One Piece Talent System Chapter 16

Chapter 16 Talent System Optimization

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On the blue sea.

A medium-sized Battleship from the Marine Branch was sailing at full speed.

"Reporting Captain, we have discovered the fleet of the Flo pirates!"

"Is that so?"

The Marine Captain who commanded this Battleship, came to the deck and picked up the telescope and looked at a dark spot in the distance. He immediately saw Flo pirates ship stopped in the middle of the sea.

As the distance got close, he vaguely felt that something was wrong, because the Flo pirates ship was obviously broken and seemed to have just experienced a big battle.

"All staff prepare to battle, once they enter the range of cannons, immediately start the bombardment!"

Marine Captain frowned and pondered before he gave an order.

"Marine Battleship?"

Ross draws back from practicing his new ability, took the telescope from Robins hand, and looked at the direction Robin was pointing, and immediately saw a Battleship coming towards them at full speed.

Robins eyes flashed slightly, and whispered to Ross standing next to her: "Barring any surprise, they should be coming for Flo pirates."


Ross nodded. Anyway, whether they were coming for Flo pirates, or for them, there is no difference now.

Just as Ross put down the telescope, a familiar and crisp system sound came from his ear.

"In view of the fact that the hosts living environment has changed and the host has a unique view of darkness and justice, Talent System will carry out suboptimization. The optimized content is as follows"

"Besides hunting pirates, Host can also receive Talent Proficiency points and Free Talent Points as a reward by defeating the Marines who came after host to kill him. Moreover, the reduction in reward is not shared with hunting pirates."

"Note: The reward is only valid for the highest-ranking military officer in the Marine who is after host, and the lowest has to Marine Rear Admiral."

Ross listened to the sound coming to his ear. After being slightly startled, his face could not help but reveal a smile. This optimization is obviously what he would like to see.

"After this optimization, the host can directly check the hunting reward range corresponding to the pirates bounty amount, and defeating reward range corresponding to the position of a high-ranking Marine military officer in the system panel."

"Ding! The suboptimization is complete!"

The second optimization also makes Ross be startled slightly. After the final sound of the system fell, his thought moved and opened the Talent System.

In the upper right corner of the Talent System page, there is a special bonus symbol that was not available before. He looked and it opened.

Hunting Pirates:

5-8 million Berries has hunted 3 people

8 -10 million Berries has killed 2 people

10 12 million Berries has hunted 2 people

12 15 million Berries has hunted 2 people

15 20 million Berries has hunted 1 person

20 30 million Berries has hunted 1 person

Left of Hunting Pirates list, records the number of pirates that he has hunted so far, and it clearly indicates each reward interval and decreases interval, which is exactly in line with Rosss previous conjecture.

By hunting multiple pirates in the same bounty range, the Talent Proficiency reward will decrease, and the first time a pirate is hunted in the new range, Free Talent Points will be acquired.

For the bounty of more than 30 million, there are multiple intervals.

50 million is a dividing line. And after 100 million and 500 million is a dividing line. After 500 million, there are only three remaining areas, 500 million to 800 million, 800 million to 1.2 billion, and above 1.2 billion!
"Its very clear division, but the strength of many pirates in this world cannot be directly divided by their bounty."

Ross looked through from top to bottom, then turned to look to the right.

Defeated Marines:

Marine Rear Admiral has defeated 0 people

Marine Vice-Admiral has defeated 0 people

Admiral has defeated 0 people

Marine Fleet Admiral has defeated 0 people

On the right of the Defeated Marines, everything is zero as Ross has not yet defeated any Marine of Rear Admiral.

"This is a bad division, a branchs Rear Admiral and Headquarters Rear Admiral are both Rear Admiral, but the strength disparity between them is huge."

Ross shook his head.

Not distinguishing between the branch Rear Admiral and the Headquarters Rear Admiral means that he will only get a small part of the reward, and he is not very satisfied.

After quickly reading the new query page, Ross withdraws from the Talent System.

When he looked at the sea in the distance, the Marine Battleship had already pulled a lot closer, and there was no need to use a telescope to see the outline of the Battleship.
"Wind is blowing from southeastwind approaching from six degrees"

"Robin, hang the full sail, lets leave here."

Ross looked at the direction of the wind and said to Robin after a little thought.

The deterrence of Marine Battleship is not a small matter. The cannons loaded are far superior to the Pirate Ship in terms of firepower. In addition, they are going against the wind. If they forcibly rushed forward, they wouldnt even get the chance to get close, before their ship will be bombed into pieces.

Marines on the Battleship would collapse at the first blow, but in the face of a medium-sized Battleship, even a Rear Admiral of the Marine Headquarters will retreat.

Most of the time.

Marine can chase pirate everywhere because the Marine Battleships artillery fire is extremely fierce, not every pirate can block the bombs, at least the current Ross cannot.

Robin is also very much aware of the deterrent power of a Battleship. If Ross has not given the order, she would have already ordered the pirates to open the full sail and leave.

The five pirates also knew the horror of the Marine Battleship, and they were already prepared. When they heard the instructions from Robin, they immediately hanged on the sails.

In the distant, the marines on the Battleship saw that the Flo pirates were going to flee, and they started chasing after them. They even fired a few bombs to tentatively attempted to break the Pirate Ships mast, but it was impossible to hit because of the distance.

Although the cannons on the warships are strong, they are too heavy. Even with the turbines installed, they cant catch up with the pirate ship when the wind reaches a certain level.

After all, the vast majority of pirates will run after they had robbed the place. Few pirates will make heavy warships to confront Marines. Flo pirates ship is a lightship.


The battleship can only look at the Flo pirates ship getting farther and farther away, becoming a black spot on the horizon and disappearing at the end of their field of vision.

"It would have been good if I had chosen Gepp (Moonwalk)."

Ross stood at the top of the cabin and looks at the sea that stretches to the horizon then shook his head.

If he had learned Gepp (Moonwalk), he can directly traverse the sea by air, ignoring the Battleships artillery fire, cross towards the Battleship, and then sink the Battleship.


Most of the Battleship was led by a Marine Captain of a certain division. There was no reward for defeating Marine Captain. So Ross had nothing to gain or loss.

With the Talent System, it will not be long before he can ignore the Marine Battleship, and by that time if any Marine Battleship dares to chase him then they will be sunk into the sea!


Ross jumped from the top of the cabin and came to Robin.

"Robin, how much supply is on board?"

"There are enough supplies for a group of seven people to survive for two or three months." Robin thought slightly before answering.

Ross nodded and said, "Okay then, I need you to sort out all the information you have on the West Blue pirates, especially pirates with a bounty of more than 15 million Berries."

"No problem."