One Piece Talent System Chapter 166

Chapter 166 Bounty Of 300 Million Berries

As the ice crumbled and broke, Keiths figure burst out of the crater and fell on the cracked ice, gasping violently. Looking at Ross, besides anger, his eyes also showed a trace of fear in them.
He also recognized Rosss identity.


This is not the reason why Ross attacked him. How long it has been since he was last attacked by anyone after joining the Beast Pirates?

Keiths eyes flashed with anger and he said to Ross in an extremely cold voice, "Ghost Hand Ross Do you know what you are doing?!"

If he hadnt realized that he couldnt defeat Ross, he would not have talked nonsense to Ross and would have already killed him.


Ross nodded and said calmly, "I heard that Beast Pirates cant be provoked, so I want to provoke them."

Keith: "???"

The indigenous people of Icefield Town and the members of the Beast Pirates are all in a state of dismay. They are all dumbfounded after hearing Rosss reason to attack.

Just because the Beast Pirates cant be provoked, He came just to provoke them. This style of action is crazier than Jack the drought.

"Distortion Cut!"

Ross whispered and pulled out the Happy Spring from his waist and swung it at Keith. A Distortion cut of about three feet long burst out like a crack in the void.

Keith instinctively felt the threat. His legs pressed hard as he jumped up in an instant. He avoided Rosss cut and slammed towards Ross with a roar.

"Ape King guns!"

This punch has brought Zoans fruit speed and strength to the utmost and he used his Armament Haki to its limit, No matter his strength or control, he is far from those in the first half of the Grand Line and any newly started Supernovas cant match him.

Faced with Keiths punch, Rosss face remained unchanged, He used his sword to stab towards the coming enemy and the power of distortion condenses above the tip of the sword.


Keiths black Armament Haki, attached to his fist, collided with Rosss sword tip making a crisp sound and their movements froze for a second. After a second, Rosss sword tip pierced his Armament Haki and penetrated into his fists.

Feeling the pain coming from his fist, Keith did not stop, but gritted his teeth and continued to exert his strength into his fist. Rosss sword was like a needle to him in his Silver Ape form. Although it hurt a lot, the injury was not serious.


Happy Spring is squeezed between the two forces, showing a curved posture.


Seeing that Keith trying to break his Happy Spring, Ross snorted, his left index finger pointed out and stabbed towards Keiths eyes and the two power of distortions ran like sword waves towards Keith.
Keiths Kenbonshoku (Observation) has already captured this attack, but his left fist is entangled with Ross and he can not break away, so he can only swing his right arm to resist in a hurry.


Rosss two attacks of the power of distortion pierced Keiths right arms Armament Haki, leaving two bloody holes in his right arm. Meanwhile, Happy Spring also jabbed into his fist until only the handle remained outside.

Ross retracted his left hand, his eyes were cold as the power of distortion erupted violently and poured into the hilt of Happy Spring and fired fiercely above Happy Springs blade.

Keiths fist, even though huge and covered with strong Armament Haki couldnt resist the berserkers power and finally burst completely from the inside.

"Keith Sama!"

Members of the Beast Pirates all looked a little shocked with horror in their hearts when they saw this scene.

Although Ross has a bounty of 1 Billion Berries, He is only a newcomer to the New World and he got that monsterous bounty because he killed a tenryubito.

Keith is a Beast Pirates member with a bounty of 350 million Berries on his head. He has fought in the New World for ten years. All of his titles and his bounty are based on his strength.

Less than a moment after these two met, One had won and one has lost and Keiths tragic defeat left them terrified and shocked.

"He He shouldnt be this"

Keith, whose arm was destroyed, roared and waved his legs in an attempt to fight back but he was kicked back by Ross and quickly put down.

Keith flies out directly when he was kicked back by Ross and he smashes on the distant ice wall creating an inch deep cracks on it. His Silver Ape form also retreated and he regained his human form.

He looked at Ross who was coming towards him with a calm face and no fear on his face.

"Crazy Lunatic, ignorant Kaido Sama will not let you go!"

He had seen too many lawless Supernovas and every single one of them thought that they had conquered the entire sea after they had conquered the first half of the Grand Line, but eventually, they all fell before the unshakable throne of the Yonk (Four Emperors).

Ross, a Supernova, though a little special and strong, is a little too far behind their emperor Hundred Beast Kaido, and will certainly pay for his arrogance!

"I am looking forward to it."

Ross calmly said as his sword pierced through Keiths throat.

At the same time, the system synth sounds in his ear.

"Hanging bounty of 350 million Berries, Silver Ape Keith has been hunted and killed, receiving a reward of, 100 Talent Proficiency Points, 1 Free Talent Point."

With this 1 point Free Talent Points, Ross finally accumulated 3 Free Talent Points and he can now look forward to the Distortion Fruit reaching the 600 proficiency and him activating the Distortion space ability.

There is silence between heaven and the earth, only the sound of the winter wind whistling.

Keith is dead.

Killed by Ross.

Whether it is the indigenous people of the Icefield Town or the people of the Beast Pirates, they have never thought of such a situation. They did not expect to encounter the Ghost Hand Pirates, they did not expect the Ghost Hand Pirates to ignore the name of Hundred Beast Kaido and kill Keith.

"Crazy Madman"

Many people couldnt help but shudder at the thought of Hundred Beast Kaidos anger.
Looking at Ross, who was calm from beginning to end and didnt seem to know what he had done, all the people of the Beast Pirates felt the muscles on their faces twitching constantly.

People who have never seen Hundred Beast Kaido cannot imagine what kind of hell he can unleash.

"He is still as decisive as ever. Thats really our Captain, hehe."

Laffitte emerged from the snow far away and came with Robin, with a strange smile on his face. He had no fear of killing the Beast Piratescadres.

Maybe they would have retreated from the name of Yonk (Four Emperors) before, but since they escaped twice from Marine Admirals, they already have the confidence that belongs to powerful Pirates.

What about Yonk (Four Emperors)?

They come to the New World and sooner or later they will flip a Yonk (Four Emperors)!