One Piece Talent System Chapter 168

Chapter 168 Cp9 Cp0
Somewhere in the sea.

The main ship of the Beast Pirates is sailing slowly on the sea. Its sunny and windy. Theres no bad weather, but the atmosphere on the ship is very depressing.

Hundred Beast Kaido sat on the deck with his knees in front of him and there was a bounty poster in front of him. It was the bounty poster of Ross and the bounty of 1 billion Berries was clearly printed under the head.

As the Captain of the Beast Pirates, he has little clear memory of the bottom and lower members, but he still remembers the main members of the three Disasters like Keith and others.

Beside Kaido, many people of the Beast Pirates stood trembling and sweating. The atmosphere was oppressive and suffocating.

Gurgle, Gurgle, Gurgle

Hundred Beast Kaido lowered his face and remained silent for seconds. He picked up the bottle beside him and took a murmuring breath. No one dared speak during the whole process.

Until Kaido put down the wine gourd, a person hidden in the darkness not far away, slowly sounded, the voice is very low and depressed, full of murderous as it said:

"Now that we have been provoked, even a billion super-newcomer have to be buried at the bottom of the sea. Lord Kaido, let me go."

He is the main figure of the Beast Pirates, one of the three major disasters.

On the other side.

Ross, coming out of the practice room, took a shower, went to the deck, sat down in a reclining chair and called to Robin, who was reading a book not far away.

Robin still sat there in a concentrated reading position, her entire body motionless, but Ross was sitting in the reclining chair with a pile of arms, kneading Ross.

Ross: ""

When did this woman become so lazy?

Just as Ross was going to tell Robin that massage needed her attention, The Den Den Mushis voice suddenly rang from Robins pocket.


All the arms were turned into petals and Robin closed the book and took the Den Den Mushi out of her pocket. After receiving the call, Kakus voice was heard from the other side.

"This is Kaku."

"Is there any new intelligence?"

Robin asked quietly.

Kaku seemed to be avoiding something. His voice was very low. He said, "Well, there have been many accidents. Now we are in danger, so I can only make a long story short."

Listening to Kakus words, Rosss eyes flickered slightly and he rose to Robins side. Neither of them spoke, waiting for Kakus narrative and report.
"We found the Paramecia Metal Attribute Devil Fruit."

"But when we discovered it, the fruit had been paid tribute to a Tenryubito and because of the urgent situation, we could only sneak into the Tenryubitos ship."

"We stole the Metal attribute fruit and left the ship, but we were discovered by the CP0 members on board and are now being tracked by them."

In Kakus short sentences, Ross and Robin quickly learned what had happened. Kaku and others, in order not to let the Metal attribute fruit be brought back to Holy Land by tenryubito, chose to steal metal attribute fruit immediately, but the Tenryubito on the ship was accompanied by CP0 escorts and they were discovered.

Now they have the Metal attribute fruit, but they are not opponents of CP0. They are being tracked by members of CP0. Once found, the Metal attribute fruit will be taken back.
"Whats your position?"

After Ross listened, he did not ask for more specific information but directly asked Kaku and others about their specific location.

Kaku reported his exact location on a large island in North Blue, near Holy Land Mariejois, called the Kingdom of Ghalela.

"I see. Ill be there soon. You try to delay the time."

Ross responded with a sigh of relief. Since it is in North Blue and not far from Holy Land, it is not far from them and they can arrive faster.
And there is a large island and it is still a country, as long as the people of CP9 can hide and play hide and seek with the people of CP0, he can catch up.

"Leave it to us."

Kaku and others were all relieved to hear Ross coming at once.

They are not afraid of delaying time, they are afraid that Ross will not come or because something cant be done. In that case, they can only rely on themselves to find a way to get out. It will be very difficult. After all, they are confronted with their former boss and intelligence department. The highest level of the organization, CP0!

"Captain, theyll be here soon, its time for us and the CP0 guys to play a game."

Kaku hangs up on the Den Den Mushi and looks at his companions, revealing a confident look.

Today they are much better than they were when Ross defeated them. Jabra has mastered Kenbonshoku (Observation) and Armament Haki. Others have mastered at least one type of Haki and they are confident in evading CP0 members.

After all.

Those two CP0 members are not Captain, They are just ordinary members of CP0.

On the other side.

Hanging up the Den Den Mushi, Ross called Laffitte and Law. Ross took out the map and placed it on the table. After a little research with Laffitte, he determined a route.

Because he can take the ship to the sky, there is no need to circumvent the Calm Belt, which is a Sea King settlement, so they can sail straight and reach the Ghalela Kingdom of North Blue.

"If the current and weather are smooth, it should take less than half a month to get there If Ghost Shadow Ship was still there, seven days would have been enough."

Laffitte shrugged when he mentioned the Ghost Shadow Ship.

Listening to Laffitte, Ross murmured slightly. "My power can control the current and keep it going for a long time. It wont take us more than ten days to reach our destination."
Now his stamina has become very strong. Even if he takes a ship to and from Fishman Island, it will be more than enough. Distorting current for a long amount of time will naturally be no problem.

"Than, it shouldnt take us more than ten days."

When Ross said that he was able to control the direction of the current for a long time, Laffitte responded instantly, he has taken into account the strange currents on the Grand Line when he mentioned fifteen days route before.

After judging the approximate time, Ross and others did not stop and immediately turned their course towards the Ghalela kingdom of North Blue.
For the Metal attribute fruit, Ross must go there!

Metal attribute fruit is a special Paramecia. The body can be transformed into liquid metal. To some extent, it is even more suitable for giants than general Logia.

With the metal attribute fruit in his hand, He will then go to the Sky Island and he will be able to acquire the Rumble-Rumble Fruit if there is no accident and with these Devil Fruits he will be able to create three big Elements giants.

In that case.

The giant regiment he will build, even if it was initially formed, has a very strong fighting force. Whats the "Beast Corps", "the Army of Nations", "the Scientific Force"? In front of such a regiment, all of them will be defeated!