One Piece Talent System Chapter 180

Chapter 180 Power Of Thunder

Rosss figure flashed again as he charges towards the Metal Giant Stansen and he volleyed a series of punches on his body without giving Stansen any time to react.
Stansen growled and the silver-colored metal surged, turning into a steel shield, blocking him. Rosss remote power of distortion hit the extremely heavy steel shield and broke it.


Hajrudin didnt wait passively and after Ross punched Stansen, he roared and the Rumble-Rumble Fruits ability broke out. The whole area was like a thundering sea. The thunder and lightning surged in this area, covering the area of hundreds of meters in a circle.

Faced with Hajrudins wide-ranging indiscriminate attack, Ross blinked and stretched the Wall of Distortion, prevented thunder and lightning from invading his body as he rushed toward Hajrudin.

Ross wonders whether the Rumble-Rumble Fruit is the reason for this tremendous increase in perception, or whether Hajrudin is better than others in that area as he perceives Rosss movement and when Ross punched him, he also punched back at the same time.


The thunder gathered in the sky and turned into a thunderstorm Dragon. It hit Ross and the thunder and the power of distortion collided in the air, and finally the burst apart.

The thunder and lightning filled the area, showing Rosss figure in the air. At this time, Ross still maintained a punching posture. He slowly recovered his fist and gave a sigh of relief.

"Not bad."

He did not intend to exert all his efforts just now, but the power of thunder was still strong enough to almost break through his wall of Distortion. So he had to break out with all the power of distortion, which completely annihilated the thundering current in the void.

Seeing that Hajrudin and others still want to continue, Ross waved his hand to stop the three.

"Thats about it for now. Next, you will practice each other. If you are free, I will teach all of you the use of Haki."

Even Kung Fu Dugongs can use Armament Haki. The Giants are naturally even better than human at using it. Haki is the potential of all life in this world.

Ross speculated.

Hajrudin with Rumble-Rumble Fruit will be very good at Kenbonshoku (Observation) Haki, while Metal Giant Stansen will mostly be good at Armament Haki. After learning to combine his Armament Haki with metal, His attack and defense will probably surge to an amazing degree.

As for Road with his armor of sand, a means he has explored himself is more important than Haki. If he can make a giant soldier of sand hundreds of meters in shape than he will be very strong, Haki is meaningless in the face of absolute strength and shape.


Road and Stansen are fighting in this huge courtyard, while Ross teaches Hajrudin the details and practices of Observation Haki.

Ross used the Light Distortions ability to close Hajrudins vision and then he launched attacks on him from every direction in the dark, allowing Hajrudin to sense and dodge.

"This way, Wrong!"


"This time its on the top of the head. Your reaction is slow!"

Since Hajrudin is a Thunder Giant, as long as his opponent doesnt use Armament Haki, They will not be able to defeat him, so Ross is training him on Kenbonshoku (Observation) Haki and uses Hajrudin as a fixed sandbag, constantly punching him.

Before Rosss understanding of Kenbonshoku(Observation) was not deep enough, It was even worse than that of Sky islanders, and teaching Robin the practice methods of Kenbonshoku(Observation) was too slow.

Now, His Observation Haki is not weak even from the standards of the New World. His understanding of the Kenbonshoku (Observation) is far from being comparable but many details can be easily pointed out.


Rumble-Rumble Fruit, a Devil Fruit, does have a special bonus towards the Kenbonshoku (Observation). Like Enel whose Kenbonshoku (Observation) haki can cover an entire island. Normal people cant do it at all. Under the special addition of Rumble-Rumble Fruit, Hajrudin is learning very fast.
In just seven days, he found some tricks, and ten days later, he could initially use Observation Haki, which was very weak, while Ross began to speed up the attack and continue to improve the difficulty.

What is the concept of a giant with Rumble-Rumble Fruit?

Or in other words.

What is the effect of a giant with a faster speed than humans and at the same time that giant has Observation Haki, an extremely powerful attack power, and abnormal metamorphosis?

The answer is that he is becoming more and more powerful and in getting more tune with his powers, just like the real Thor!
Rumble-Rumble Fruit is indeed stronger than sand and metal fruits and it has more than one advantage. If Ross isnt short for Free Talent Points, he would be willing to trade 5 Free Talent Points for the ability to eat another Devil Fruit.

According to the current acquisition rate of the Free Talent Points, he has to make a choice between the use of double devil fruit and the ability of Distortion space and time. In Rosss view, the branching ability of space and time is more valuable!

Whats more.

With 5 Free Talent Points, He can activate more powerful branching capabilities.

Just like the large-scale Kenbonshoku (Observation) feature, it is not exclusive to Rumble-Rumble Fruit. It also has a corresponding talent in the Talent System. It is the talent Void under the agility branch, which only consumes 1 Free Talent Point.


Ross doesnt think this ability has any strong effect. He doesnt have the hobby of observing all the beautiful girls on an island at the same time.

Half a month later.

On the training ground, Hajrudin is confronting Road fiercely. The Thunder has little restraint on the sand. Moreover, Roads sand armor is strong enough and can be regenerated indefinitely. It is a big battle with Hajrudin.

However, Hajrudins Ruble-Rumble Fruit is still stronger after all. Every punch and every move makes Road extremely depressed. Especially when Hajrudin manufactures his Thunder Axe or Thunder Hammer, Roads sand armor can be destroyed in a flash by those things.

On the other side.

Ross was standing there, With Armed Armament Haki on his arms as he continues to punch the metal shield in front of him that Stansen lifted.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Under Rosss successive punches, the metal shield kept ringing with loud Bang sounds.

While exercising Stansens Armament Haki, Ross is also exercising his own Armament Haki. He has become a little weaker in terms of Armament Haki and now that is dragging him back a little.
Although Armament Hakis weakness is not very obvious with the powerful support of the Distortion Fruit, it is still there. Any detail weakness may be the key to success or failure when it comes to dealing with a top power like a Marine Admiral.

"Your Haki is too messy!"


"Gather up and focus on it!"

Ross continues to punch on the shield and scattered Haki, which Stansen had gathered together, while Stansen had sweat stains on his forehead, which made it difficult to control Hakis convergence on the shield.

Giants are stronger than humans. They also have a distinct advantage when practicing Haki, but it also raises another problem, that is, they are too big and Armament Haki is more difficult to control for them.

All in all.

Its not much different from human practice.