One Piece Talent System Chapter 184

Chapter 184 The Prestige Of Gian

The whole scene was silent, leaving only the sound of silk currents.
Ross and the Vice Chiefs fight had stopped. Ross was suspended in mid-air, his slightly broken white overcoat fluttering gently in the wind, his eyes were calm and indifferent, without any surprise in them as if everything that had happened has been expected.

Both CP0 Vice Chief and The Division Captains expressions have become extremely ugly.

When Metal Giant and the Sand Giant appeared, There was still a possibility of fighting on their side, but when Hajrudin emerges with the force of thunder, it means that the two sides forces are completely reversed!

"We cant win withdraw!"

The CP0 Vice Chiefs frowned and judged the current situation and he came to the conclusion that it is almost impossible for them to win and he issued.

But before his orders were conveyed, three more men appeared on the battlefield, namely the right and left magistrates of the Sky Island Birka and Demon Sherrif Laffitte.

"Here we are. Now its our turn."

Ross calmly looked at the CP0 Vice Chief and many other government elites and his voice suddenly turned cold, which made people feel as if their bones were freezing, "Let the fight begins, Dont let anyone leave here!"


The moment his voice fell, Rosss figure suddenly flashed as he charged towards CP0 Vice Chief, His right hands five fingers were closed and the power of distortion was fully stimulated, He used his Armament Haki to the extream and punched his opponent.

The Vice Chief was forced to parry the attack and his talons connected with Rosss fist.


During the spark splash, The Vice Chiefs body was slightly sunken, while Ross turned his body, volleyed one leg and kicked it in the Vice Chiefs leg.

The Vice Chief toppled over to one side, while his steel-like eagle wing swept toward Ross, waving a chop that tore the air.

Rosss expressionlessly grabbed and held the wing attack in his hand and as if he had grasped a whip, he flicked it backward toward the CP0 Division Captain.


CP0 Division Captain had intended to attack Ross, but he was swept away by Rosss counter-attack on the Chief and flew backward. On the way back, a white, lightning-shimmering axe slammed into his back.

"Armed Tekkai (Iron Body)!"

The Division Captains face changed dramatically and he was unable to avoid the coming strike and was forced to use Tekkai (Iron Body) and Armament Haki to cover his body to meet with Hajrudins thunderbolt axe.


As a giant fighter, Hajrudins own strength is extremely strong. He can compete against the ten thousand ton weight attack used by Donquixote Family elite member with his physical strength alone. Now with the support of Rumble-Rumble Fruit, his strength is soaring.

The axe fell, crushing the Armament Haki of the Division Captain and cutting his Tekkai (Iron Body) muscles and leaving a deep black blood groove behind his back.

"It hurts, this strong"
Because he is a strong pure physical body expert, CP0 Division Captain has not lost the Battle of strength yet. He fell into the island cloud, bounced up violently, gritted his teeth and looked at Hajrudin. He rushed out and came to Hajrudin, passing through with a note of Shigan (Finger Gun).

Hajrudin was indifferent to it. His huge body suddenly turned into a thunder arc and he disappeared from the view. When he appeared again, he came behind the Division Captain and grabbed him in the palm of his hand.

"Lightning strike!"


Five extremely thick thunder currents, centered on Hajrudins huge palm, snapped apart, then suddenly closed-back, mercilessly intertwined in the center of his palm and the brilliant light pierced the peoples eyes who looked directly at it and blinded them for a moment.
The Division Captain was still hit by thunder attack even with the full-body application of Tekkai (Iron Body) and Armament Haki, His clothes were broken and his hairs were completely burnt.


It was totally unexpected that Hajrudin, who was so huge in size, could still have that degree of speed and reaction. The Division Captain coughed violently and struggled hard to get out of Hajrudins palm.

"Vigorous fighter" Hajrudin looked down at the Division Captain who is gasping violently and said, "But Captain asked for total annihilation. As a soldier, its worth dying on the battlefield!"

Hajrudin turned his right hand and pressed his huge palm to the next and a terrifying thunderbolt several meters thick struck down again, causing countless people to be shocked.
The giant who is in charge of thunder is like the God of thunder.

"The limelight is stolen by Boss Hajrudin."

Road watched Hajrudin dealing horrible thunder strikes one after another and he could not help but grin as he stared at the elite soldiers of the government. He roared and his body started to get enlarged again, from fifty or sixty meters to seventy or eighty meters!

The horrible armor of sand condenses in his outer body. His hands were raised and suddenly the sand gathers all over the sky, turning into a huge blade of sand in the air and he swept it down on the members of the government.

"What the Hell isDamn It!"

"Is this hell?!"

The elite soldiers of the government watched this scene and all of them had a chill crawled on their backs, They had hardly fought in any war. In the face of dozens of giant sand soldiers whose widths exceeded several meters and whose lengths were nearly forty meters, few of them could resist falling from the sky!

The huge blade of sand fell from the sky with a devastating blow and in a flash, this attack almost wiped out nearly 70% of the hundreds of government elites.

The rest are either injured, or they barely have the strength to block the giant Sandman attack on them."You are rushing to get in the limelight faster then Hajrudin!"

Metal Giant stood nearby and watched the scene. He couldnt help speaking to Road, He was dealing with a Captain of the CP0 team at the moment.

The CP0 captains weapon was a sword. After colliding with him one after another, he suddenly pulled him in front of him. The sword in his hand stabbed in the giants abdomen.


Even with the Armament Haki coating the sword, it only penetrated a little bit of skin and only the tip of the sword was buried in the giants body. Compared with the giant body, the wound created by the sword tip cannot even be counted as an injury!

As a special Paramecia metal attribute fruit user, His body can be turned into a liquid flow metal and can also be turned into a high-hardness body that is as strong as Seastone.

The giants themselves are extremely strong and with a little Armament Haki covering their body, their defense has reached an appalling level.

"This attack Its a lot worse than Captains fist.
The Metal Giant stared at the CP0 captain and snorted. The stabbed area suddenly liquefied, swallowing the other partys sword and spreading toward the other partys body.

The CP0 Captain face changed dramatically, He did not expect this level of defense on Stansens body, He did not expect that the giant can harden his body to this degree. His sword was swallowed up and he is forced to retreat.