying the flag of World Government appeared, but the whole ship was broken, the mast was broken, a piece was missing at the edge and it seemed to have been gnawed on by the Sea Kings.

A lot of Fishman and mermaids were gathered in amazement and at this time, a gun sound rang in front of the ship and echoed on the street.

Wheezing! Wheezing!

"The beasthow are all dead this bunch of useless waste"

Tenryubito Mjosgard was lying there breathless, bloody, with a gun in his hand and a wisp of smoke at the mouth of the guns.

Since Jinbe had recently accepted the Shichibukai Treaty as Seven Warlords of the Sea, he was very unhappy with the full amnesty of the fisherman slaves. As a tenryubito, he came to the fisherman island by ship to try to catch the slaves himself. As a result, he was attacked by the Sea Kings halfway and his attendants were completely destroyed in order to protect him.

"Get the mask, fish!"

Mjosgard lay there with the gun in his hand pointing to the fishermen around him. Although he became weak because of serious injuries, he still showed strong rampancy and incomprehensibility.

"KhAh The stench of the fish here is killing me. I dont want to bring the mask, hurry up and save me, idiots!"

Many Fishmen and mermaids looked at Tenryubito lying there with serious injuries using the look at me and I look at you policy. No one knew how to deal with it for a while. Its the first time that Tenryubito has come to the fisherman island.

When Mjosgard raised his hand to his gun and saw all the fishermen and mermaids standing silent around him, he cried out with great difficulty, "You fools, call the doctor, huh Call Ill die if I am not treated."

By this time, the guards of Dragon Palace had arrived. The Captain looked at the scene, hesitated, turned to the guards behind him and asked, "What about the medical team?"

"They are already here, but what exactly should we do with that fellow"

There was hesitation on the guards face behind him. As a member of the fisherman island, it was almost impossible to say that he would have a good feeling for tenryubito. Moreover, the tenryubito was so aggressive and arrogant that he thought them as his slaves even when he was dying.

While the guards hesitated, the fishermen of the Sun Pirates and Jinbes subordinates slowly came forward with weapons and stared coldly at Mjosgard.

There are several of them who used to be slaves to tenryubito.
"Hey! What do you want to do?!"

The guards and the Fish-men around them were shocked when they saw the members of the Sun Pirates coming forward. Some people opened their mouths nervously and asked.

Instead of paying attention to them, the people of the Sun Pirates walked towards Mjosgard step by step with a cold face and a look of destructiveness in their eyes.