One Piece Talent System Chapter 156

Chapter 156 He Was Killed By Me
"Stop it, you guys. Hes tenryubito. Once you do anything to him, even Shichibukais amnesty will be directly ineffective!"

Watching the Sun Pirates move towards Mjosgard, someone nervously tries to stop them.
The fish-man of the Sun Pirates ignored the call and the first one pulled out a gun and pointed it at Mjosgard and said indifferently:

"On land, your dignity can only be maintained by Marine Admirals compulsory mission, but here is the seafloor. As long as the islanders remain silent, Your death will be counted as a shipwreck."

Hearing this sentence, the surrounding fish-men and mermaids suddenly realized something.

"Thats right. Ill keep silent!"

"Is that all right?!"

Many fish-man began to clamor for it. They have hesitated before but now things have changed. Some even showed fierceness and are thinking of killing Mjosgard themselves.

The first fish-man looked at the dying Mjosgard, but he lost his interest in torture. His eyes twinkled with a cold light as he pulled the trigger.


But just then, a figure rushed over, rescued Mjosgard, and blocked the bullet fired at Mjosgard with her shoulder.

Shes Otohime, Princess of Fishman Island!

"His Royal Highness!!"

Seeing this scene, the faces of the fish-man and mermaid around them changed as no one thought that Otohime would rush over and would be injured.

"Everyone put down your guns"

The injured Otohimes forehead overflowed with sweat. She raised her head slightly with difficulty, looked at the fish-man with guns beside her and opened her mouth in silence.

On one hand, it is impossible to watch a Tenryubito being killed by the fish-man because of her kindness. On the other hand, if Tenryubito is rescued, it may bring some changes to the status of Fishman Island.

Not far away.

The six-year-old mermaid Princess Shirahoshi and the other three princes came close, watching Otohime hurt, Shirahoshi and her shark and others all showed panic and worry.

While Otohimes voice was slightly painful, trying to get the nearby fish-man to put down the guns, Mjosgard behind her picked up his gun and pointed to Otohime.

"But But wicked fish"

Seeing this scene, all the fish-men in the vicinity were angry. Jinbe standing in the crowd shouted and was about to rush over, but it seemed a little too late.


Mjosgard pulled the trigger.

A bullet shot at the princess Otohime, but because of Mjosgards weakness and trembling wrists, it did not shoot straight at Otohime and seemed to pass her by.
But just as the bullet hit halfway, an invisible force suddenly spurred from a distance, crossed a ripple in the void and hit the flying bullet straight.


Almost instantly, the bullet was completely destroyed and the force that caused the air to appear with a strange Distortion, after destroying the bullet, fell on the ground again and instantly created a finger size hole on the ground whose bottom couldnt be seen!

At the top of a shellfish building not far away, Ross slowly retrieved his finger, stepped out with indifferent eyes, and appeared in the scene in a flash.

"Her Highness the Princess!"
" Human?!"

Many fish-men looked at Otohime in horror and worry as Ross suddenly appeared on the scene.

Otohime then realized that the tenryubito behind her had fired his gun at her, She watched as Ross suddenly appear on the scene and recalled the sound of the gun and that she was not injured. She was slightly shocked and soon realized what had happened.

"Garbage will always remain garbage."

Ross looked at Mjosgard with indifference. After being rescued by Otohime, He fired on Otohime back, He tried to kill someone who saved him. It was probably only Tenryubito who could do that.
Ross stood there, noticing Otohimes gaze behind him, and without waiting for the other person to speak, he calmly said, "This tenryubito, let me handle it, Princess Otohime."

"You are"

Otohime watched Rosss figure slightly. Ross is human. It can be seen at this moment, but Rosss figure made her a little familiar, but she could not think of this familiarity in this instant.

She didnt know what Ross was going to do about tenryubito. When she was about to say something, the guards at the rear had already rushed up and blocked her behind.

It is impossible for them to let the Princess continue to take risks

"You, you are humanyou lowlife worm, what did you just say"

Mjosgard was shocked by the sudden appearance of Ross. In response, he also found that Ross was human. When he thought of what Ross had just said, he immediately showed a trace of anger.

He is a World Noble tenryubito and this human being dares to say that he is garbage!

His anger was overwhelming. He raised his gun and tried to fire it at Ross, but before he could take aim at Ross, there was a sound of pulling the trigger.

"Can I kill him? Captain."

Laffitte appeared next to Mjosgard with a strange and sinister smile on his face, holding a gun in his hand. The guns muzzle rested on Mjosgards head.

It was the first time since he was born that Mjosgard had a gun pointed at his head.


His eyes showed fear again. He thought Ross, a human being, would not dare to resist him. He did not expect him to be madder than those Fish-man, He directly pulled a gun on his head.

"Kill me, dont Dont kid me. Im Tenryubito. How dare you"

"Do you know a Saint Charles?"
Ross stood there, looking down at Mjosgard and interrupting his words with a trace of horror and disbelief.

Mjosgard coughed violently, and his eyelids began to faint because of serious injuries. "Cha" Saint Charles?

"Well, I killed him."

Rosss calmly said.

Mjosgards expression was instantly solidified on his face. His eyes showed a trace of horror and incredulity. Naturally, he could not believe Rosss words, but someone dared to say that he killed a tenryubito, which was already enough to categorize his as a lawless madman!

Panic filled his whole body, and with serious injuries, he was finally and completely unconscious and he fell to the ground.

Laffitte still pointed his gun to Mjosgard, waiting for Rosss order.

Ross looked at Mjosgard, who had fallen unconscious, and was about to wave at Laffitte, but he thought about something and changed his mind after a little thought.

"Take him back and let Law give him a little treatment. He may come in handy."

He has already killed one Tenryubito and it will require a little effort to kill another. Its better to keep one alive. Among Laws Surgeon Fruit abilities, one is called mind-exchange surgery, which allows two people to exchange their bodies, or their minds and hearts.

In a sense, this ability is actually a kind of old surgery, but it needs to be replaced and the cost is too great.

Law doesnt have the ability to do a heart-exchanging surgery, but if he continues to exercise, he will be able to comprehend it sooner or later. At that time, the tenryubito may be of some use.

Death in some places Its much more meaningful than dying on the fish-man island.