One Piece Talent System Chapter 175

Chapter 175 Moment Of Life And Death
Shiki looked at Ross who broke through his sword energy and continue to rush in.

Golden Lion Shikis eyes showed a trace of blood and in such a situation, whether he or Ross, had already made their final decision and all kinds of recruitment ideas had been thrown behind his head.
"You are dead!"


Shikis feet swing fiercely and his sword-arts were fully displayed by him, A cross-shaped golden sword energy shot towards Ross.

Just as Ross evaded the sword energy, Shiki stormed down, swinging his two swords in tandem, launching a series of fierce attacks.

"Distortion Fist!"

With his Maximum Values Physical Enhancement and the Tenacious Talent, even if his Armament Haki is not strong enough, Ross is not afraid of Shikis melee attack and facing hard blows of Golden Lion Shiki.

But in the face-to-face tactics, Golden Lion Shiki suddenly burst out with powerful momentum and a violent Haoshoku Haki fierce pressed on Ross.

The Haoshoku Haki, which forced Ross out of Spirit Heart, had a huge impact on his Observation Haki!

Rosss face changed.

Its impossible that he alone is the only one who has tricks like Distortion and sonic booms. Golden Lion Shikis Haoshoku Haki created the biggest trick and impacted Rosss Haki.

When his Observation Haki was seriously affected, Ross could not immediately recover and capture Golden Lions actions, so he had to go all out to implement the power of distortion and hit the whole front area.

Golden Lion suffered a lot of injuries when he was affected by both light and sonic booms. What would happen if he is seriously affected?

Things are bound to get worse!

A duel with a swordsman like Golden Lion Shiki is more dangerous than a fight with a Marine Admiral because in many cases, life and death and victory or defeat are almost instantaneous events.

While releasing the power of distortion, Ross did not hesitate to whisper in his heart, "System, Activate a Talent of General Branch "Rock!"


This is the second branch capability under General Department Physical Enhancement.

If Tenaciouss character is to greatly enhance stamina and resilience, then this Rock Talent greatly enhances the defensive capacity of the body!

Since the Physical Enhancement has reached Maximum Value, the Rock Talent immediate activation with 50 proficiency points and reached Mid Level Strengthening state, which directly increases Rosss physical strength by a large margin!

At the next moment.


Golden Lion Shiki seized the opportunity and swept with a fierce sword attack which cut Rosss power of distortion directly and cut between Rosss chest and abdomen area by directly piercing his Armament Haki, leaving a deep bloody mark on Rosss body instantly!

If Ross had not temporarily activated the Rock Talent and the strength of his skin and flesh had been greatly enhanced, it would have been impossible to escape the fate of a broken stomach without being split in half.

Faced with sword arts, life and death are almost instantaneous!

"Not good."

Not far away from Ross on the ship, Law, Robin and others saw this scene and their faces changed.

Fighting in the Sky with Golden Lion Shiki is unfair for Ross. Float-Float Fruits ability to float an object after touching it, which is almost Eternal and unrestricted.

And Ross has to control the ship so it would remain floating in the sky and it required a constant power to do so which is distracting to Ross!
"Treinta Fleur(Thirty Profusely Blooming Flowers)!"

Robin blinked and took a deep breath and she used her ability.

Golden Lion Shiki, who was trying to continue his assault, suddenly had countless arms appear on his body, twisted and tightened him in an instant, curbing his next move and his reaction.

The Battle between Ross and Golden Lion, even a single detail can have a huge impact and Robin, who disregarded injury to herself, broke the game again in an instant.

Rosss power of distortion hit Golden Lion Shiki fiercely, Causing Golden Lion to fly upside down again, bleeding into mist and falling towards the clouds.

Although Robin quickly regained her ability which contained Golden Lion Shiki, she was still affected by Rosss power of distortion. Her Flower-Flower Fruit (Hana Hana no Mi) arm, which was transformed into the body, was also affected.

A pair of white and tender arms were instantly filled with bruises and redness.


Law took a look at Robins injuries and directly transferred his medical box from the cabin with his ability and immediately began to treat Robin.

Ross who is battling against Golden Lion Shiki has recovered his Observation Haki. Naturally, He also perceived Robins injuries. Anger flashed through his eyes and Spirit Heart start again and he rushed towards Golden Lion Shiki.

His chest and abdomen were severely damaged and he was almost ripped open. He could only squeeze with the strength of his muscles and rely on Tenacious talent to let flesh and blood grow slowly, which seriously affected his strength.


Golden Lion Shiki is no better condition than him!

His Distortion Fist is not so easy to bear, especially in the case just now, Robin forcibly intervened in Battle at the expense of receiving injuries on her own, resulting in Shiki getting more serious injuries!

"Damn it!"

Golden Lion Shiki coughed violently, At least two ribs in his chest were broken and blood spilled from the corners of his mouth. Looking at Ross, his eyes also showed a trace of madness.

For a pirate, especially for a big pirate like him who had encountered many life-and-death situations, He had fought legendary pirates like Roger and Whitebeard alone many times, but so far, no one was able to kill him!

Bang! Bang!

Golden Lion was hit hard and it seriously affected his strength. Every time he collided with Ross, the injuries on his body got worse and blood continued to spill from his mouth.

Ross also got more and more injured in each confrontation and the wound on his chest and abdomen that just got healed after a little bit of granulation was torn again, this type of flesh and blood tear pain, No average person can stand it even for a few seconds without fainting.

"Its not good to go on like this"

Looking at the battle situation in the distance, Laffitte and other people showed anxiety on their faces. It was difficult for them to get involved in this kind of Battle. Robin had the right to intervene because of the particularity of her ability and the consequence was that her arm was seriously injured and had to be treated for a long time.

As for the others, Even if Kaku and Jabra used Gepp (Moonwalk) to rush towards the battle, they would be rushing towards their death, they wouldnt even be able to resist Shikis sword energy.

And as for him.
On the one hand, the power gap between him and Ross or Golden Lion Shiki is huge, on the other hand, Ross and Golden Lions Battle is too entangled, and it is difficult for him to get involved.

Robins arm is now being treated by Law, the only one other then Robin who could intervene in the battle using his abilities and even then his ROOM may not even work at this distance be available.

Bang! Bang!

As the air exploded, Ross and Golden Lion Shiki fought a bloody battle. Their thoughts had changed from an initial indifferent encounter to a bloody rage that threatened to kill each other.