One Piece Talent System Chapter 176

Chapter 176 Limit Surgery
As their injuries worsened, it was hard to see who would fall first, a voice of Den Mushi came from Golden Lion.

The voice of Den Den Mushi brought Ross and Golden Lion, both of whom were fighting, to a pause.

"Huu Huh"

Ross gasped violently and his eyes flashed as he judged the situation. Although the pain made it hard to think, he could still keep a little calm with Spirit Heart.

If he continued to fight, Both of them will be buried here no matter who will win. It is not worthwhile for him to continue fighting with Shiki.


Golden Lion Shiki calmed down for a moment and reached the same conclusion as Ross. For him, it was unacceptable and ridiculous to fight against someone who is as strong as him and he is from the younger generation.

He is the legendary pirate who once fought against Whitebeard and Roger, Is his strength similar to a junior?


Golden Lion Shiki reached into his arms and connected the Den Den Mushi in his pocket.

As soon as Den Den Mushi got through, there came a very anxious voice: "Shiki Sama, theres a storm in the south Please come back and transfer the island direction soon!


Golden Lion repressed his anger and did not reply. Instead, he stared at Ross in the distance. Two seconds later, he murmured, "Ghost boy, I remember you!"

"I will also remember this and sooner or later I will defeat you, Golden Lion Shiki."

Ross looked coldly at Shiki and it was unexpected that such a situation would happen. Especially, Robin who was seriously injured. The function of her arms was important for Robin. Even if she could recover, it would mean that Robin would be in a state of self-recovery for a long time to come.

Golden Lion Shiki glanced coldly at Ross and his figure suddenly crossed an arc and flew toward the distant island, and controlled the island to move in the direction with no storm.

At the same time.

Ross glanced at Shiki indifferently and flew back to the Ship.

Law was ready and as soon as Ross returned to the ship, he came over and examined Rosss chest and abdomen wounds with a heavy face.

"Captains vitality is amazing. This kind of continuous healing and tearing wound, If it was any other ordinary person, I am sure he or she would have died several times over."

The examination revealed that Rosss wound was serious, but he was recovering slowly because of his strong vitality. Law breathed out and his eyes flashed.

It seems that such a serious wound does not even need to be stitched. It only needs disinfection and dressing. It is also an incredible thing for him.


He had already seen his Captains vitality before and he was not very shocked. While disinfecting Rosss wound, he took out a bandage and dressed it.
Ross allowed Law to bandage his wounds while looking at Robin not far away, saying: "How is Robins hand?"

"Ive dealt with the congestion and the damaged part needs to be repaired. My ability can handle the details."

Law quickly bandaged Rosss wound and responded quietly to Ross.

For other doctors, It would be impossible for them to treat the arm affected by the power of distortions, but Law can use Surgeon-Surgeon Fruits special ability to completely decompose the whole arm, remove all congestion, and do a bit of processing, then finally re-join the arm.

Law can treat Luffys penetrating chest wound so Robins arm wounds can definitely be healed, but it will take a long time to recover completely. Robin has no Tenacious talent and it will take at least a month or two for her to completely recover.
Listening to Law, Ross nodded and went towards Robin not far away.

"You dare to attack at that moment You are quite bold."

Now Robin is sitting in a deck lounge chair, her arm has been temporarily separated by Laws Surgeon-Surgeon Fruit, but the pain can not be separated or be transmitted.

She did not show any painful expression and said with the usual calm manner: "If anything happens to Captain, we would have all fallen down from here."

On the one hand, this sentence is saying that losing the control of Ross, everyone will fall down to the blue sea together with the ship, on the other hand, it is saying that the status and achievements of the current Ghost Hand Pirates are all tied to Ross.
If anything happens to Ross, The bounty of a billion berries and their chance of becoming the next emperor will all disappear and they will fall back to blue sea not far from the "throne of the sky".

As for whether there is a third meaning, nobody knows. At least Ross cant see anything in Robins manner.

Ross looked at the table next to him and shook his head as he looked at the fully decomposed fingers, skin, flesh, and bones separated using the Surgeon-Surgeon Fruits, He put his hand gently on Robins shoulder.

"Have a good rest."

"Ill ask Kalifa to take care of you."

Under Rosss control, the ship soon flew over the White Sea.

Three days have passed since the fight with Golden Lion Shiki, during which Law has been treating Robins arm injuries almost continuously.

Only his Surgeon-Surgeon Fruit can decompose and heal this serious Distortion contusion from any section.

Robin, who is temporarily unavailable to use both of her arms, lives with Kalifa for the time being. Kalifa takes care of her most of the time, and Ross often passes by.

Robins indifferent personality did not shame her when her hands were unusable and she needed to be fed. Only when Kalifa left and Ross helped her eat, did she show little feelings, but only a little.

Other than that.

Bath and toilets are also handed over to Kalifa and nothing strange happened, which made Robin smile a little when nobody was around.

"Thats almost all"

In Laws medical room, Law is doing the final treatment for Robins arm, which was in a tragic state before, and now they have almost recovered.

Most of the flesh and bones have been reassembled by Law. Because Surgeon-Surgeon Fruits ability is similar to the concept of space, and its nature is very special, any object that is cut and reassembled will be as seamless and perfect as before.

The reconnection of the assembled bones and muscles is almost the same as before.