One Piece Talent System Chapter 191

Chapter 191 Judgment Of Crane
Great Age of Pirates at the beginning of sixteen years.

The Ghost Hand Pirates sailed from the Sky Island Birka and quietly returned to the blue sea. Although the process of returning was silent, the purpose of this time is no longer to simply survive, but to completely turn the world upside down!

"Once we show up, or expose the intelligence about our location, we will be immediately targeted by the government, so before that, we must prepare the intelligence and the plan to avoid temporary changes."

The ship sailed slowly on the sea and sailed towards an island, not far from Dressrosa.

Relying on the three arrows of the High-Level Log Pose and some maps of the New World. Ross and others determined where they were when they returned to the blue sea, with two islands separated them from Dressrosa and the final buffer zone.

Once they step into Dressrosa, all hell will break loose!

"Our advantage is that with the three arrows of the Log Pose, the government and Marines would not know that our goal is Doflamingo, nor can they determine which island we are going to arrive next. We can use this to respond to their plans."

Law, carrying the demon knife, stood beside the table where the sea map was spread and opened his mouth in silence.

Robin looked thoughtful and said, "Youre right, but we cant ignore the possibility that the government and Marines guessed our purpose, and Doflamingo, as the core of the Dark Trading Network, wont be surprised at our attack."

Laffitte smiled weirdly and said: "The tenryubito on our ship can attract the attention of the government and Marines. If we designed this perfectly enough, it will be like a powerful battle force."

Ross stared at the sea map and looked at it. After considering it for a while, he said:

"With our current situation, once we show up, we are going to attract attention and the governments, Marine, and Doflamingos intelligence agencies will focus on us. As long as we reveal a little more information about the route, some people can infer our purpose."

"So be as concealed as possible, at least we can not be exposed before reaching the second island and the tenryubito may come in handy, we have to design this carefully, do you have a plan?"

Ross asked Laffitte.

Laffitte smiled: "I have a plan."

Ross nodded and without asking for any detailed inquiry, went on: "This time the aim is to destroy Doflamingo, but besides that, we also have to hit the government hard!"

Speaking of this, Rosss eyes glimmered with cold light.

When Robin looked at Ross, she couldnt help but raise her lips and gently smile. She said: "It seems that Captain has plans."

Ross, Robin, Law, and Laffitte, all four are cool and able to develop a plan for the battle. Under the discussion, all aspects of the government, Marines, and Doflamingo are completely spread out.

Perhaps, in terms of strategy and intelligence quotient alone, the people present are not as good as Marine Vice-Admiral Great Staff Officer Tsuru or Akagami PiratesVice Captain Beckman, but together, they can take many details into account.

The first island appeared on the horizon during the detailed arrangement and discussion.

"The giants are too big, it would be best if they do not go to the next island. Although no one knows they are our fighting force yet, we should try our best to cover them up and avoid any accidents."

"I think so too."

Ross nodded, everything is for the sake of security.

The Ghost Hand Pirates are not the Straw Hat Pirates, there Captain does not have the Marine Hero as his grandfather, he does not have Dark King Rayleigh as his master, he did not gain his dream to become a pirate from Akagami (Red Hair), he does not have Revolutionary Army Leader as his father. They will be ruthlessly chased by the Marine and the government to kill them.


Ross, Laffitte, and others landed on the first island, avoiding exposure as much as possible, and purchased ingredients and items they needed.

Nevertheless, the government and Marine, together with Donquixote Family, have built an Intelligence network that is terrifyingly, even though the Ghost Hand Pirates have not shown their bodies and faces and they are concealed under Rosss ability. Only when they buy food materials, can they show the shadow of a black cloak, which still becomes put the traces on them by the government and Marine.


Because there are too many such traces, and most of them are meaningless false intelligence or coincidences, it will be several days before Marine and the government use exclusion method to find the traces before ruling them out by investigation before seizing them.

Not long after Marine got Intelligence, Doflamingo also got information about Ross from Marine through his channels.


Doflamingo frowned at the fact that this might be the Ghost-Hand Pirates and he only has intelligence on them appearing on that island.

The second intelligence about the Ghost-Hand Pirates finally appeared ten days later. When this intelligence appeared, and then the first intelligence before it appeared in series, the government and Marine finally got a little valuable information.

Marine Headquarters.

In one of the conference rooms, Headquarters Vice-Admiral sat on the sides, one of the Headquarters Vice-Admiral pointed to the sea map and said: "There will be three islands on this route, but its hard to guess which one they are aiming at"

Others, including Doberman sitting in the corner were also mumbling.

And just as everyone was talking, a gentle and clear voice came, "If you judge by probability, then the greatest possibility is Dressrosa."

In the direction of the voice, sitting in a plain-clothed Vice-Admiral, everyone saw her moment, showing a tribute.

Headquarters Vice-Admiral and Chief of Staff, Crane!

"These three routes, except Dressrosa, point to the Universal Sea and the Beast Sea unless they want to compete for the status of Four Emperors right now Naturally, its not impossible.

"The Ghost Hand Pirates once killed a main member of the Beast Pirates on the Icefield Island. With Kaidos character, if Ross appears on that route, he will not let his go.

Cranes hair is nearly a half gray, but her tone is very calm, she said, bit by bit linking all the bits of intelligence to form a clear context.

She also mentioned Yonk (Four Emperors), mentioning the characteristics of the Ghost Hand Pirates, mentioning the character of Ross, mentioning Trafalgar Law.

At last.

She took a sip of tea from her cup to moisturize her dry throat. She added, "At present, there are too few effective bits of intelligence, only so many can be analyzed, the possibility is about half."

About half the possibilities that they will go to Dressrosa and the other half is that they will go to one of the areas controlled by Yonk (Four Emperors).

This possibility is somewhat of a tangled number. An Admiral is required to deal with the Ghost Hand Pirates and with half the possibility, how should they mobilize?

The people present did not have the power to decide.

"Half the possibility"

Fleet Admiral Sengoku sat in the main position. Now Akainu and Aokiji are not in the Headquarters, only Kizaru is here and in order to deal with all kinds of things, Headquarters must keep at least one Admiral here.

If Kizaru is dispatched, in case of any unexpected situation, it will be difficult to deal with the problem of manpower, and Garp will be expected to take care of something He still wants to be Marine Fleet Admiral for a few more years so he cant let that happen.