One Piece Talent System Chapter 19

Chapter 19 Raze This Place To The Ground

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"Capone Bege, one of the main decision makers of Capone Family, and if nothing unexpected happens, he will soon take full charge of Capone Family."

Robin stood behind Ross and whispered Capone Beges information.

Because Capone Bege is one of the Worst Generation together with Luffy, so Ross knows about him more than Robin. Listening to Robins report, he did not show any surprised expression.

"Damn Capone Bege, how did the Capone Family suddenly launch such a large-scale operation without us knowing about it?"

The black ceremonial hat wearing old man walked to the window and looked at the Capone Mafia members below who were like an army. His face becoming extremely ugly.

Capone Bege led a large number of members of the criminal organization, stopped on the street in front of the building, and his subordinates quickly occupied the streets and other buildings around them, and the weapons were all aimed at the building.

"Your actions are too slow."

"Your lack of speed has inevitably lead to failure, so, its quite regretful that everything will end here."

Capone Bege was holding a cigar in his mouth as he looked up, with the muscles on either side of the cheeks moving up slightly, revealing a terrifying smile. His smiling face revealed confidence that everything was in his hand.

Damn it!

The black ceremonial hat wearing old man couldnt understand how the news leaked out. He bit his teeth and pushed open the half of the window, to talk to Capone Bege:

"What do you want to do? Capone Bege?!"

"Of course its to kill you all before you make a deal with White Blade pirates by the way coming here solved another trouble, Ghost Hand Ross."

Capone Bege looked at the old man at the window, and his tone was not anxious.

This sentence stunned not only old man but even Ross and Robin.

He thought he was accidentally embroiled in all this. He didnt expect it to be not an accident, but something planned in advance.

"You are inside, right? Ghost Hand Ross! If you are inside, I think that guys of the White Blade pirates should have already been killed by you."

Capone Bege holding a cigar in his mouth looked at the top floor of the building.

Ross pushed open the half of the window, glanced at the numerous guns that were aimed at them, and looked calmly at Capone Bege, saying: "How did you know that I was here?"

"Lack of intelligence will lead to such a result I am very clear about White Blade pirates contacts, and I unexpectedly discovered it during investigation that you are also tracking White Blade pirates."

Capone Bege looked at Ross, his tone neither fast nor slow.

Ross once killed Capone Leckie, one of the high-level member of Capone Family, and by killing him Ross has incurred Capone Familys hatred. After discovering Rosss movements, it was natural for them to investigate all the way.

Ross turned his head and glanced at Robin.

Robin looked serious as she whispered to Ross: "All the intelligence we collected before came from the Underground world. Capone Mafia is in charge of a large part of the West Blues Underground World. I was a little careless."


Ross shook his head slightly: "Its not your fault. My actions are too predictable as we did not hide deliberately. It is normal for Capone Mafia to know our whereabouts as they are in charge of the intelligence network."

Ross turned his head and again looked at Capone Bege below. He said in a indifference voice: "I am really lacking in intelligence, but you explained so much, do you think you have complete control over the situation?"

Capone Bege spread out his hands and a large number of members of the criminal organization behind him grinned evilly.

"Yes, because of the large disparity in military strength."

"Even if you work together, you can only die."

Compared to other criminal organization organizations that compete for territory and power, Capone Bege is very different. He finds pleasure not in competing for power and money, but to watch other people in chaos and despair.

The old man listened to Capone Beges words, and there was a hint of panic in his eyes. He couldnt help but clench his fists, and shouted at Capone Bege looking fierce while feeling cowardly in heart:

"Capone Bege! Dont forget where you are standing. If you dare to do anything here, my organization"

His words have not finished when a sound of gunshot suddenly resounds on the street.

Dont know when but Capone Bege had a gun in his hand. The muzzle of the gun was emitting smoke, while the old mans body froze. There was a bloody hole between his eyebrows. His body shook and he fell from the top of the floor.


Capone Bege said indifferently as he maintained the motion of firing the gun: "So, the unnecessary drama ends here, raze everything to the ground!"

Bang! Bang! Bang!!

Just at the moment when Capone Bege ordered, there were countless guns and artillery fired at the building where Ross was, not only aiming at the top floor but they attacked the entire building.

Countless bullets and artillery, in an instant, smashed all the windows and glass in the building, bombing the streets and shaking the streets, letting a large group of civilians who were escaping in the distance, showing a frightened expression.

Inside the building.

When the black ceremonial hat wearing old man tried to threaten Capone Bege, Ross put down the curtains of the window and turned to Robin and said:

"Lets go, we need to go down."


Robin was a little nervous, but after observing Ross calmness, she also calmed down.

She had tried to find out about Rosss character over these past few months. He is similar to her and can remain absolutely calm in the most situation.

And it is the same in this situation.

Not only Ross is calm, but he is also reacting calmly, which shows that he has a way to deal with this situation and was not facing a desperate situation.


However, before Robin could go downstairs together with Ross, the black ceremonial hat wearing old man was shot by Capone Bege, and then it was full-scale gunfire on their building!

Boom! Boom! Boom!!

The surrounding glass shattered in an instant, and countless bullets accompanied by shards of glass scattered around in the room.

Robin subconsciously had to lean over to avoid the fire from the window, but before she leaned over, Ross had already stepped forward and hugged her from the side.


Glass fragments and bullets landed on Rosss back, but affected by some strange power, they changed directions.

At the same time, the floor under Rosss feet also distorted by the Distortion Fruit, and then suddenly collapsed.

Boom! Boom! Boom!!

With a thunderous sound, Ross took Robin from the top floor and fell to the bottom floor of the building.

There was no basement in the building but Ross who fell to the first floor still exerts the power of Distortion Fruit.


Under the power of distortion fruit, the thick ground distorted and collapsed, and a circular area with a radius of about two meters collapsed and a hole of the same size appeared, which continued to extend downward.

When the hole reached about three meters deep, Ross stopped the ability. After releasing Robin, he raised his hand to the top and blocked the numerous stones that had been shattered and collapsed, creating an underground space that could not be attacked by any artillery.

Kch! Kch!

Ross held up the collapsing stones until they were completely distorted and condensed into a block, then he let go of his hand and looked at the girl in front of him: "I didnt expect them to launch an attack so quickly. It was too late to run away. I can only deal with it in this way."

"It doesnt matter, I dont mind."

Robins black pupil stared at Ross quietly in the dark for a while, and the corner of her mouth curved a little.

She sighed softly, patted away the dust on her shoulders and clothes, and then quietly examined the current situation.