One Piece Talent System Chapter 181

Chapter 181 Cp0 Chief
Not far from Birka, a ship approached slowly, with a peculiar flag hanging on it, a cross of five circles.

There is almost no one on the blue sea who wouldnt recognize this flag because it represents the ruler of the world, the upper power of MarineWorld Government!
"This is Sky Island"

On the deck of the ship, a CP0 member wearing a white cloak and wearing a white ceremonial hat was standing there, staring at the Sky Island Birka.

Next to him, four other CP0 members were also standing.

"The direction of Vivre Card pointing is here, Theres no mistake, Saint Mjosgard is here and CP9 traitors may be hiding here too."

A CPO member with Vivre Card spoke quietly to the CP0 Vice Chief in front.

Compared to the other nine organizations from CP1 to CP9, CP0s internal system is completely different, not only are they their top boss, but also the largest organization.

CP1 to CP9 missions are almost always about exploring Intelligence, but CP0 has only one mission, that is, to serve tenryubito, always obey tenryubito, protect tenryubito.

How many tenryuubito are there?

Today, Holy Land has 19 tenryubito family names. Even a rough calculation will put their number to be more than 100 people. Ten or eight CP0s are obviously not enough to shelter the hundreds of tenryubito.

So the organization of CP0 is huge, including not only the members promoted from CP1 to CP9 but also those talented people who have been brainwashed since childhood.

Their number is larger than all the other intelligence organizations put together!

They are one of the main forces of World Governance!

CP0 is divided into ten units, each of which is headed by a Division-Captain, and on top of the ten Division Captain, there are Vice Chief and Chief, with great authority!

"How did CP9 traitors get involved with the Sky islanders?"

A CP0 member spoke in a low voice, with ruthless and indifferent eyes, but there was a little doubt in his voice.

CP0 Vice Chief murmured, "No, there must be something else involved in this matter."

"Two of our members were easily killed and there was not any news about that. This incident happens on the Ghale Kingdom and we didnt even know how they were killed"

As CP0 Vice Chief, he seldom goes out and spends most of his time on Mariejois, He is responsible for mobilizing CP0 to protect tenryubitos going out to the sea.

This special trip to the Sky island was due to the unexpected death of two former members, and those who dared to kidnap a tenryubito must not be ordinary people.


"Daring to kidnap tenryubito is already a capital offense."

A member of CP0 stood there, looking coldly at Birka Island in the distance.

Sky Island, Birka.

A moment after the emergence of the World Government ship, the message reached Rosss ears. Knowing that kidnapping a tenryubito would lead to CP0, Ross could not be unprepared.

Long ago, he had ordered Birkas patrol team to patrol the outskirts of Birka for 24 hours and report it as soon as they encountered any ship coming towards them.

At the moment, Ross is sitting in the palace, holding a spoon in his hand, feeding Robin whose arm has not yet fully recovered.

"The ship of World GovernmentPrey got hooked."
Rosss eyes glittered when he heard Kalifas report.

Robin thought and murmured, "Maybe its not that simple. The kidnapping of a tenryubito combined with the previous Ghale kingdom incident, The people coming this time may not be easy to deal with."

"Even if they are not easy to deal with, We have to at least try."

Ross slightly smiled and handed the spoon to Robin, saying, "The World Government cant send all the CP0s main force for a tenryubito. If a small number of troops want to rescue a Tenryubito from me, thats delusional."

After feeding Robin another mouthful, Ross stood up and put the spoon in the bowl and said to Kalifa, "Okay, come on, Ill take care of it."

Kalifa nodded and went with him.

Walking into the palace lobby, Laffitte and Law had already been waiting here, including the CP9 Kaku and Jabra.

During this period Ross and the Giants were practicing, Kaku, Jabra, and others were not idle. They were also working hard and practicing. Several people made great progress.

As Laffittes strength has reached a certain level, his growth has slowed down. With Laffitte and Kaku joining hands, they have been able to fight with him and fight back.

"Do we need to call the giants?"

Laffitte asked for Ross.

Rosss eyes sparkled: "Gerth and Goldberg are not needed. Let Hajrudin and others come. By the way, Call over the left and right priests. The purpose of this time is to annihilate them, dont let any of them go!"

The Left and right priests are the two most powerful Sky islanders of Sky island Birka at present. Because they are proficient in Observation Haki, they also have a certain strength.

"All right."

Laffitte nodded with a smile and then his figure flashed and disappeared outside the palace.

"We will go first."

Ross looked at Law and Kaku and said calmly, He walked out of the palace with them and walked towards the shore of Birka, and soon came to the east bank of Birka.

The World Government ship was almost docked at this time and at the moment of landing, five figures on the ship flashed past and fell to the shore of the east coast.


The governments battle staff quickly lowered the rope ladder and came down one by one from the boat. A sense of oppression gradually spread over the Birka island.
"Dont hide there, come out!"

CP0 Vice Chief stood at the forefront, looking ahead, his eyes flashed and he suddenly spoke looking in one direction.

When his voice fell, in the direction behind the white island cloud, Ross and Kaku and others slowly walked out and came toward them.

Kaku calmly looked at his former boss, and the five members of CP0 and said: "We just arrived."
"Its you who are sneaking around."

Law was carrying the devils knife on his shoulder and looked calmly and indifferently at the people from the World Government.

When seeing Ross and others come out, the faces of CP0 members slightly changed. As CP0 members, they recognized Ross and Law!

"So its you Ghost Hand Ross!"

"The kidnapping of tenryubito was originally related to you. This Sky island seems to have become your territory, which is quite unexpected."

Vice Chief of CP0 stared at Ross.

Ross had killed a tenryubito in Sabaody Archipelago before, and he has already been listed on the elimination list of CP0. He has become one of their missions. Now it seems that instead of two missions, the three missions are combined into one mission!

CP9 traitor clearance, rescuing tenryubito And the eradication of the Ghost Hand Pirates!

"There will be many things that you didnt expect."

Ross stood on a soft Island cloud as he looks towards the CP0 members and said with a calm voice.

One of CP0s Division Captain stood behind Vice Chief and said coldly, "As long as you are exterminated, everything can be handled slowly."

A CP0 member next to him glanced over the Ross and others and said, "Is this it? It seems that your journey will end here!"

Ross only had four men on his side and this time they had five men in the main force alone, not to mention the hundreds of government subordinates who had come with them.


Among the five of them, besides Vice Chief, there is another Division Captain!

The three other will be enough to capture Kaku and Jabre the two CP9 traitors and the Surgeon of Death Law will be defeated by the Division Captain.

As for the most powerful of them, Ross, their Vice Chief is also enough to deal with him and the Chief will not let him run away.

This is a one-sided situation!

Chapter 181 CP0 Chief