One Piece Talent System Chapter 189

Chapter 189 Information
Ross now has only 3 Free Talent Points. He is 2 points away from activating Space Distortion ability. The first killing rewards for the four stages between the bounties of 100 million and 500 million have been obtained. If his luck is bad, then it would be extremely difficult for him to get 2 Free Talent Points.

Even if he could not activate the ability of Distortion space for now, Ross has finally made a big stride in his attack strikes, reaching the same extent as a Marine Admiral!

Currently, his attack, speed, and physique are similar to Marine Admiral like Aokiji. The only thing he lacks is the strength of Haki.

"Kenbonshoku (Observation) and Armament Haki need to reach 150 Proficiency Points to reach the level of Aokiji." Rosss eyes showed a hint of thought.


Even if his two-types of Haki is still a little behind an Admiral, but in terms of attack, speed, and physical fitness, he can barely match a Marine Admiral.

If there is Laffitte or Hajrudin working side by side, they can basically make up for this part of the gap and achieve real confrontation.

On one hand.

Rosss own strength has been able to withstand an Admirals attack and he will not be easily put down, on the other hand, Laffitte and Hajrudin can not match up against the power of an Admiral.

If the Admiral wants to kill his subordinates first with all his strength, that flaw will probably be caught by Ross directly and he will hit hard.

In other words, A single Marine Admiral cannot deal with the Ghost Hand Pirates, Now the Ghost Hand Pirates are powerful enough to withstand an Admiral.

"Its almost time to take the next step."

After using up the Talent Proficiency obtained by killing CP0 Vice Chief, Ross shut down the Talent System Interface and looked at the ceiling and murmured.

His Observation Haki sensed Robin dressing in the lounge, and Ross said to her, "Oh, by the way, call Kalifa when you go out."


Robin paused but did not respond. After dressing, she left the lounge as if she hadnt heard anything at all.

Ross lay in the water, feeling Robins movements.

"Oh, woman."

Two days later.

Ross sent CP9s Kaku and others to New World in the second half of Grand Line at once and asked them to start collecting all the intelligence about Donquixote Family.

Naturally, this Donquixote Family refers to the power of Doflamingo, not the tenryubito group living in Holy Land Mariejois.

As for the original crew such as Laffitte and the giants such as Hajrudin, they remained on the Sky Island practicing.

In just a month, their practicing was not done at all and their mastery over Haki was somewhat weak. Rosss plan this time was to let them master at least one type of Haki.
Half a month later.

Robins arms have just healed and she has not yet begun practicing.

As for everyone elses improvement, Laffittes practice for Haki is the earliest, and today he is at the top at Haki except for Ross. His Observation Haki has reached a certain level and his Armament Haki can now be hardened.

As for Trafalgar Law, He has mastered Observation Haki for now and he has been working on the Armament Haki. He can use a little bit of Armament Haki but he can not harden it yet.

Hajrudin, because of the particularity of Rumble-Rumble Fruit and the fact that he is the strongest and gifted giant of all, His Observation Haki is nearly as strong as Laffitte!
As for Armament Haki He and Law are almost the same, it still cant be hardened.

The gap between Armament Haki surrounding and Armament Haki hardening is very big. New Worlds pirate can use a little more than one type of Haki and some are experts in both types of Haki, or the female warrior of Amazon Lily can mostly use Armament Haki surrounding. But only some of them could use Armament Haki Hardening.

For the giants and Law and others, Rosss requirement for them to be at least be able to use Armament Haki Hardening, which is not feasible.

Metal Giants practice focus is on Armament Haki. Now its just beginning to bear fruit. He occasionally exhibits Armament Haki hardening but only occasionally and he still lacks control. Theres still a long way to go before he can really improve it and control it.

Road is the initial master of Kenbonshoku (Observation) Haki and has initial mastery of Armament Haki, His Kenbonshoku (Observation) is not as good as Hajrudin, and his Armament Haki is not as good as Stansen.
Bang! Bang!

At this moment, on one of Birkas coasts, Ross is fighting alone against the three giants and five crew members, including Laffitte and Law.

In the case of five people joining forces, it also caused tremendous pressure on Ross.

Laffittes strength today is not inferior to a senior Vice-Admiral. Hajrudin is even slightly stronger because of his Rumble-Rumble Fruit, plus the rest of the two giants Tenacious defense and Laws space movement is making it difficult for Ross to defeat them now.


Ross punched out and smashed Stansen and Roads steel Sand wall while backing off at the same time and colliding with a thunderbolt coming from Hajrudin in the air.

At this moment, Ross has already entered the state of Spirit Heart and almost has taken all aspects of his capabilities to the limit.


Laffittes figure flickered as he appeared in front of Ross and his mahogany cane turned into a dark color, and it poked towards Rosss chest.

Ross took back his fist that hit Road and others and reached for the mahogany cane.


At this time, Laws voice came and Laffitte suddenly disappeared and when he appeared again, he came to the back of Ross and his mahogany cane continued to poke towards Rosss back.


Rosss back was instantly covered with a dark layer of Armament Haki and with his Rock and Tenacious defense, he blocked Laffittes stab.

A glimmer of light passed through his eyes, pointing at his back towards Law, a power of distortion to cut through the void, and went straight towards Law.

Laws face remained unchanged and he once again used ROOM and disappeared.
"Shackles of sand!"

Road and Hajrudin and others seemed to communicate with each other. Suddenly, they shouted loudly. They even scattered the armor of sand for defense. The waves of sand rushed towards Ross from all over the sky.

Just as Ross was about to avoid it, Law and Laffitte appeared over him, blocking him by a joint blow and he was instantly covered with yellow sand.

Ross falls into the sand and opens the wall of Distortion in an instant. Although the shackles of the sand wave are strong, it is not strong enough for him to be restrained of his actions.

But what Hajrudin and others want is not to tie him down completely. Its just to create an instant opportunity. At this moment, Metal Giant folds his arms in front of him and turns them into a huge spear, he flew out in the air and stab the spear towards Ross.

At the same time.

Hajrudin shouted loudly and turned into a white thunderbolt. He caught up with the steel spear and poured a thunderbolt into it.


Supported by the force of thunder, the steel spear seems to be transformed into a huge to horrible flying arrow, powered by the thundering current, its speed rises sharply, enclosing the power that seems to run through everything.

"ElbafSpear Gun!"