One Piece Talent System Chapter 162

Chapter 162 Gathering

Looking at the Sea King which was struggling after being split into two before stopping, Hajrudin wiped his face with seawater. After a moment of silence, he looked at Ross floating in the sky.
"Thank you for your assistance."

The other giants also reacted and did not climb towards their ship but they smiled innocently and kindly, with undisguised gratitude in their eyes.

If not for Ross, they would at least lose the ship, even suffer serious injuries, and die at sea. Ross is a benefactor to the giants.

"Youre welcome."

Ross slightly smiled with an indescribable look in his deep eyes.

He knows Hajrudin and several other giants, presumably, they are the five-man group of Pirates, the New Giant Pirates that Hajrudin has formed.

Compared with humans, the lifespan of giants is much longer, reaching hundreds of years and their character is really frank and militant. Almost every one of them is a fighter.


Hajrudin and others climbed back onto the ship and Ross and Laffitte and others also came to the Giant Pirate Ship of Hajrudin.

"This is Shipwright Stansen, he is my idiot navigator Road, this one is our cook Goldberg and the beautiful ship doctor Gerth."

Hajrudin introduced his crew and then went to Ross to perform a giant etiquette. "My name is Hajrudin and I thank you for your help again."

"Call me Captain Ross, its okay, no need to thank you."

Ross smiled as he preferred the frank and brave nature of the giant race to the intriguing and conspiratorial nature of the human race.

The only pity is that the giants are so big that they are equal to moving targets in the eyes of the strong people. But if it can be changed a little, it will be totally different!

Goldberg, the chef of the new giant Pirates, quickly produced barbecues and other dishes, as well as wines from his hometown Elbaf to entertain Ross and others.

Although the meal is big and the portion is a little large, it tastes good.

"Hey, Did you just entered the New World, the Ghost Hand Pirates I seem to have heard of this name."

Road seems to be a bit overwhelmed. After drinking a few bowls of wine, he is a little drunk.

The beautiful ship doctor Gerth looked at Roads appearance and couldnt help but say: "Idiot, Ghost Hand Pirates are the world-famous pirates, didnt you see the newspaper two days ago."

Although they are giants, they can read newspapers or anything with the help of a magnifying glass.

As she said, she looked at Ross with respect and said: "Captain Rosss hanging bounty has already reached a billion Berries!"

They worshipped other Giant captains who had sailed the sea and bought glory to the race of giants and even those warriors had a bounty of only 100 million Berries.

The formation of the New Giant Pirates is to reinvigorate the glory of the giants so that the name of the giant is once again spread throughout the world.

"Pooh! One Billion Berries?!"

Road sprayed a drink on Goldbergs face and he waked up from his slight drunkenness in an instant. He was now full of respect for Ross, who had defeated the Sea King in one move and now he has become somewhat revered character for him.

The Giants are a race that is extremely advocating for strength.

When Ross and Laffitte and others were in the fishermans island, they already knew the news of their new bounty so they showed no surprise.

If you kill tenryubito and escape under the hands of a Marine Admiral, you will get a bounty of one billion berries.
"Captain Ross, Lets drink together!"

After wiping the wine from the angry Goldbergs face, Road lifted up a huge bowl, spoke to Ross in silence and poured it down in a murmur.

Ross did not refuse. He picked up the small bowl he had brought from his boat and took a sip.


Hajrudin picked up the wine bowl and looked at Ross.
His aim is to restore the prestige of the giants. Ross is not only a benefactor who saved them, but he is also a powerful force with a bounty of one billion berries. If he joins the Ghost-Hand Pirates, he will soon be able to restore his prestige.

As a giant, even if there is a possibility that Ross will reject, he will not hide his thoughts, but just when he intends to speak out, Ross suddenly opens his mouth.

"What are your plans for the next step? If you want to reinvigorate the power of the giant race, why not join us? I will make you into an invincible Giant Regiment."

Ross has already seen Hajrudins thoughts. The giants are not good at concealing their emotions. They are almost always written on their faces. Treating the Giants is not the same as treating human beings. They dont need to maintain absolute prestige, So he will ask them first to join him.

The Giants admire strength and grace and now they have the righteousness and strength. They dont need too much toss and even Laffittes hypnosis is not needed.


Hajrudin didnt expect Ross to offer an invitation, which is totally different from his request for membership. It fully demonstrates the importance Ross attaches to them.

Almost without thinking about it, he immediately carried the wine bowl and said:

"I am willing to join! Although we only have five people now, we are all the bravest fighters of Elbaf. Sooner or later, one day, we will be famous in the world!"

Gerth and Road and others showed their solemnity when they saw each other. They all held their bowls. Their attitudes were completely identical to their Captain Hajrudin. Rosss strength had completely conquered them.

Ross puts the wine bowl in front of him and smiled slightly:

"Rest assured, that day will come soon when you are famous all over the world."

As he spoke, Ross poured himself some wine and the spicy drink flowed all the way from his throat to his stomach, which seemed to ignite a bit of his blood.

Hajrudin and others also drank the wine and officially joined the Ghost Hand Pirates as subordinates.

"Since you have become my subordinates, then"

Ross put down the wine bowl and reached out in his pocket to feel a delicate Devil Fruit with a seemingly sandy surface.
Logia Sand Sand fruit!

"This is a Logia Devil Fruit, Sand Sand fruit, I think you should all know the power and value of a Logia Devil Fruit."

Ross pinched the twig of the sand fruit and placed it in front of him, his eyes circumvented it, looking at Hajrudin and other Giants.

"Although there is only one Snd fruit right now, We will acquire other powerful Devil Fruits in the future, Five Giants with strong Devil Fruits, It will be enough to make the sea tremble."