One Piece Talent System Chapter 190

Chapter 190 Wind And Rain
"Good cooperation"

Looking at the coming attack and judging its power, Rosss eyes twinkled and he drove the power of distortion to its limit and utilized Armament Haki to counter against the coming violent blow.
The fist collided with the spear in air.

Under the attack of power of distortion, the thundering stream is scattered like a flash of electricity. It is like a thunder being blocked by a certain force and the thunder scattered in all directions.

The steel spear pierced the power of distortion bit by bit in the package of the thunderstorm, touching Rosss fist bone, but it also remained rigid in mid-air.


A violent sound echoed as the attack eventually exploded on the coast. The terrifying aftermath made Laffitte and others take a defensive posture.

When the threads of thunder dispersed, they saw Ross suspended in the mid-air several meters high and he slowly retrieved his fist and under his feet was a sandy beach.

"The power of this move is very strong."

Ross took a gentle breath and nodded at Hajrudin and Stansen.

If he hadnt upgraded the power of distortion to 600, he would probably not have been able to withstand the blow and would have suffered minor injuries.

"Thats all for now. You can continue practicing."

Ross stopped Hajrudin and others who seemed to want to continue to fight. His figure flickered as he flew into the distance, landing on the chest doctor Gerth.

Gerth and Goldberg also participated in the practice. Both of them have general talent in Kenbonshoku (Observation). Their Armament Haki is a little better, but not much stronger. So far, they are just in the beginning phase.

Without a Devil Fruit, they are far less powerful than Hajrudin and others.

"Ah, Captain?"

Gerth looked back at Hajrudin and others and then looked down at Ross on her chest. Because of the big difference in body shape, Ross was like someone from Dwarves Race to them.

Falling on his "exclusive seat," Ross looked up at Gerth and said, "Dont worry, well find Devil Fruit for you and Goldberg sooner or later."

Hajrudin and others are making steady progress, while Goldberg and she are making slow progress. It is impossible for the two of them to say that there is no urgency.


Gerth looked at Ross, somewhat ashamed, and said, "We havent even done anything for you so far. Even Hajrudins strength is given by you. Its totally impossible to repay your kindness."

Goldberg stood by, very serious and said respectfully: "Even if our strength is still weak, but we will fight for Captain at all costs."

Ross slightly smiled, not talking but he is still thinking about what devil fruit is more appropriate besides Barrier-Barrier Fruit, or simply leaving one person as a non-ability user to avoid an awkward situation where all others fall into the water and they have no one who could rescue them.

Lying on Gerths chest for a while, Ross flew up and began to guide Gerth and Goldberg on their Haki practice and then he set off to do his Gepp (Moonwalk) practice.

Whiz! Whiz!
This time, Instead of exerting gravity on himself, he used Gepp (Moonwalk) and climbed higher into the sky. As the altitude rose, the clouds gradually disappeared and the air became extremely thin. It became extremely difficult to perform Gepp

(Moonwalk) in these conditions.

In addition, breathing has become more difficult. At this altitude, a large part of the Sky Island world can be surveyed, and at a glance, he can see the structure of the Sky Island.


Looking at the quiet and dark Void, Rosss eyes flashed brightly and he saw the moon gradually appearing from the end of his gaze.
Enel yearns for the infinite earth. If he remembers correctly, there should be a special mechanical civilization on the moon, but with his current ability, he can not fly from here to the moon.

Maybe after he activated the branch of Distortion space, he would be able to reach there.


As his lung functions gradually approached their limit, Ross stopped staying and flew downward, quickly returning to the Ski island area and practicing in the clouds above the Sky island.

What he has to do now is to adapt to the sky-high power of distortion and to achieve full control of it, in addition to slightly improving his physical fitness.
The surging power of distortion, together with the recent successive heightening of physical strength, has once again reached a state of balance, he can fully exert his powers and his body can withstand it.

The first month passed.

Robins Flower-Flower Fruit (Hana Hana no Mi) has reached the point where she can make doppelgangers.

The second month passed.

Metal Giants Armament Haki can now be hardened. Goldberg and Gerth have initially completed the practicing of two-color Haki.

The third month passed.

Hajrudin can now use Hardened Armament Haki and his Observation Haki has reached the level of Ross.

During these months, Marines and the government did not send any troops to kill them on the island. Obviously, Gorosei (Five Elder Stars) did not intend to send a large number of troops to the "unknown" places like the Sky island.

Ross and others stayed on the Sky Island as the government does not intend to send any troops to be killed here because the basic impact does not affect the blue sea, but as long as Ross sets foot on the blue sea, they will immediately send a powerful force to encircle him!

Annihilating a Yonk (Four Emperors) is too costly, but to annihilate the Ghost Hand Pirates, they dont need to be afraid.


Over the past few months, intelligence about Donquixote Family has also been continuously transmitted to the Sky island and handed over to Ross.

Kaku and others got a lot stronger after experiencing Sky islands training methods. The strongest two, Kaku and Jabra, are still weaker than CP0 members, but the gap between their strength is not very big.

Their ability to spy on intelligence is also remarkable.


Although Kaku and others have a strong intelligence-gathering ability, Donquixote Familys intelligence network and trading network are all over the world and they have insider dealings with many forces.
While they were spying on intelligence, there were a few clues in front of Doflamingo, but for the time being, they could not compose effective information.

"Revolutionary Army, or"

Sitting on the throne of Dressrosa Palace, Doflamingo listened to his subordinates reports, showing a hint of thought. Donquixote Family has dealings with many forces and its hard to gather any information on them.

Over the years, there have been countless members of various forces who have sneaked into Dressrosa, but most of them have been turned into toys by Sugar. All the secrets about the Donquixote Family are hidden in the dark Underground.

Not long ago, he got an intelligence report from a special channel, that is, the Ghost Hand Pirates defeated the CP0 forces on the Sky Island but it is still unknown what exactly happened.

"Marine Admiral failed to kill you, CP0 also suffered a loss, fufufufu Ghost Hand Pirates are getting more and more troublesome."

Doflamingo has a hunch.

The next target of the Ghost Hand Pirates is probably him!

This kind of hunch is not inexplicable, but an undetermined conclusion that is vaguely obtained through the news of Trafalgar Law and a series of intelligence analyses.

And one thing is certain, Trafalgar Law is never going to be able to stay with the Ghost Hand Pirates while forgetting about his past.

"If you want to deal with me, then come."

Doflamingo stood up with a wicked smile on his face and said, "If you really want to come at me, then its time to get ready. The government and Marines have already hated you guys for a long time." Fufufufufufu."

No matter whether its about Law or the accident with the Sand Sand Fruit, he will not easily let the Ghost Hand Pirates go. If the other party dares to come to kill him, then all the more better!

As the original tenryubito and with his identity of Shichibukai, only Four Emperors can make him fear anything in this sea.

The Ghost Hand Pirates are not qualified.