One Piece Talent System Chapter 172

Chapter 172 Golden Lion Shiki
Ghale islands shore.

Rosss ship was docked here. After killing the two members of CP0, Ross and Laffitte returned to the ship with the CP9.
CP9 members have suffered some more or fewer injuries. Although they have been bandaged, they are treated by professional surgeon Law on the ship so their healing process is much faster.

"You caught a tenryubito?"

When they learned that Ross was holding a tenryubito on board, Kaku and others were shocked. Although they knew Ross had killed a tenryubito in Sabaody Archipelago, they did not expect a live one on board.

Standing next to Ross, Kalifa put a finger on her chin while thinking something. "As far as I know, every tenryubito has a Vivre Card placed inside the government so that they can be rescued in time of the shipwreck."

"You caught him on Fishman Island and the government should have reacted by this time."

She looked up at Ross and said that the government and Marine would probably find their place because of this tenryubito.

When Ross heard Kalifas words, he immediately thought about it. Vivre Card was something he had ignored before, but it was not so easy to locate someone precisely based on Vivre Card.

"What should we do, Captain? Kill him now?"

Laffitte stood not far away and spread his hand at Ross.

Ross thought for a while and said, "Its not so easy to find people with Vivre Card. Besides, weve been moving all this time. Next, well go to Sky Island."

"Captain is right. Vivre Card can only provide direction, but its not so easy if the direction is always changing, plus the impact of the current Climate also changes things."

Law was carrying the demon knife and leaning against the side of the cabin.

A live tenryubito has many uses and it will be too wasteful to kill him directly. Even if they threw him to one of the Yonk (Four Emperors), even then it will be more useful than killing him directly.

"Yes, and this tenryubito can also be used as bait The government does not know who caught this tenryubito."

Rosss eyes flashed with cold light.

Without knowing the specific intelligence, tenryubito was like a bait that constantly attracted CP0 and Marine until Marines would found out that it was he who caught the tenryubito.

"Thats the first thing. By the way, Kalifa, you seem to have eaten Bubble-Bubble Fruit?"

Ross turned his head to look at Kalifa.

The fruit should not be available to Kalifa for years, but Kaku and others have been looking for Devil Fruit recently and Ross has approved the free use of the fruit except for any Logia and the metal or barrier devil fruit.

Bubble-Bubble Fruit, which Kaku and others would not use, naturally fell on the only woman, Kalifa.


Kalifa pushed up her glasses on the bridge of her nose.

Ross said thoughtfully, "Thats a good ability."
After leaving the Ghale kingdom, Ross Distortion took control of the ships oblique flight to the sky and then he went into the bathroom to test the Bubble-Bubble Fruits ability.

Robin glanced at him and regained her gaze.

High Altitude.

This is already a cloud-like area, except for the birds that can survive at high altitudes, there are only a few white clouds left.
And in that cloud, there suddenly appeared a huge dark shadow, slowly moving in the sky, It was an island!

Ross Distortion Fruit still doesnt have enough power to make an entire island float in the sky. This is the power of Paramecia Float-Float Fruit, whose owner is one of the legendary big Pirate.

Golden Lion Shiki!

"Almost got caught up in that storm"

On the island, Golden Lion was standing on a hillside looking up at the sky. His face was very unhappy. What he feared most was the storm, which could easily cause problems on the island.
While Golden Lion was worrying about the weather, a subordinate suddenly rushed over with a look of shock on his face.

"Shiki Sama, theres a ship flying in the sky!"

"Oh, that must be mine"

Golden Lion subconsciously wanted to say that it is his own ship, but just when he finished the first half of the sentence, he realized that he did not control the ship flying in the sky!

Golden Lion, slightly surprised, immediately asked for directions and his entire figure crossed an arc in the air and he quickly flew to the edge of the island, looking far away.

Over there.

Sure enough, between the clouds and mists, a ship could be seen flying diagonally towards the sky and Golden Lion was absolutely sure that it was not his ship.

"Its kind of interesting Gravity fruit? Or some other gravitational fruit?

Golden Lions eyes flashed an interesting look. As one of the legends that sailed in the peak times of Whitebeard, Roger and others, a ship flying in the sky did not surprise him. There are many who had the ability to make a ship fly.

But only his Float-Float Fruit can make an entire Island Eternally float in the sky!


After a little thought, Golden Lion still chased the ship up as the ability to control the ships flight in the sky matched with his flying Pirates ship ability. If he could make that person into his subordinate, he could share a lot of things with him.

On the other side.

Golden Lion noticed the existence of the ship. Ross and others naturally discovered the island flying in the sky earlier. Laffitte and others were shocked.

Even though they have been to the Sky island, the Sky island is a special cloud layer, which is quite different from the apparently floating island of the earth in the air!

"This is the ability ofFloat-Float Fruit."
Robin stared at the flying island in the air and spoke quietly. In her slightly distant memory, she had heard that a pirate could float an entire island in the sky and the name of that pirate has become a legend.

"Yes, Golden Lion Shikis Float-Float Fruit."

Ross stared at the floating island and his eyes flashed. Although Fujitora could also suspend a large number of ruins into the sky, it would be impossible to imagine that an entire island could float at 10,000 meters in the sky in an almost Eternal way.

When Ross mentioned the name of Golden Lion Shiki, the faces of the present people immediately changed.
The only person to have escaped from the Impel Down!

An existence similar to Whitebeard and Roger before the Great Age of Pirates!

A legendary character who once invaded the Marine Headquarters alone and fought Garp and Sengoku, destroying the Marine Headquarters by almost half and was finally defeated!

Every single one of his deeds is earth-shattering.

Chapter 172 Golden Lion Shiki