One Piece Talent System Chapter 188

Chapter 188 Space Branch
Sky Island Birka.

Ross stood on the edge of the deck of the broken government ship, after talking to the Gorsei (Five Elder Stars) on the other side of Den Den Mushi, he hung up the Den Den Mushi.
Laffitte, standing next to him, and Hajrudin, Law, and others on the coast, all heard the whole conversation clearly, but no one spoke.

After Ross hung up the Den Den Mushi, the air sank into silence.


No one knows who made the laughing noise and as if a dam had been broken, everyone present began to laugh. Laffitte had a weird smile on his face, Law was smirked, Hajrudin and others yelled

No one showed any fear of Rosss provocation against the Gorsei (Five Elder Stars).

They are the Ghost Hand Pirates.

Everyone standing here, whether its Laffitte or Law, or Hajrudin and other giants is either a self-indulgent person or a proud fighter.

Even though they are quite weak compared to the World Government and with their current strength they cant even stand in front of Yonk (Four Emperors) Pirates.


Thats just for now.

With Rosss will, in the encounter with the Admiral, in the process of killing tenryubito, in the conflict with the Golden Lion, the annihilation of CP0s force This will have already been implemented in the whole group of Ghost-Hand Pirates.

Everyone in this group has a common attitude towards the future, that is, self-confidence and a dream that they must accomplish, like Jinbe who proclaimed Luffy as The Pirate King in front of "Four Emperors" BIGMOM, like Zoro who wants to be the worlds strongest swordsman, like Luffy who wants to become King Of Pirates.

Even if their strength is lacking currently, their will is unshakable!

Whether it is Yonk (Four Emperors) or Marine or World Government!

Whether its survival or a life-and-death crisis!

Looking at the grinning giants, looking at Laffitte, who had a sly smile on his face and looking at the Trafalgar Law, whose mouth was slightly raised, Ross saw the power condensed between each of them.

At this moment when Ross smiled, in his body, it seemed that something had been awakened, just like the seeds that landed, and finally, a bud was drawn.

That is a breath.

Similar to Armament Haki and Kenbonshoku (Observation) Haki, but at the same time different from the two.

Half a month later.

On the west side of the Sky Island Birka, there is a huge open space.

Road, the giant of sand, is teaming up with the Metal Giant Stansen to fight against the Thunder Giant Hajrudin, but even as they teamed up, they are still defeated by Hajrudins power.
Hajrudin is the strongest of all the giants and the Rumble-Rumble Fruit grants a very strong ability. Although Road and Stansen are developing their own devil fruits and becoming stronger, their growth rate and the starting line of strength are far less than Hajrudins.

"Its hard to win against this big man. Captain really made him quite terrifying."

Law, carrying the demon knife on his shoulder, sat on a raised island cloud not far away, looking at Hajrudin, His eyes twinkled and he murmured as the thunder flashed.

Laffitte stood next to him. They seemed to have just finished their practice and were taking a break.

"Sand and metal attributes are good but the power of thunder is something else entirely Hey, we can count ourselves lucky that this fruit didnt fall into enemy hands.
On the other side.

Ross was walking alone in the air, applying three times as much gravity to himself and using Gepp (Moonwalk) under three times as much gravity.

Gepp (Moonwalk) is a tricky move that consumes a lot of stamina and it doesnt cover long distances in the air. It is extremely difficult to perform this move under three times of gravity. Even Ross has only recently achieved three times the weight of Gepp (Moonwalk) stability in the air.


When his Stamina was consumed and his forehead overflowed with sweat, Ross ended practicing and fell back to the cloud and he dragged his tired body back to the palace and came to a large bathroom.
The mist in the bathroom was hazy and vague. Ross ignored it. He took off his clothes and undressed. He went into the water and soaked his body in the pool, revealing only his head out of the water.

"Todays practice is over?"

On the other side of the pool, Robin put a white towel on her body and continued to soak in the water and asked quietly.

Ross looked back and said, "No, I havent done much exercise. Im going to adjust it today."

Robin calmly asked: "So thats why you came to the womens bath?"


Ross glanced at Robin and asked, "How are your arms?"

"They have recovered enough for them to take something light."

Robin gently brushed her hand across the water, bringing up a ripple, and said, "It feels like they should be recovered in another ten days or so."

"The speed of recovery is faster than what Law expects."

Ross lies in the water and opens his mouth. As a Devil Fruit user, most of his body is immersed in the water and his body is also feeling weak.

Speaking of the Talent System, there is a very special talent called Water Element Affinity. Ross once asked what the Talent System meant, and the Talent System responded to him.

Thats right.

This talent removes the side effect of eating a Devil Fruit and he would be able to swim in the sea and would no longer be rejected by the sea, That is to say, his weakness to sea will be removed.

In addition, this talent also has the characteristics of underwater breathing, ignoring water pressure and so on. It requires 2 Free Talent Points to activate it.

However, his Distortion Fruit itself can hold up a wall of Distortion and repel the seawater, so Ross has no intention of activating it unless he encounters any danger like if he falls into the sea and has no time to use the power of distortions to exclude the seawater, Activating the talent then may save his life and give him an advantage over the enemy.
After soaking for a while, Robin stood up from the pool with a white bath towel wrapped around her. This bath towel wrapped around her tightly and he couldnt see anything.

Ross glanced at it and took his eyes back and moved his mind to evoke the Talent System.

He has not used the 110 Proficiency Points he got after killing the CP0 Vice Chief. Today, he has not exercised overly, just to adjust and use this part of the talent system.

Looking at the translucent Talent System Interface, Ross did not hesitate and put 40 Talent Proficiency points into Agility Enhancement.

The golden light flicked away in the water pattern and the General Talent panel changed.

Agility Enhancement: 300 (Top Level Strengthening)

Physical Enhancement: 500 (Maximum Value)

Spirit Heart: 0(Basic Level Strengthening)

Tenacious: 100 (High-Level Strengthening)

Rock: 50 (Mid Level Strengthening)

After putting 40-Proficiency Points into Agility Enhancement, It has reached proficiency of 300-points. With this improvement, even if there is still a big gap between him and Kizaru, there is basically no difference between him and the previous CP0 Vice Chief or Aokiji.

The remaining 70 Proficiency Points, Ross decisively put them directly into the Distortion Fruit.

Firearms Shooting: 50

Close-Combat Fighting: 100

Distortion Fruit: 600

Soru of Marines Rokushiki: 0

Kami-e (Paper Drawing) by Marines Rokushiki: 0

Marines Rokushikis Gepp (Moonwalk):0

Observation Haki: 100

Armament Haki: 50

With 70 Proficiency Points, the total proficiency of Distortion Fruit has reached 600 points, and finally, the branch of the Distortion Space has become an activatable green!

At the same time, Ross also saw the conditions for activating the Distortion space.

5 Free Talent Points!