One Piece Talent System Chapter 169

Chapter 169 Difficult Position
Holy Land Mariejois.

In front of tenryubitos mansion somewhere, a tenryubito was furious. He was Mjosgards father and as his son was missing at the bottom of the sea. He was naturally very angry.
"What do the government and Marine are doing? And you CP0, find my son!"


The government officials in front of him are all sweating. As for a few CP0s members, they lowered their faces and said: "You should have Saint Mjosgard Vivre Card. Please give it to us. We will find Saint Mjosgard soon."

"Vivre Card"

Mjosgards father frowned. He did have this kind of thing, or all tenryubito had these kinds of things, but he basically never took it out and used it. After that, he forgot where he had left it.

But he also knew the effect of this thing. Without this, he wouldnt be able to find his son and it would be like looking for a needle in a haystack. Although he was angry, he hummed and went into his house.

"Wait here! I will look for it."

"This The government also has a preservation Vivre Card there. If we cant find it, we can go to the government to get it." A government official bowed his head and spoke.

Mjosgards father turned his head and screamed, "What are you waiting for here then? Go and find it, you worthless dogs!"

"Yes Yes"

Government officials repeatedly responded and several CP0 members quickly left and disappeared into the streets.

Over the Calm Belt.

A ship is flying about two kilometers above the sea. Even if its a super-giant Sea King, it cant touch most of the ships body without rushing out of the sea, so its basically safe.

Calm Belt has a very wide range. In the past, it was difficult for Ross to fly over Calm Belt with a ship, but now it is no longer a problem.

After flying for about three days.

The ship left the Calm Belt and drove into the North Blue sea. Ross controlled the ship into the sea. After a short break, the power of distortion ignited and the bottom of the ship was instantly distorted and the whole ship sailed toward the Ghale Kingdom.

At this time, it is no longer necessary to look for the location of CP9 and others. With their Vivre Card, he can find Kaku and others more accurately.

The Kingdom of Ghale.

On the roof of an abandoned building, in a slightly dark room, Kaku and others are dressing each others wounds. Jabras injury is the most serious among the people, but he has Zoans Devil Fruit, which is strong in endurance and tenacity so he can bear it.

Next is Kaku, Kaku, and Jabra, who, when repeatedly found by CP0, make some fight planes against CP0 and then use Bluenos door fruits to find a chance to escape.

This process has lasted several times in these days.
The members of CP0 are either selected from a young age and the talented people join directly after training, or they are promoted from the elite of CP1-9.

Despite the fact that only two CPOs were chasing them and they were just ordinary members, they were still better than Kaku and Jabra and even if they joined forces, they could barely resist them.

"Its the third time that weve been discovered, Did we really chose such a bad hiding place every time."

"No, it should be said that their searchability is too strong, after all, they are our top boss and they are also the most elite members and the predecessor of the CP9 ."

Kalifa dresses Jabras wounds and replied.
They have high self-confidence in what to sneak in, hide and track, but if they are faced with the top CP0 organization then it is quite different.

"In other words, we should remain vigilant and we can continue to resist the current situation."

Kaku sat in the corner, wiped a trace of blood from the corner of his mouth with his finger, and said, "Its been a week. We need to be ready for another week."

Ross and others have arrived at New World and they are naturally well aware that the journey from the New World to Ghale will take at least half a month, not to mention that Ghost Shadow Ship is now gone and any other ship will slow them down.

"One week"
Kalifa grinned bitterly. This week they have spent a lot of means to escape alive. They have no idea what to do next week to prevent repetitive means that will certainly not work in front of CP0s elite.

"Fortunately, there is the fruit of Blueno, otherwise we would have been done a long time ago."

Jabra dressed his wound, but instead of worrying about it, he showed his smile.

Bluenos door-door fruit is the best way to escape, but the defect is that he did not develop the fruit enough and they cannot move a long distance.

Otherwise, if they can move around from island to island then they wouldnt be afraid to be found.

"I will go out to get something to eat, the whole island is under martial law, but as long as I dont encounter CP0, there should be no problem."

Kalifa took a deep breath and spoke quietly to the crowd.

Now that Kaku and Jabra, their two major forces are low on stamina and are seriously injured, the mission to go out to find food naturally falls on her who is basically unharmed.

"I will go with you."

Fukuro stood up. He only had a wound on his forehead and he was hardly hurt. The reason why he and Kalifa were least injured was that each time they went first because one was a woman and the other kept stolen metal attribute fruit.

As he spoke, Fukuro took out a slightly glossy Devil Fruit that looked like metal and handed it to Kaku for protection.


Kalifa did not refuse. She could not take too many things alone. If she took too many things, it would not be easy to conceal and sneak in. If someone accompanied her, it would be much better to investigate and sneak in.

The two left the hiding place and sneaked away toward the nearby streets.

At this time, They can see the guards of the Ghale Kingdom patrolling every other section of the street, the tribute to the tenryubito was stolen, the people of the Ghale Kingdom are naturally terrified, afraid of the anger of the tenryubito and they are doing their utmost to help CP0 search for the thief.

For Kalifa and others, three or five ordinary guards are just like children who can be easily teased, as long as they do not encounter CP0, there is no problem.

Kalifa and Fukuro quickly sneaked into a shop, stole a lot of food and water and slipped out quietly, sneaking in the dark lanes and going to the gathering point.


What neither of them noticed was that a pair of eyes appeared in the darkness, staring at them with a touch of coldness.
Kalifa and Fukuro avoided patrols by guards and returned with food and water to the top of the abandoned building where they were hiding.