One Piece Talent System Chapter 192

Chapter 192 Cp0 Comes
On the other side.

In the palace of Dressrosa, Doflamingo also got the intelligence, but he reached a different judgment from the Crane. He is almost certain that the Ghost Hand Pirates are coming to Dressrosa.

There is no such thing as detailed inference and reasoning, but only his intuition!

Marines need to deal with various issues rationally, but for a pirate, they often deal with things with their intuition and even Doflamingo is no exception to that.

"It seems that you are really coming to me, fufufufu"

Doflamingo doesnt look down on the Ghost Hand Pirates, the Ghost Hand Pirates escaped from Marine Admirals and killed the tenryubito, which is enough to threaten him.

So he will not only pay attention to it, but he will also concentrate all his attention on it to deal with the upcoming battle, which will probably be the most intense battle since he occupied Dressrosa!

After thinking for a moment, Doflamingo took out a Den Den Mushi and contacted the World Government.

As a former tenryubito and the creator of the worlds largest trading core in the Dark Underground, he is the most special of all Shichibukai, with influence spreading throughout the criminal organization, Marine and even within the government.

"The guy you want to annihilate the most is coming to me now, fufufufu, dont know what you plan to do?"

Five days later.

The Ghost Hand Pirates landed on the last island before Dressrosa and began to map out the island, they were indirectly exposed here.

When the news was delivered to the Marine Headquarters, Crane and Sengoku and others almost immediately confirmed that Rosss target route is the site of Seven Warlords of the Sea Doflamingos country, Dressrosa!

Despite the fact that it was a little late, Sengoku immediately ordered the Battleships to depart and led by Marine Admiral Kizaru, three large Battleships heading for Dressrosa.

On the other side.

On Dressrosas side, Doflamingo has also recalled all of his cadres from outside the country. The people still dont know what happened, but the various forces on the sea have gradually captured a feeling like this is only the eve of the storm.

Donquixote Family, the core of the dark world, has a trading network all over the world. Once something goes wrong, it will immediately affect the whole world!

And just as countless forces in the world looked at Dressrosa with uncertainties and surprises, Ross and his party finally arrived.

"Here it is, Dressrosa."

Looking ahead at the Island, Law took a deep breath and recalled the scene of Doflamingo killing Corazon. He could not help but squeeze the demon knife in his hand and again look at the Island with cold eyes.

He knows that his current strength is not enough to kill Doflamingo, but he has his participation and planning in a series of plans against Doflamingo!

In order to avenge Corazon and kill Doflamingo, he has done almost everything he can now.

In this war.

Doflamingo is bound to pay for what he did that year!

Laffitte stood on one side of the deck, leaning his body and carrying a mahogany cane, saying: "I think Doflamingo may already know that we are here, hehe."

"Lets go."

Ross looked calm and opened his mouth as the ship gradually landed and jumped to the shore.

He was wearing a black windbreaker, without any cover, so he stepped into Dressrosa, all the arrangements have been completed, now there is no need to cover up, all that is left is the decisive battle!

For him, Doflamingo is a prey who will give him at least some Talent Proficiency point and if he can give him a Free Talent Point. That would be great.

Laffitte gently smiles and follows Ross.

Robin and Law are also behind and a group of four people marched toward Dressrosa. They cross the street, heading towards the palace in the middle of Dressrosa!

"They are coming."

"How daring, coming here without any cover, fufufu"

In the central palace of Dressrosa, Doflamingo stood at the window with a strange smile on his face, as if he had everything in the palm of his hand.

He turned and walked out of the front door of the palace, pointing to the dark figure and saying, "Now that the guests have arrived, its time to go out and greet them."

The four top cadres of the Donquixote Family gathered together, even Vergo, who was undercover in the Marine, arrived in Dressrosa a few days before the formal order was given to the Marine.


Vergo wont show up. Hell lead Marine and act on behalf of Marine against the Ghost Hand Pirates because everything is a decision of the upper class and it wont expose or arouse suspicion.

When Ross and other four people came outside the palace of Dressrosa, headed by Doflamingo, the top three cadres except for Vergo also stepped out.

Both sides are a group of four.

"Ghost Hand Pirates After all, I met you. If I remember correctly, did you take something from me that you shouldnt take?

Doflamingo looked at Ross and others, with a weird curve rising from the corners of his mouth.

Ross is wearing a black trench coat and Laffitte and others are standing behind him wearing dark clothes, which were especially changed in the previous Island.

"Do you mean Logias Sand Sand Fruit?"

He looked up at Doflamingo, Doflamingo was taller than Ross, but he couldnt take advantage of his height to gain momentum over Ross.

Doflamingo stunned before he smiled and said: "I thought after you grabbed something from me, you will forget who it originally belonged to."


Rosss gaze calmly said: "If you dont have the ability to guard it then its not yours."

This is the way the world is. The emergence of civilization and wisdom just makes the jungle develop in a more unique direction. The essence has not changed.

The strong will live and the weak will die, this is the way that the world works!


Doflamingo smiled a little, but immediately he laughed a little more. Instead of responding, he turned to Trafalgar Law behind Ross and said:

"Law, the little devil is finally back, the seat of the third-generation member of the Donquixote Pirates has been reserved for you, fufufufu."

Doflamingo doesnt want to kill Law. Surgeon-Surgeon Fruit is so powerful that if hes willing to obey him, in some ways its worth even more than Hobi Hobi no Mi which is eaten by Sugar!

Hearing Doflamingos words, Law raised his calm face sharply and said calmly to Doflamingo: "From the moment Mr. Corazon died, the meaning of my existence is to revenge Mr. Corazon. You should go to hell to repent, Doflamingo!"


Doflamingo listened to Law, not showing any anger, but laughed and said, "Should I say you are brave or foolish, Law, Im sorry to tell you that today your opponent is not me."

As Doflamingos voice fell, six people with different heights, all wearing a white trench coat and wearing a mask, slowly walked out from the dark.

The white hue contrasted sharply with the dark tones of Rosss group.

The highest level of the World Government intelligence organization.