One Piece Talent System Chapter 164

Chapter 164 Hidden
Icefield Island, West Bank.

Ross and his party docked here. The weather on the island was very strange. The sea was still full of a spring breeze, but there was vast white snow on the island. Once they stepped on it, they finally felt a cold.
In the New World, Log Pose doesnt need that long to store magnetism. Most Islands take only half a day, but they still need to go to the island.

"New Worlds climate is more strange than the first half of the Grand Line."

Robin breathed out the mist, put on a white coat and a thick velvet cap and followed Ross out of the ship.

Its still Law that stayed on the ship and Ross, Robin, and Laffitte boarding the island.

"We will search the Island, if there is no Poneglyph stone or something of value, we will come to the ship after half a day."

Ross also wore a brown fur coat, although his body was completely resistant to this cold, he did not want to make it too eye-catching.

Laffitte nodded, after looking at the snow around with interest, he disappeared into the snow with his mahogany cane and he seemed to have some thoughts about the flying snow all over the sky.

Ross and Robin went all the way and soon entered the island.

The environment inside of the island is not the same as they imagined. It is not because of the cold and no one is going out. It is extremely lively. The people who live here are all muscular and strong and some people carry extremely thick logs on the street with one hand.

Ross and Robin, even in their overcoats, were still slightly conspicuous among such crowds, so they moved a little closer to remote areas.

Rosss eyes flickered slightly as they went deep into City town.

He hadnt noticed before that there was a flag covered with ice and snow hanging over the city building in the center, the winter wind blew down the ice and snow on that flag and revealed the pattern behind it.

Its a weird design like a bulls skull, but in this world, its almost a banner that everyone knows, because it represents one of the Yonk (Four Emperors)!

"Beast Pirate Domain"

Ross stared at Citytown and muttered, but still did not stop and continued to move and explore the island, even if it was the domain of the Beast Pirates, he will still explore the Island.

If there is anything good, then he will rob it, what about Yonk (Four Emperors)? Compared to the Marine Headquarters and the World Government, the Beast Pirates is a lot worse.

Ross and Robin hid in the remote streets and soon explored the small town. Although it was small, it had a large population and the island produced a special kind of "Icestone" with high value, so there was a lot of wealth on the island.

But now Ross is not interested in money.

On a snow-covered hillside, Robin reached out and gently pulled the snow from a crack, looking at the layers of stone in the crack, thinking about something.

"This island should have been formed in the last few hundred years, and it does not seem to have been formed naturally, but because of some force"


Ross was slightly surprised. He didnt doubt Robins words. Robin is an authentic archaeologist, but he couldnt imagine any power that can create an island. This kind of power is very different. There is only one small town, but the island is a medium-sized island, at least for the time being, he cant make such an island.

While Robin was thinking, The Den Den Mushi on Ross suddenly sounded and when he answered it, Laffittes voice came from the other side.
"Captain, I found the ship of the Beast Pirates."

"Ohh? What direction?"

Ross heard the words, his eyes slightly condensed as he asked.

Laffitte was hiding in the snow at this time. The white cloak on him and the ice and snow were almost integrated. He couldnt see where he was. He looked at the ship of the Beast Pirates, which was docked at the shore while facing the Den Den Mushi.

"This is the east port."
"Got it."

Ross nodded and hung up the Den Den Mushi. His original careless attitude has already become serious and his laziness has faded. He rushed towards Robin and said: "Lets go to the East Coast port."

Since he has encountered the ship of the Beast Pirates, how can he not take a look? If he encounters Hundred Beast Kaido, he will turn around and leave, but if its any other, Their high bounties would be beneficial to him and he may even get somr=e good treasures

Ross slightly opened his mouth.

Many of the worlds forces have defined the Ghost Hand Pirates as the mad Pirates and defined him as a madman who doesnt know what to fear. Since everyone is already calling him a madman, Then looking for trouble with a Yonk (Four Emperors) must be a reasonable thing.
Both the government and Marine are anxious to immediately arrest him and put him in Impel Down, so if he adds Hundred Beast Kaido to the list of people who want him dead or imprisoned, then it really doesnt matter to him.

Icefield Island, East coast.

Keith, one of the subordinates of the Three Disasters of the Beast Pirates was putting his hands on his chest and standing in the snow not far from the shore, watching people on the Icefield Island bring boxes of treasure.

Icestone is a very valuable thing and this island has a natural Icestone mineral deposit vein, So naturally it will cause the greed of millions of people, but this is the territory of the Beast Pirates and no one dares to seize or do anything here and as a condition for this protection, the people of this Island need to pay tribute to the Beast Pirates every six months.

Although the amount of tribute is very large, It is still better compared to the situation where they will be madly robbed and killed by various pirate forces, So it is natural that they will pay tribute to the Beast Pirates to avoid the situation where they all get killed and robbed.

"Its a little less money this time."

Keith, bare-shouldered and showing his strong brown muscles, walked slowly to several boxes, opened them, counted them and asked casually.

The nearby Icefield town leader scratched his back awkwardly and said, "Im sorry, Lord Keith. Icestone sales have been poor for some time recently"

"All right."

Keith interrupted him and said impatiently, "I dont need to here these messy stories, I know, but if you dare to deceive us, you know what will happen!"

"I wouldnt dare."

The Leader of Icefield Town bowed his head in fear. In this sea, the Beast Pirates are the pirates that cant be provoked, because of their Captain Hundred Beast Kaido of the Beast Pirates is a madman who has no fear of anything and he is virtually immortal!

Maybe if you provoked Whitebeard, Akagami (Red Hair), and hid in the first half of the Grand Line or somewhere else, they wouldnt bother to pay attention to you, but if you provoked Kaido, even if they hid in the Marine Headquarters, Kaido would rush into the Marine Headquarters like a madman!

So far, Kaido has done countless crazy things, but no matter whether it was Marines or other Yonk (Four Emperors), no one was able to kill him.

The madman who cant be provoked!
This is the definition given to the Hundred Beast Kaido and the Beast Pirates by the major forces at the sea.

Chapter 164 Beast Pirates