One Piece Talent System Chapter 165

Chapter 165 Fearless
While Keith was leading his men to check the money from the Icefield Town, Ross and Robin were standing in a direction not far away and the light shifted and distorted around them and the light in the area around 100 meters of them distorted and nobody noticed them.

"That is One of the Elite pirate from the Beast Pirates Silver Ape Keith with a bounty of 350 million Berries." Robin looked at Keith, who was more than three meters tall and she recognized him.
Any of the Yonk (Four Emperors) Pirates is basically composed of High-Level Pirates, Elite pirates and a large number of lower-level members.

High-Level pirates in Whitebeard Pirates are Captain class pirates in the top ranking, Three Disasters in the Beast Pirates and four generals in BIGMOM Pirates, offering a bounty of almost 800 berries.

As for the Elite pirates below them, Their bounty varies, generally, from 200 million to 600 million berries, Any pirate with a bounty of less than 200 million berries are small captain or lower-level members, Pirates with less than 100 million berries bounty belong to the bottom.


Even the bottom members are still the official crew members of Yonk (Four Emperors) Pirates. The influence of Yonk (Four Emperors) Pirates is enormous. Besides the formal members, there are many non-members. Strictly speaking, these people are at the bottom of the bottom.

"Elite Pirate of Beast Pirates."

Ross looked at Keith not far away with a glimmer in his eyes and he thought about whether he would encounter Three Disasters, but it was a bit of a fuss for Three Disasters to personally take the tribute.

"If you do something to him, Kaido will probably come after you."

Robin stood beside him and whispered. She was too familiar with Rosss character that she could guess what Ross wanted to do just as Ross was familiar with her.

Ross grinned and his eyes flashed with a bloody glow. He said: "Since killing tenryubito, hasnt the world regarded us as mad Pirates? In that case, its not right to let the world down."

Suspended bounty of 350 million Berries.

This level of the first kill, he has not yet taken!

After his words fell, Ross stepped forward in the snow. Suddenly, his figure flashed and he traveled in a perfect parabola and came into mid-air, directly above Keith and others.

"Distortion fist!"

Rosss right finger closed and the invisible power of distortion converged on his fist, turning into a near-transparent faint halo and as he punched, it rushed downward.

Distortion Fruit is different in effect from Tremor-Tremor Fruit (Gura Gura no Mi). The shock of Tremor-Tremor Fruit (Gura Gura no Mi) is scattered in front as a whole, while the power of distortion can condense into a cylindrical chaotic attack. As for the split fruit, if it can awaken, it may form a line.


After the punch fell, the air instantly formed a weird Distortion, like being baked by high temperature and flame and it fell head-on towards Silver Ape Keith directly below.

Keith, as an Elite pirate of the Beast Pirates with a bounty of 350 million Berries, is naturally not an ordinary figure. Almost when Ross came over his head, he realized something was wrong and when Ross launched his attack, he was able to react.


Zoan apes fruit and ape-like ability were inspired by him in an instant and his entire figure suddenly turned into a silver-backed giant ape, with his arms folded in front of him in the roar and he also stimulated his thick and Tenacious Armament Haki.

Rosss Distortion Fist hit him on both arms and there was an obvious pause, but Keiths sullen face was also suddenly overflowing with veins as he was under tremendous pressure.

After a stalemate for about two seconds, the ice sheet under his feet couldnt stand it and it was completely broken which caused him to enter the Underground by the hard punch of Ross.

Pirates offering a bounty of 350 million berries are common in the New World but that did not mean that they are weak but they still wont be able to deal with the likes of Ross, the difference between their strength is completely different.

Rosss current strength is at least at the level of the Three Disasters. As for who is stronger and who is weaker than them, He needs to fight them to know for sure.


"What happened?!"
Keith was buried into the earth by something. Naturally, it caused a huge movement. It splashed a wave of snow that rushed in all directions. The Beast Pirates and the indigenous people of the icefield town were all shocked and turned pale seeing the attack and its following result and they retreated.

And when the wind and snow dispersed, they saw Rosss figure fall from the sky and dive toward the hole.

Somebody dared to do something to Lord Keith!

Whether it is the indigenous people of the Icefield Town or the members of the Beast Pirates and Keiths subordinates, They were stunned watching this scene.

They are the members of the Beast Pirates, Keith is one of the smaller leaders in the Beast Pirates! Whos so daring to do something to Keith? Doesnt he know what the consequences will be?
"Who is it?!"

There was an angry roar from the ape-shaped pit. Keiths ape-like body leaped violently and rushed out of the pit. There was a trace of blood on his mouth and anger in his eyes.

But almost as soon as he jumped out of the pit, Ross dived down and punched him in the head with the same attack.

Keiths face changed, but he could not avoid it in mid-air. He could only lay his arms on his chest again and stimulated his Armament Haki to resist the coming attack. Once again, he was thrown into the pit and the ice burst.

This time.

The broken ice layer spreads in all directions, directly letting the area of tens of meters in a circle show the horrible cracks like a spiders web, causing countless people to be astonished.

"That that guy seems to be Ghost Hand Ross!"

At this time, someone finally recognized Ross. Although Ross was a newcomer to the New World, the news of the bounty of one billion berries and the killing of a tenryubito has already spread throughout the New World.

Some people have cold sweat on their foreheads and their eyes were filled with horror and fear. As the members of the Beast Pirates, they have always attacked others and no one has dared to attack them and only the people of other Yonko Pirates would attack them.

Ross is the first one to attack them without being affiliated with any Yonko!

"Zoan fruit Its vitality and toughness are really strong."

After two consecutive punches put Keith into the ice twice, Ross looked inside the pit and his Observation Haki captured Keiths figure and he said in a calm voice.

If It has been any other ordinary person without a Devil Fruit or a pirate with a Paramecia then he would have been seriously injured by Rosss punch. Zoans Devil Fruit vitality, defense, and toughness are very high. Keith had resisted his attacks hard and only suffered some minor injuries.