One Piece Talent System Chapter 186

Chapter 186 Strikes To Kill
CP0 Vice Chiefs mouth is constantly overflowing with blood, his arms have already withdrawn from the shape of the wings, and the soft mass of bones was broken into several sections and he is seriously injured.

It was hard to get out of his current predicament. He immediately struggled to display Gepp (Moonwalk) and tried to escape.


His wings have been broken by Ross, how can there be a chance for him to escape?

Ross did not use Distortion Fist anymore. The high-intensity and high-load continuous punching just now imposed a heavy burden on himself and he had almost reached his limit.

"Distortion Heavy pressure!

Ross glared indifferently at the Vice Chief while holding him with both hands and suddenly the gravity pressure on them increased by nearly ten times and the two men immediately fell in a straight line towards the blue sea ten thousand meters below them.

Falling from a height of 10,000 meters is already terrifying. Now with ten times the gravity, the two are like two meteors, breaking the void and falling straight down towards the blue sea.

The Vice Chief finally showed a panic look on his face and he used his all to try and break free, but the Gravity Distortion completely contained his seriously injured body and he wasnt able to get away.


The two fell from the Sky island and towards the blue sea at a very fast speed and a hundred meters away from the blue sea, Ross threw the Vice Chief into the sea and buffered himself.


In such a situation, Even the Vice Chief couldnt stabilize his falling body with Gepp (Moonwalk) and he slammed into the sea and instantly made a few hundred meters waves.

Even if he tried his best to use Tekkai (Iron Body) and Armament Haki, he still couldnt resist the impact and his spine broke in an instant.


Rosss body slowed down from a hundred meters in the midst of the splash and stopped at a position ten meters away from the sea. At the same time, he opened the wall of Distortion and excluded all the waves and water around him.

As the waves gradually subsided, The Vice Chief was no longer visible on the sea. Ross was suspended in mid-air, slightly gasping and looking down at the sea.

After a few seconds.

Rosss ear rang with a clear system sound.

"World Government Secret Intelligence Agency, CP0 Vice Chief Ille has been killed, receiving a reward, 110 Talent Proficiency Points, 1 Free Talent Point."

Listening to the voice, while confirming that the CP0 Vice Chief was dead, Ross exhaled and a smile appeared on his face.

Vice Chief of CP0 did not disappoint him at all and he got a high reward from hunting him.

It is extremely difficult to kill a man of such an existence. Even a Marine Admiral might not be able to kill such an existence and the opposite is also true and it is almost impossible to meet someone at this level.

First, he seized the flaw, then he expanded the flaw and then he relied on Hajrudins assistance and let the other party fall into an absolute disadvantage situation where he could only resist. Finally, relying on the power of distortion, the flaw continues to expand, and finally make up for the fatal hit of falling into the sea.

If any problems arise in any link of Rosss plan, the other party wouldve escaped by the virtue of the ability of the eagle fruit, which can fly at an undisputed speed in the air, even Ross is inferior to that speed.


Ross slowed down the power of distortion in his body a little bit and without looking for the CP0 Vice Chief, he looked up at the sky, and flashed up and flew back towards the Sky island.

At the moment on the Sky island, The Battle has gradually come to an end.

Hajrudin steadily suppressed the CP0 Division Captain even after helping Ross, this time without giving the other party a chance to breathe and he finally killed him.

In addition.

The first to end the battle is Laffitte. After killing his opponent, he and Law still have some stamina left, but the two did not intervene in any Battle, but instead stood in the side, keeping the encirclement, not letting anyone escape.

Its an excellent Battle experience for everyone to fight against the government elites and the CP0 members.


When Ross returned to the Sky island, most of the Battles were over, leaving only Metal Giant Stansen who had not yet fully defeated his opponent.

Speed is indeed one of his weaknesses. Although the CP0 Captain has been seriously injured, he keeps avoiding him. They have a feeling that neither of them can do anything about each other.


Ross looked at it for a moment, but he didnt show any other expression. He didnt expect Metal Giant to have any more speed. It was a Metal Giant, Not a Transformer.

Strictly speaking, the weapon fruit of baby5 should be considered as the upper-level Devil fruit of the metal attribute fruit. The weapon that the body can project is not only cold weapons but also hot weapons. That fruit can produce a kind of jet device of speed type to increase the speed.

Bang! Bang!

Eventually, the CP0 Captain died in Metal Giants hands and was cut into numerous pieces he was surrounded by and could not escape, plus his stamina was exhausted.

" Your speed is a little slower. Its holding you back.

After Stansen killed the CP0 captain, he recovered his shape and touched the back of his head with a slight sense of shame.

"No harm."

Ross doesnt mind saying, "Your fruit is not good at one-on-one Battle. If you work with Hajrudin and Road, it may have some unexpected effects."

The Giant Regiment created by him is not a type of solo combat in itself, but a one-to-many weapon of war, and can be freely combined with each other to form a special battle form.

CP0 Vice Chief physical strength and Haki were among the best and he could withstand Hajrudins lightning strike in perfect condition, but if that lightning strike is combined with the metal attribute fruits sword strike, the power will almost be superimposed and he may not be able to resist it.


If the sand armor is placed outside the Metal Giant, under the multiple defenses, He may be able to run wild in the Marine Headquarters and even demolish the Marine base under the eyes of Marine Admiral.

"Oh, I understand."

Stansen nodded his head when he heard Rosss words. Before Rosss training, he had been a one on one combat expert. He had not been able to work with Road or Hajrudin.

Although each of the giants is a strong fighting force but there are also ways to form battle cooperation between each other. Often three or five people form a group, they can build a very strong local fighting force. Now after eating Devil Fruit, their personal strength has increased sharply, but they have forgotten these means of the local battlefield.

"Left priest, you go and clean up the battlefield."

Ross looked at Birkas left priest and gave an order to the other party and turned to look at the shore, which had a broken government ship.

The ships flanks seemed to have been hit by sand soldiers, destroying a large area.

"Lets look around, The governments ships may have good things, hehe."

Laffitte came to Ross and stood crookedly with a mahogany cane in his hand, staring at the government ship, his eyes twinkling.

Ross Kenbonshoku swept the ship, confirmed that there was no one on it and he walked towards it.