One Piece Talent System Chapter 157

Chapter 157 Invitation And Rejection
"Wait, where are you going to take him?"

Princess Otohime looked at Laffitte, who was taking the tenryubito away and couldnt help but ask, she didnt hear what Ross said to Laffitte because Ross used the sound Distortion, only Laffitte could hear it.
"Somewhere where he truly belongs."

Ross turned to Otohime and smiled gently. "This is not the place to talk. If you can, can you take me to the Dragon Palace?"

Otohime had known about Tenryubitos gun before and she guessed Ross had saved her. When she heard Rosss words, she looked at the crowds of fish-men around her and finally nodded slowly.

At that moment, Jinbe finally remembered Rosss identity and looked at Ross with a look of surprise in his eyes and said, "Your Highness, hes the Captain of the Ghost Hand Pirates, Ghost Hand Ross!"

Rosss killing of Tenryubito and Intelligence of the fierce battle between him and Marine Admiral has not yet been delivered to the Fishman Island and his impression of Ross remains on the pirate with a bounty of 440 million Berries.

But even a pirate with a bounty of 440 million Berries is a terrible figure.

The Sand Crocodile, one of the Shichibukai, died by Rosss hands.

"I already know."

Otohime nodded slowly. She thought of Rosss identity faster than Jinbe, but she did not break it. On one hand, she did not discriminate against pirates and on the other hand, Ross had just stopped Tenryubitos gun for her.

Jinbe also knows that this is not a place to talk. Although Ross is a dangerous person, he cant make any conflicts here anymore. Otherwise, so many people, even the princess, are here. He has no confidence to protect so many people while fighting Ross.

"Everyone scatters, Thats the end of tenryubitos story. No one should pass it on."

Jinbe stared at Ross for a moment, took a deep breath and opened his mouth to tell the nearby fish-men and mermaids. His prestige was still very high among them. The nearby fish-men and mermaids nodded in succession.

But Ross, just in case, let Laffitte hypnotize the people here and let them forget what happened before.

Only a few people, such as Jinbe and Otohime, were unaffected by hypnosis.

"Treat Her Royal Highness as soon as possible!"

The medical team came quickly and put Otohime on the stretcher and quickly dealt with the wound on her shoulder.

At this time, Princess Shirahoshi, Megalo, and other princes also ran over, surrounded by medical teams, heading for the direction of the Dragon Palace.

"Megalo, Shirahoshi Im fine."

Otohime smiled at Megalo and Shirahoshi and others and made herself look as if she was doing nothing, signaling them not to worry, while looking at Ross not far away and saying, "You must thank him."

Compared to the back scene that happened behind Otohime, Megalo, Shirahoshi, and others have seen the scenes of Ross more clearly. Although Ross is a human being, they still feel very grateful.

"Ah Arigato(Thank You), Ross Sama"

In Shirahoshis big eyes, there seems to be a trace of tears that have not been wiped off. Because of Rosss appearance, this time she did not wake Sea Kings ability and did not call the Sea Kings.

Ross slightly smiled at Shirahoshi who is much bigger then him at only six years of age. Otohime is thinner than him. It is hard to believe that they are mother and daughter.
Isnt Neptune having an affair?

Ross thought of something wicked in his heart.

"That is, the Mermaid Princess Shirahoshi."

Robin came to Ross next to Shirahoshi and others who were walking in front of Otohime and put her fingers on her chin, revealing a touch of thought.

The legendary ancient weapon, Sea King Poseidon.

Ross nodded and said with a Distorted voice: "I stopped her awakening, if this power got awakened in publics eye, we would have to trouble Laffitte to do group hypnosis, but as a mermaid Princess, She will awaken this power sooner or later."


Robins eyes flickered slightly, wondering what to think of, and finally gave a light sigh.

What happened in that Void Century? Why did it leave behind the Poneglyph stone tablet? Why did it leave behind the ancient weapons that could destroy the world? What did the World Government want to cover up?
Everything was a huge mystery in her mind.


After becoming a crew member of the Ghost Hand Pirates and all the way to here, the distance to truly open this mystery is no longer a distant distance to reach!

Dragon Palace.

When Otohime returned to the Dragon Palace City, she was immediately taken to the medical room for treatment and Ross came to the front hall. The entire hall was so magnificent that even many palaces in the human world were far less brilliant than here.

Large pearls, corals and other things that are extremely precious to human beings can be seen everywhere in Dragon Palace. There are so many treasures hidden in the seafloor.

At this time, Ross is sitting on a chair and in front of him is Knight of the Sea (Kaiky) Jinbe. In general, Jinbe will not enter the Dragon Palace, but a dangerous character Ross has come in so he must also follow up.

"Shichibukai, Knight of the Sea (Kaiky) Jinbe"

After Ross enjoyed the view of the Dragon Palace, his eyes returned to Jinbe and there was a hint of deep meaning in his eyes.

If he had met Jinbe earlier, he might have thought about Jinbe, Shichibukai, but now he has killed two people Crocodile and Gekko Moria and Doflamingo will sooner or later die by his hands. In the case of continuous decline, the significance of killing Jinbe is very low.

In contrast, it is more important to hold the fish man island in hand.

"Thank you for saving Her Royal Highness Nevertheless, I dont know what you want to do, but I hope you dont mess around here, otherwise, this old man will stop you.

Jinbe looked at Ross with a solemn look.

Ross came to Dragon Palace as a pirate and it is natural that he would have the worst intentions.

If he was at sea, he had absolute confidence to fight Ross, but on land, he was not absolutely sure of winning over a pirate with a bounty of 440 million Berries.
"Dont be so hostile."

Ross looked at Jinbe and said, "What would you say if I asked you to give up your Shichibukai position and asked you to join the Ghost Hand Pirates?

Jinbe shook his head and refused, "Im sorry that I cant join you. Although you are kind to Her Royal Highness, I still need Shichibukais identity to protect the safety of the Fishman island."

"Thats a pity."

Ross leaned gently against the back of the chair and looked up at the ceiling covered with shells and pearls.

In the past, he had been faced with various threats and had no time to think about the direction of the future, but now that he had the strength to defend himself under Marine Admiral, his mentality had changed.

What is his ultimate goal? Yonk (Four Emperors)? Pirate king?


None of them.

Since killing a tenryubito on Sabaody Archipelago, Ross has had the intention of replacing the World Government. Although it is more difficult than defeating all Yonko(Four Emperors) and becoming the King of Pirate, it is not absolutely impossible for him to do with the advantages of the Talent System.

If one day, he really defeated Marine and defeated the World Government, then the Ghost Hand Pirates would remove their Pirates name and become the new ruler of this world and all the main members on his ship would become one of the rulers. Like the 20 Kings who founded the government eight hundred years ago.


He will not say these words, because so far it is only a possibility, and the preliminary plan has just begun.