One Piece Talent System Chapter 160

Chapter 160 Sea Kings

"How is that tenryubito?"
Ross took back his eyes from Fishman Island, which was gradually fading away and asked for Law.

Law leaned against the side of the bulkhead and said with a slightly deep look, "He wont die, but that guys last name Its Donquixote!"

Donquixote, Mjosgard!

The same surname as Doflamingo, obviously his identity belongs under the Donquixote Family. For 800 years, Tenryubito is not a single entity, but a huge group. Doflamingo belongs to one of the Donquixote family.

"Oh? His last name is Donquixote?

Rosss eyes also flashed with light. He didnt expect the tenryubito caught in the Fishmans Island and the Doflamingo family to have a cousin.

After his eyes glittered slightly, he calmly said, "Youre not mistaken. Doflamingo used to be a member of tenryubito, but he lost his tenryubito identity because of some things."

Why is Doflamingo able to spread the dark trade all over the world?

His strength is far less than that of Yonk (Four Emperors) and his power is far less than that of Yonk (Four Emperors), but the trading network in the dark world is the core of the whole world. One of the reasons is that his original tenryubito identity!

Although this identity has lost its privilege, he is still a tenryubito. With the identity of a tenryubito, he can do too many things, not to mention that Doflamingo knows a lot about the secrets of tenryubito and Holy Land, which are enough to shake the world.

"Tenryubito Its more trouble than I thought.

Law also knows exactly what Tenryubitos identity stands for. He knows that when he arrives at New World, the first thing he has to deal with is Doflamingo.

He originally thought that Doflamingo was just an ordinary Shichibukai, but after boarding Rosss ship, he was constantly exposed to the secret intelligence about Doflamingo, which made him gradually realize that Doflamingo was not a very easy existence to deal with.

It involves a lot!

"Dont worry, my promise to you will stand regardless of his identity."

Ross calmly told Law after seeing his face. He didnt care about justice and didnt care about evil, but he would do it for the agreement he had agreed to. This is his guideline.

Law looked at Ross and took a deep breath, slowly saying:

"Thank you."

The ship gradually left the Fishman Island, slowly passed through the hole at the bottom of Red Line under Ross and Laffittes control, and finally came to the sea on the other side.

As the ship floated up, a huge whirlpool of white snake-like currents suddenly appeared on the dark seafloor, winding and leading to an unknown end.

"Its a whirlpool!"

"Be careful."

Laffitte immediately warned, and Ross calmly controlled the ships rapid ascent, bypassing the eddy current with the help of Distortion.
Although he has enough strength now, it is still difficult to fight against this level of natural power. After all, it is the bottom of the sea.

After bypassing the whirlpool current, the ship did not encounter any more crisis and went up smoothly. Robin took a shower while the ship was moving up and Ross went into the bathroom to wash as well.


The ship finally rushed out of the sea and came to a hail-covered sea. At the same time, the bubble-wrapped around the hull quietly broke and disappeared at that moment.

The hail was raining all over the sky and crashing into the hull. Law and Laffitte fought back, and Ross came out in a white overcoat.

With the power of distortion swinging, large fist-sized hailstones were fixed in mid-air, sliding along both sides of the hull and eventually falling into the sea.

"This is the New World."

With Ross sheltering the hull, Laffitte also made room to view sea maps and High-Level Log Pose on his wrist.

However, It is difficult to judge the sea here and their location is undetermined, although there are three arrows on the Log Pose, it is difficult to know which islands they are pointing to and it is necessary to arrive at one of them first before determining their location.
Very soon.

Laffitte decided on the direction and sailed to the island where Pose was the most stable.

The Ghost-Hand Pirates are all calm individuals, They are not impulsive like Straw-Hat Pirates, They naturally wont go away with Poses weird Island.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

As the ship continued to sail, the hail began to grow bigger and bigger, and even hail the size of a human head appeared, which was enough to break through the hull in an instant, but all were blocked by Ross.

It was a correct decision not to use the power of distortion to bring the ship from the bottom of the sea.

No one knew how long it took but the ship finally broke out of the hail-covered sea and came to a place that looked very calm, no matter the wind speed or the current, it did not seem unusual.

"It seems to be safe for the time being."

Ross slowly lowered his arm and the wall of the Distortion that sheltered the hull was taken back by him.


Almost immediately after Rosss voice fell, a sound suddenly came from under the hull. The whole ship flew up abruptly, rose suddenly, and came to the sky tens of meters away from the sea, and tilted over.


Law and Laffitte and others were shocked and quickly pulled the things around them to stabilize their bodies. Robin was also surprised and unsteady and fell in the direction of Ross.

Ross calmly reached out and took Robin in his arms, but instead of looking at her, he looked down at the bottom of the ship with a sharp look in his eyes.

"Sea Kings!"

Laffittes gaze was fixed on the sea below.
Just coming out of the hail sea, They entered the sea where such large Sea King exists and this is not even the Calm Belt. Sure enough, New Worlds sea is messy, the first half is a paradise compared to here!


An extremely harsh humming sound came from under the hull that left Laffitte, Law, and others eardrums Buzzed.

Rosss eyes twinkled and the power of Distortions voice came out, dispersing the sound near him and Robin and he released Robin and flew to the side of the ship.

The whole ship was crowned in mid-air by the head of a giant Sea King with a body of thousands of meters in length. The ship was like a snack in front of the Sea King.

At this time, the Sea King also found the ship on top of his head. The humming sound came because of this. A pair of huge eyes, the pupil was transferred to the top of the head. It suddenly shook his head and threw the ship up and whipped its tail.

What is the concept of the power of the tail of a sea king which is thousands of meter long?

It is sufficient to destroy a street in an instant!


Ross snorted and waved his arm and the power of distortion came out and the hull was lifted. At the same time, He punched the huge tail that was slamming towards him.