One Piece Talent System Chapter 161

Chapter 161 Hidden

After a slight standstill, Rosss power of distortion finally gained the upper hand, smashing the tail down into the sea and causing it to bleed.
The Sea King suffered a big loss, but instead of fighting with Ross in fury, it hissed with great wisdom and went to the bottom of the sea and disappeared.


Ross fell back on the ship, controlling the ship to fall back to the surface.

"Leave this sea as soon as possible. I can still deal with this kind of Sea Kings. If we encounter one a few times larger, it will be very troublesome."

Ross spoke quietly to Laffitte.

He spent a lot of stamina in the hailstorm sea and now if he took the ship to the sky and sailed away from the sea, he might be too consumed to control what happened next.

Laffitte nodded, he also knew the seriousness of the matter and immediately informed Robin and Law to turn the rudder and headed for the island that was previously planned.

Like Calm Belt, this sea seems to be a paradise for the Sea Kings. From time to time, they can see a huge wave rising on the sea, which is a giant sea King turning over.

Underneath the ocean floor, there are huge black shadows, which make people astonished from time to time.

"If only Shirahoshi was here."

Ross completely utilized his Observation Haki and is ready to take the ship to the sky at any moment. At this time, he thinks of Shirahoshi and cant help but shake his head.

After another period of sailing, a slightly blurred shadow appeared in the sea on the left side of the route, and some unstable waves appeared on the sea surface.

"Sea Kings No, there seems to be a ship"

Laffitte stared at the sea over there, his eyes flashing with surprise. He could not help but take out his telescope and look at the distance over there, which was even more surprising.

"Whats wrong?"

Law asked Laffitte.

Laffittes eyes twinkled as he said: "Someone is fighting a Sea King, but calling them people would be wrong, they are a little big, they should belong to the Giant race."

Their ship is like a snack to the Sea King, which is about a kilometer in shape. It can be seen on the left side of the black hull, but it has a length of hundreds of meters, close to the medium-sized Sea King.

"Giant? Sea King?"

When Ross heard Laffittes words, his eyes flashed a strange color. After a little thought, his eyes flashed and he said, "Put the ship over and see whats going on over there."

"All right."

Laffitte nodded and changed the course and sailed in the direction of the shadow.

Although it is very dangerous to stay in this sea, Ross can fly to the sky with his ship at any time, even in the case of the particularly troublesome Sea King, it is always safe.
Very soon.

The shadows became clearer and clearer as a medium-sized Sea King, about 300-400 meters in size was fighting against five giants on board a ship.

To be exact, the giants accidentally drove their ship into the sea and suffered attacks from the Sea King. Fortunately, the Sea King is not a large Sea King. Moreover, they are all giants and they have good strength and can fight against it.


Its just a reluctant confrontation.
The giants are all over 20 meters tall, but there is still a big gap between them and the medium-sized Sea King. Even though they are giant fighters with great strength, they can only fight defensively.

"Hajrudin, thats not the way to go. We have to get out of here as soon as possible."

The New Giants-Pirates navigator Road attacked with his knife and cut a bloody hole in the skin of the Sea King and shouted at his Captain Hajrudin next to him.

Shipwright Stansen knocked on the Sea Kings head with a giant club, but he was thrown back by the vibrations and fell into the distant sea.

"Damn Road, Why did you bring our ship to this ghastly place!"
Although the Giants are brave and like fights, they are not likely to die with an apparently unstoppable Sea King but they will be defeated. Besides, this is the sea. In case the ship is damaged, a few of them will be in trouble.


Even if they wanted to go, the Sea King had been provoked and it was attacking constantly, defeating their attacks and then pulling out its tail in an attempt to destroy their ship.

Hajrudin roared and punched, blocking the Sea Kings tail. His strength was the strongest of all, and he could still fight a little.


The Sea King is a monster with two tails. The first tail was blocked by Hajrudin, while the second tail fell beside Hajrudin and hit the ship.

"This is Bad!"

"Hurry up!"

When the giants saw this, they were in a panic and tried to rush up to resist it, but it was too late. If the ship was destroyed, they would have to wonder with the wood in their arms.

At this critical moment, a strange force burst out from a distance, making the surrounding air present a strange Distortion shape turning it into the shape of a fist, with tens of meters of huge air fist ruthlessly slammed on the tail of the Sea King.


This Sea King is obviously far smaller than the one Ross encountered before. Even if Ross hits it from a long distance away, it still caused cracks in the skin of the Sea King and blood was spilled.


The Sea King, whose tail was hit hard, finally went a little crazy under the severe pain. Its other tail rolled violently and caught Hajrudin as it opened its terrible mouth and swallowed Hajrudin in one gulp.

Hajrudin struggled to break free of the tail, but he was in mid-air and there was no way out of it. He fell into the mouth of the Sea King and was about to be shattered by the terrible teeth.

And just then.
A black shadow suddenly flashed past, leaving a remnant in the air at a very fast speed. It flashed like a sword in front of the head of the Sea King.


With a sword wrapped in the power of distortion, the Sea Kings head was cut in unimpeded. With some shocking gaze from Hajrudin and others, the Sea King, which was hundreds of meters in shape, was cut in half stiffly from the middle.

Strangely, there was no blood on the incision, but it was so smooth that it did not look like it had been cut by a sword, but rather like a mass of rubber mud twisted into two sections from the middle.
"There seems to be something wrong with your route, Giants."

Ross floated in mid-air and looked at Hajrudin, who had fallen into the sea and splashed a wave and three other men and one woman, five giants in all.

Speaking of this, the female giant is quite beautiful, just like the enlarged version of Nami and because of her larger size, Ross can see a lot of things from his point of view.

If he remembers it correctly, these five people should be members of the Hajrudin Giant Pirates who have appeared in Dressrosa.

Chapter 161 Giants