One Piece Talent System Chapter 159

Chapter 159 Blustery
After waking up Otohime, Ross turned and walked in the direction of Shirahoshi and Robin. At this moment, Robin has sprouted a lot of arms scratching Shirahoshi and letting her keep rolling.

"Good Its itchy, Sister Robin. Stop it"
Shirahoshis tail kept shaking and tears seemed to be coming out of her big budding eyes. Robin smiled and lowered her arms.

It was at this time that Ross came over.

"Ross Sama."

Shirahoshi saw Ross and immediately greeted in a respectful and soft voice.

Ross looked at Shirahoshi and smiled, then nodded lightly at Robin, indicating that there was nothing wrong with Otohime.

Seeing Rosss friendly attitude, Shirahoshi gradually abandoned her timidity and asked Ross as innocently as a child could, "Sir Ross, Sister Robin said that there are forests on land and there are real sky and sun. Is it true? I really want to go up and see it.

"Its true."

Ross smiled and said meaningfully, "When you get older, I will take you to the land to play. You are too young to leave home for now."

Shirahoshi listened and the little child thought it was reasonable and nodded his head hard.

"Well, um!"

"Thats a promise."

Ross had an innocent smile on his face and extended his little finger at Shirahoshi. Shirahoshi also gladly reached out her "little hand" and touched Ross with her little thumb.

After signing the "abduction agreement" with Shirahoshi, Ross turned around again and looked at Otohime, the princess who was coming towards them. "If theres anything that cant be handled and is related to Shirahoshi. If its inconvenient to inform Whitebear Pirates, please let me know at any time."

"Are you leaving?"

Otohime nodded accepting his future help and also captured Rosss tone of separation.

Ross gently smiled and looked up at the sky above the Fishman island, with a deep look in his eyes. This time, when they set out again, they would arrive at the second half of the Grand Line, which is also the main battlefield New World!

After saying goodbye to Otohime, Shirahoshi, and others, Ross and Robin left Dragon Palace and went all the way to the place where their ship was docked.

At this point.

The guards of the Fishman Island have assisted Laffitte and others by sending the supplies to the ship and they have already coated the ship.

Coating the ship on land is difficult and expensive, but the machine that produces bubbles in the Fishmans island can make a huge bubble that wraps a ship at once, so the coating becomes very simple.

The coated ship slowly sailed away from Fishman Island.

With the wall of the Distortion to control sailing on the seabed, although he can use the Distortion Fruit to move it at once and take complete control of it, but the consumption of stamina is too big, the next place they will arrive is New World, no one knows what will happen, so he naturally has to save his stamina to deal with all possible things.

Great Age of Pirates, 15th years.

New World.

The Ghost Hand Pirates Captain Ghost Hand Ross with a bounty of 1 Billion Berries, This news has quickly spread throughout the New World and also fell into the hands of Yonk (Four Emperors) Pirates and various forces.

In the first half of the Grand Line, Someone who could receive a bounty of 1 Billion berries has never appeared before. It can be said that since the opening of the Great Age of Pirates, even in the history of the past, there has never been anyone with that high a bounty in the first half of the Grand Line!

1 Billion!
Even the Yonk (Four Emperors) Pirates who sits above all, Who regards the first half of the Grand Line as Paradise and the latter half as their own playground, cant help but look at Rosss bounty poster.

"One billion Berries, well, there is a little devil coming this way, but dont provoke me."

Yonk (Four Emperors) BIGMOM looked at the one billion bounty poster, opened her mouth and smiled and then she threw the bounty order aside, picked up the cake on the table and ate it.

Everyone in New Worlds environment knows that it is extremely difficult to survive in the cracks left behind by Yonk (Four Emperors) pirates and someone who acquired a Billion bounty on his head in the first half of the Grand Line will never live in the cracks(Territories not under Yonko). And he will definitely challenge a Yonk (Four Emperors)!

As one of the Yonk (Four Emperors), she has encountered too many challenges. Most of the challengers cant even see her face, because they couldnt get past her generals.

As Emperors, there is their pride. The name of Yonk (Four Emperors) is never self-proclaimed. Every one of the Yonk (Four Emperors) has experienced countless Battles and accumulated numerous bones under his feet. These bones form the throne of the Emperor.

They never fear the challenge of the latecomers, they only sit on the throne, watching the latecomers walk hard to them and lose before their desperate power.

"One billion Berries"

Another Yonk (Four Emperors), Hundred Beast Kaido, did not give much comment. He took a sip of wine and threw the bounty order aside, grinning.

If you are courageous, then come and challenge me!

Over the years, No one has appeared that made him excited for a fight. He just goes ahead and picks fights with Yonk (Four Emperors) or sometimes a group of Marines, which can make him a little excited.

"He has already reached this level."

Somewhere along the coast, Red Hair Shanks holds Rosss bounty poster, his eyes twinkling and murmuring, while Beckman flips through the newspaper, smoking a cigarette.

Beckman suddenly smiled and said: "Your hunch is quite accurate, Shanks."

With the corner of his eye, he looked at the text in the newspaper and the photograph of Ross. His eyes were deep and he said, "This fellow, He is really going to see us again."

Moby Dick.

Whitebeard, still at his peak, was sitting on the deck, drinking, looking at the newspaper in his hand and the bounty poster clipped to it.

"Gura ra ra ra, there comes another little demon."
He had a slight impression of Ross, but the impression remained that when a particular newspaper shocked the world, many people felt that the ghost-hand Pirates would be quickly wiped out by the furious government and Marine.

But the result is that in a blink of an eye, the Ghost Hand Pirates has grown to this point and it is enough to enter his eyes.

"I heard these guys like to hunt pirates. They are pirates for the purpose of hunting pirates." First Division Captain Marco stood next to Whitebeard with his head tilted to its side.

The Third Division Captain Diamond Jozu sat down and grinned. "They wouldnt come for us. In this sea, everyone knows what will happen if you mess with us."
"Thats right."

Marco smiled.

Whitebeard glanced at Marco and Jozu, raised his hand and threw the newspaper and the bounty order in his hand into the sea.