One Piece Talent System Chapter 193

Chapter 193 Decisive Battle Prologue
Although not afraid of the Ghost Hand Pirates, but there are easier ways to clean up the Ghost Hand Pirates, Doflamingo naturally will not brainlessly lead his subordinates to a bloody battle against Ross.

It is undoubtedly the best way to use the power of the government.


Trafalgar Law looked at the six people who came over.

There is no doubt that these six people are members of the World Governance Subordinate organization CP0, and the Chief of CP0 is probably one of them!

"Ghost Hand Pirates, hand over Saint Mjosgard and you will be shown a little mercy."

Walking in the forefront is a thin, tall high-masked man, his voice is as cold as the winter wind as he said one sentence to Ross and other people, he is the CP0s Chief!

Whether it is the order of the annihilation the Ghost Hand Pirates issued by Gorsei (Five Elder Stars), or the protection of tenryubitos vocation and mission, the Ghost Hand Pirates are ranked first in their annihilation list!

Knowing that the Ghost Hand Pirates are going to find their own trouble, Doflamingo naturally cant do nothing, knowing that the government hates Ghost Hand Ross, he naturally immediately contacted Gorsei (Five Elder Stars) and CP0, and Gorsei (Five Elder Stars) showed almost no hesitation and they sent the CP0 Chief directly!

Marine as a force on the bright side attracts great attention with their every move, but the CP0 is hidden in the dark is different, its actions are completely secret, not known to the outside world!

"As Captain expected."

Laffitte looked at the six CP0 members who were present, smiled softly with a crooked head and said, "I dont know which one is Chief and which one is the Division Captain?"


The six people of CP0 are all indifferent and no one spoke, they just stand there and it formed a palpitating momentum so that the atmosphere in the field is extremely heavy.

Ross stood there quietly, looking at the strongest person with his Observation Hakis perception. There was no fear in his eyes, but only calmness.

"Its almost time."

"What time?"

The eyebrows under one of the CP0 masks are slightly wrinkled and there is a vague feeling that the coming event will not be very good.

Nearly the next moment, a Den Den Mushis voice suddenly sounded from one of them. The mans face under his mask was a little ugly. He took out the Den Den Mushi and answered.

"Ah, ah Hurry up and save me, you bastards. Hurry up! Those pirates tied bombs on me. Its timed!"

On the other side of Den Den Mushi came Mjosgards voice of crying and scolding, calling out for help while scolding the CP0 members, he was apparently scared and he wet his pants.

The sound spread and the scene suddenly became strange.

The originally suppressed atmosphere was instantly destroyed.

Although all six CP0 people wear masks, Ross and Doflamingo can almost guess how ugly the face under the mask is becoming right now.


Doflamingos eyebrows twisted together as he didnt expect Ross to prepare for this situation beforehand, and since it came out, the Tenryubito bound by a time bomb must not be here and the crying voice on the Den Den Mushi confirmed his judgment.

Ross looked at the six CP0 members and said:

"I think you have already understood the specific situation. After 12 hours, the bomb will explode. As for where he is, you all know. If you start now, as long as you dont encounter too bad weather, you should arrive just in time."


The CP0 Chief stared at Ross and finally spit out a word, "Well Played."

For CP0, their duty, or the most important mission, is to protect the security of tenryubito. No matter the case or situation, the safety of tenryubito should be put in the first place.

The meaning of their existence is being the hardest shield of tenryubito.

"No. 3, No. 4, you two stay here, others come with me."

CP0 Chief didnt know what plans Ross had laid out on another island, but the Tenryubito was still alive. He couldnt delay anymore and made a quick decision, leaving two Division Captain behind and taking the other three with him.

They must arrive on the island as soon as possible, then they have to find the tenryubito on the island and save him.

As for leaving two people behind, it is also necessary to do. These two are Division Captain and with their and Donquixote Family combat powers, there should not be too much problem.

When they come back, or when the Marines arrives, the situation will be back in their control again. Marines Battleships are already on the way and it shouldnt be long before they arrive here.

Whiz! Whiz!

After the order was issued, the four CP0 members immediately disappeared, leaving only the 3rd and 4th in their original place. The eyes of the two men were gloomy, with a little anger in them.

No one has ever dared to threaten a Tenryubito, forcing their CP0 into such a passive, must-do situation.

Seeing the departure of the four CP0 members, Ross looked calmly in front of him without any waves of surprise in his heart. It seems that he had already foreseen this scene. He turned his head and looked at Doflamingo and said slowly:

"The obstacles are almost over. Next, its time to clear up the grievances between you and my crew, Donquixote Doflamingo."


Doflamingo stared at Ross and suddenly he laughed again and said, "The means to remove the main force of CP0 was good, but it doesnt seem to change anything. Marines will be here in at most half a day and only depending on the four of you, What can you do in half a day?"

He opened his hands and his face showed an unruly smile.

As Doflamingos voice dropped, Diamante, Trebol, and Pica, the three top cadres of Donquixote Pirates, slowly stepped forward and stood in line with him.

At the same time, a large number of Donquixote Family members rushed to the square in front of the palace, divided into spades, plum blossoms, hearts, and diamonds.

The Bomber Gladius!


Lao G!

Donquixote Familys cadres are almost all gathered here. Everyone is a famous strong man on the sea. If it wasnt for no bounty for Shichibukais subordinates rule then every one of the cadres would at least have a bounty of more than 200 million berries!

Even though CP0 has withdrawn its main force such as CP0 Chief for the sake of tenryubito, the two remaining are Division Captains and with them are the main members of the Donquixote Pirates and they bring extremely strong oppression to their opponent!


In some buildings not far from the palace, many civilians have seen this scene, all of them look at this side, with a shocked look on their faces.

For they have never seen the Donquixote Familys cadres and members converging in such a dense manner.

"His Majesty, and Sir Diamante Incredibly, are all Donquixote Family cadres here? Is a battle about to start here?

"Look at those people in the middle, they seem to be the Ghost Hand Pirates!"

After the people of Dressrosa recognized Ross, all of them were surprised and stunned. Looking at this, it seems that the Ghost-Hand Pirates are going to fight the Donquixote Family!

Those people who have not been turned into toys are naturally worried, but when they see Donquixote Familys huge force and the presence of top cadres such as Diamante, their worries ease a little.


Unlike the light side, all those who have been turned into toys are looking in the direction of the square and they are all shocked and there are totally different emotions in their hearts.

Sugers devil fruit can turn a person into a toy and erase their existence from everyones mind. Every day, they have to do day-to-day work for the Donquixote Family. Their family cant recognize them and they are forgotten by everyone. What they want most is that Doflamingo can be knocked down so that they can recover their bodies and expose the darkness!


The emergence of the Ghost Hand Pirates seems to give this desire a glimmer of light!

"Go and report this to the soldier Captain, something big has happened!"

"Can you win? Ghost Hand Pirates"

Compared with the ordinary people who were kept in the dark, the toys, after getting the news, acted secretly. For a time, the entire Dressrosa surged!