One Piece Talent System Chapter 179

Chapter 179 1 Vs 3

Rosss fist fell and Hajrudins huge body broke into a thunder and lightning. Stansen and Road were stunned, but they were both giants who had undergone countless battles. They were almost three times as old as Ross and they responded instantly
"Captain, be careful!"

Stansen growled and manipulated the unskilled metal attribute fruit and suddenly his arm turned into a silver-shining metal sword, which slammed towards Ross.

The strength of the metal produced by metal attribute fruit is related to the body and as a giant whose body is much stronger than that of ordinary human beings, the metal produced by using this fruit is naturally extremely hard.


Ross punched with his backhand and the power of distortion burst out. The metal sword was stiff in the air for a second, which resulted in dense cracks and it finally broke apart.

Road was hesitating in joining hands with Stansen and Hajrudin. He saw Ross break Stansens metal sword by his punch. At the moment, he shouted loudly. His entire body expanded instantly from a giant 30 meters high to a terrifying shape nearly 50 meters high.

The sands were flying all over the sky, and in his body, they condensed into horrible armor of sand, He looked like an enlarged version of Road!

Roads hands were empty and the sand condensed and turned into a huge spear of sand. With a shout, he through it towards Ross.

Rosss face remained unchanged and he replies with a backhand punch.


The Power of distortion is fully unleashed and Roads sand spear is broken.

Just then, a thunderbolt suddenly swept from one side as Hajrudins body turned into a flash of thunder and he punched Ross at an almost unbelievable speed and the thunder roared.


Ross Observation Haki is operating at full efficiency and he had already entered the Spirit Heart state, but his brows are still wrinkled as he cant evade this attack.

Rumble-Rumble Fruit is the same as Glint-Glint Fruit in terms of speed. It allows speed to reach the upper limit of consciousness directly. But unlike Kizaru, Hajrudin is a giant. His punch is not only fast but also covers a large area. Even when he perceives the trajectory, it is difficult to avoid it.


Among the three devil fruits, The thunder fruit is still the strongest. Even if Hajrudin had just got Rumble-Rumble Fruit, the lightning punches were continually intertwined with Ross power of distortion in the air.

Rosss eyes flashed violently. The Power of distortion erupted and defeated Hajrudins fist, Ross grabbed the thunder and lightning with both hands.


The sky-thunder net was pulled by the power of distortion and instantly turned into a Distortion Thunderball in his palm. It was held by his right hand in one hand and he pressed it directly to Metal Giant Stansen.

Metal should be restrained by thunder and lightning, but thunder and lightning cannot cause any real damage to Stansen, It will just paralyze his body for a moment.

"The Giant of sand!"

Once again, Road made a bold move. He grasped a huge yellow sand blade with both hands and swung at Ross. The whole cloud burst all the way in an instant and was torn open and it created a huge crack.
Compared with the other two, he has the Sand Sand Fruit for some time now and as a giant fighter, he naturally keeps developing his capabilities.

"Not bad."

Seeing the power of this attack, Ross nodded slightly, He kicked out and stepped on the crack in the yellow sand that had broken down all the way. The Power of distortion broke out, instantly curbing its tear.

Stansen saw the situation, his arm turned into a huge blade and once again he swept it towards Ross.

Hajrudin rushed over again and he imitated Road as he held his hands high and the thunderbolts broke up all over the sky, turning into a thunder axe, which he held in his hand and threw it towards Ross.

In an instant, Thick lightning covered the entire courtyard instantly. Due to the inaccurate control of Hajrudin, even Gerth was covered in the attack.


The thunder and lightning had an impact on Stansen. Because of the conductivity of the metal, the thunder was attached to Stansens metal sword and it cut down irresistibly against Ross.

Ross folded his arms on his chest and they were surrounded by dark Armament Haki as he resisted Stansens sword, while the power of Distortion was stretched out, blocking thunderstorms from the sky.
The Thunder and the metals full blow, even he had to fight while giving his all.

"It seems that youve all adapted well."


Hajrudin scattered the thunder and lightning because Gerth and Goldberg were also shrouded in the range and were electrified by his thunder and lightning, but both of them were powerful giants and only suffered some small injuries and their hairs got erected.

Ross also dispersed to the Power of Distortion and he stood in the field looking at Hajrudin and the other three giants, and said calmly, "These three fruits, either Logia or Paramecia comes with a special constitution, The Paramecia fruit have the ability of elements similar to Logia."

"However, even with the elementalization of Logia, there is still a weakness, that is, Armament Haki which can negate the elementalization and directly attack your physical body and I did not use Haki just now."


When they heard Ross, Hajrudin and others were all looking at each other.

Ross watched as Gerth and Goldberg had retreated farther. He stood in the field and looked up at Hajrudin and others. He said gently: "Next, I will use Haki."

Hajrudin and others took a deep breath and showed a sense of war. They did not show any fear. As giants, there was no fear at all.


Rosss figure suddenly flashed into mid-air and he raised his hand and punched Road.

Road has not dissipated the armor of the sand. Under Rosss fist, the armor of sand outside his body cracked inch by inch by the power of Armament Hakis and the power of distortion and caused him to fly out.


Despite being flying out by Rosss punch, the armor of sand offsets most of the damage, and the giants physique is much stronger than that of ordinary people. This punch is like a punch thrown in a fight between two ordinary people, although the punch is painful but it does not have a strong effect.

And more importantly, for Logia users, this armor of sand can be regenerated indefinitely!
Logia has the ability to elementize. Flexibility is a development direction, but corresponding to it, the ability to manufacture and control the element indefinitely can also be developed in another direction Thats pure power!

"It seems that you have found a way to deal with Haki users."

Ross thought Roads armor of sand was interesting before, but now it looks more and more interesting. Even if the enemy can break his armor of sand by using Armament Haki, he can regenerate it indefinitely with only one thought.

Unless its a very strong attack that can destroy the armor of sand at the same time, and severely injure his tough body, it wouldnt mean much to him.

Ross had just punched using sixty percent of his power and Road only flew back without any serious injuries to his body.

If Road continued to develop this fruit and then enhanced some of the strength and the defense of the armor of the sand, even the existence at the level of Doflamingo would be hard pressed to take him down in a short time.