One Piece Talent System Chapter 170

Chapter 170 Arrivel
Seeing Kalifa and Fukuro back, Jabra asked.

"Did you encounter any trouble?."

Kaku and other people nodded, took food and water and immediately began to eat, for them, food and water are still very important as they could restore some stamina.


Almost as soon as they ate half of it, Kaku suddenly had a bad feeling and his passive Observation Haki caught something and he gave a subconscious roar.

"Get down!"

Jabra and Kalifa immediately bowed down in accordance with Kakus voice. Almost instantly, a terrifying Rakanyaku (Tempest Kick) cut straight across and cut from one corner of the building to the other.

The upper part of the entire abandoned building was cut into two sections by this Rankyaku (Tempest Kick)!

Bang Long!

The entire upper ceiling that was cut was smashed into the street below.

"Found you, CP9 traitors."

Two masked CP0 members, using Gepp (Moonwalk) appeared next to the cut-off building with a cold look on their faces, There wasnt even any killing intent on their faces, It was filled with emotionless indifference, indifference to the traitors must be erased.

"Damn it to hell, how did they found us so soon"

Kaku looked at the two CP0 members and gritted his teeth in anger.

The two members of CP0, one is tall and thin and he seems to be from the Long Legged clan, the other one is shaped like an ordinary human being. The long-legged member overlooks Kaku and others and said indifferently:

"You have used the same hiding methods several times in a row, If we cant even find flaws in that, How can we be your boss?"

"But your ability has indeed created a lot of trouble as this little game between us should have ended the next day." The other ordinary human member coldly said.

The moment his voice fell, his eyes were shimmering with cold light and his middle index finger and ring finger were all bent and he threw a bullet-like attack at Kaku and others. The air turned into a whirlpool which took a shape of a bullet and burst out rapidly.

Shigan (Finger Gun) Chaos!

Knowing the power of this move, Kaku and others naturally dare not be careless. Jabra did not hesitate to turn over and drag his tired and injured body and barely used a Rankyaku (Tempest Kick) to face the coming attack.

Rankyaku (Tempest Kick) collided with the Shigan (Finger Gun) in the air and burst in the air like a firecracker and at this time, the CP0 member attacked with his foot.

"Rankyaku (Tempest Kick)Storm!"

As a member of the long-legged clan, the strength in his foot is much stronger than that of normal humans. His Rankyaku (Tempest Kick) is also far stronger than Jabra as it directly transformed into 100-meter-long sword energy and covered the whole abandoned building in an energy storm.

Whiz! Whiz!
When Kaku and others saw it, they had no plans to fight it head-on and they stepped back.

Rankyaku (Tempest Kick) Storm hit the abandoned building and instantly the building burst apart directly, causing numerous residents and soldiers of the Ghale kingdom to show shock and retreat toward the distance.

"Lets Go!"

"Air Door!"

After Blueno jumped down, he immediately came to Kalifa and Fukuro who had recollected the metal attribute fruit and opened a door in the air, ready to send them away first.
But before Kalifa and Fukuro got in, a figure suddenly appeared next to Blueno, swaying and kicking fiercely.

Blueno immediately used Tekkai (Iron Body) and the immature version of Armament Haki, but his shoulder blade was almost broken because of the kick and caused him to fly back.

Fukuro tried to catch Blueno on the side, but he couldnt resist the impact and flew back with Blueno.

"I dont want to see it anymore You escaped with that troublesome ability."

The long-legged member of CP0 looked coldly at Blueno and immediately turned to look at Kalifa and said in a cold voice: "From the moment you betrayed the government, you should have known what will happen, Now say goodbye." "
Kalifa was frightened and turned back to try to escape but her speed was far less than that of the CP0 member and Kaku and Jabra were not there.


The Long-legged CP0 member sweeps Kalifa with one foot. Even Blueno, who is good at Tekkai (Iron Body) and can use an amateur version of Armament Haki cant resist the others move, let alone the one who is not at all good at it. She will undoubtedly die on the spot after being hit.

Although Kalifa is good at the Observation Haki, the other party as the member of CP0 will also use Kenbonshoku (Observation) and it is deeper than her, so she was only able to barely catch the attack and her face is somewhat white.


Kaku and Jabra, who had no time to support her, shouted out.

And just at that time, the earth suddenly shook with strange rhythm. The ground under the feet of the long-legged clan member suddenly protruded upward for a period of time!

This is not the ending that everyone expected.

As the was ground suddenly raised, the attack of the long-legged CP0 member shifted its direction and it was dangerously washed from the side of Kalifa and the wind generated from that cut her hair a few times. It can be seen that this attack was quite dangerous.


The attack of the long-legged CP0 member was disturbed by the raised earth. After he stabilized his body, he immediately gave a loud cry.

They already know the ability of Kalifa and others and there is no one among them with an earth-related ability and the ground cannot be raised without the use of an ability, so that means that someone else was here.

"So was it fun dealing with my subordinates CP0."

Rosss figure stepped up from the end of the street and the disturbance that was just made was precisely what he had done at a critical moment.

When he arrived at this island, he found that the Kakus Vivre card had become unstable, which means that he was in a crisis, so he immediately rushed here at his full speed and he arrived at a critical moment.

"Its you?!"
The Long-legged CP0 member saw Rosss appearance and his pupils shrank sharply. He had made several guesses about the partners Kalifa and others had, but he had never thought it would be the Ghost Hand Ross!

CP9 had dealt with Ghost Hand Ross before and was completely defeated by Ross. Even Lucci seemed to have died in Rosshands. How could they possibly become Rosss subordinate?

CP9s Kaku and others are professionally trained, and coercion has no effect on them. It is almost impossible to threaten their cooperation or subjugate them.

"Captain Ross"
Kaku and others finally breathed a sigh of relief when Ross appeared, especially Kalifa, who had survived the attack, gasped violently and regained a little blood on her pale face.

"Lets go!"

The Long-legged CP0 member stared at Ross and took a decisive decision to retreat immediately.

Ghost Hand Rosss strength is very clear to them. They need their chief and elite members to have the capital to arrest him. It is meaningless to fight him with just their strength.


Knowing the connection between the Ghost Hand Pirates and the CP9 party, they can also explain this failer to their superiors.