One Piece Talent System Chapter 196

Chapter 196 Awaken Vs Awaken

Inside the palace, Doflamingo with Armament Haki covering his arms holds the walls on both sides to resist the invading power of distortion.

Although he was able to resist Ross powers with the help of the two Division Captains, Deoflamingo realized clearly that even with the help of two CP0 Division Captains, he could no longer hide his strength, otherwise, he would not be able to fight Ross at all!

Bang! Bang!

Rosss two strikes repelled the two Division captains and he charges into the ruins of the palace that had turned into a spiral like a twist.

And almost at the moment before he rushed to the ruins, a strange force suddenly shrouded the entire ruins and the ruins began to turn into white silk, which eventually spread from bottom to the top.

String fruit awakening!

"Did he finally use it?"

Ross looked at the ruins of the palace, which had turned into countless white silk threads. Since the awakening of his Distortion Fruit, Ross has been exerting the power of awakening and now he has a real attack force comparable to a Marine Admiral.

Doflamingos strengths in all aspects are inferior to a Marine Admiral. Only by using fruit awakening can he be qualified to fight against an Admiral, but he is only qualified to fight against them and not win.

If he doesnt use his fruit awakening then he doesnt even have that qualification.

Doflamingo is inside the Palace, his face is morphed into a very depressed expression as he did not want to expose his fruit awakening ability, after all, the awakening of the String Devil fruit is his ace in hole, By utilizing his ace card, his strength or defense will surge to a terrible point and he doesnt want anyone to know about it.

But faced with the Strong and outrageous power that Ross displayed, he had to expose his power if he wishes to live.

"Ever White!"

Since it has already been exposed, Doflamingo, who has a strong temperament, will naturally not be immersed in depression, but will use all of his powers, killing Ross here!

Under his control, some of the ruins of the Palace turned into countless white strings which tangled toward Ross in an instant and the endless white strings seemed to have turned into waves as they surged madly towards their target.

"For him to be pushed this far"

Diamante, who is fighting Metal Giant and other top cadres of the family such as Pica who is fighting the Sand Giant are all looking at this scene with flashing eyes.

They are the only top cadres who know that Doflamingo has the power of awakening.

Nobody expected Ross to be so powerful that Doflamingo had to use his Devil Fruits awakening power.

"Ghost Hand Ross is really not a guy to be taken lightly, but since Doffy used his Devil Fruit Awakening, it should be enough to reverse the situation."

Trebol, who is protecting a special person Sugar in the Underground port, looks at the image projected by the Den Den Mushi and cant help but sneeze.

Sugar on the side was carrying a basket of grapes, and she was also looking at the projected picture. She ate and whispered to Trebol while she was eating.

"Youre too wicked, You should go die!"

"I wont die, I wont listen to a stupid brat like you! Hey hey hey, although there have been many accidents but the situation is still under control.

Trebol looks at the picture projected on the projection.

Neither Trebol nor Sugar was aware that a figure wearing a high ceremonial hat was hiding in the darkness tens of meters away from them.

"Hoo Huu."

"Distortion Cut!"

Faced with the incoming white strings, Ross gripped the handle of his sword with his five fingers and poured the power of distortion and converge it on the handle, splitting the coming strings with a fierce sword wave.


The power of distortion splits the white string from the center into two halves and sword attack runs all the way through the earth, cutting a crack hundreds of meters in length.

The first half of the white silk line stopped and collapsed in the air, but it was again condensed in the next moment and attacked Ross.

For the String fruit, awakening means qualitative change!

Currently, Doflamingos attacking powers are still inferior to Ross but the gap is not very large, although his body is weaker than Ross, but in terms of Haki, Doflamingo is above Ross.

In front of the existence of this level, there are few people who are good at all aspects. Most of them are outstanding in one or two fields, such as speed, physique, attack and so on.

Is it faster or stronger?

No one can master everything.

Looking at the white string wave, Ross blinked and put the Happy Spring into its scabbard. He swooped down and waved his fist into the white string wave.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

As if a group of magic dances, silk threads continue to explode and converge. Inside the ruins of Palace, which is being affected by the String Devil fruit, there are successive bursts of depressed sounds echoing from there, like a bee flying into the closed flower bones, constantly bumping back and forth.

The Two CP0 Division Captain saw this scene and they both stood still.

About half a minute later, the consecutive sound stopped and the white waves burst apart. Doflamingos figure flew upside down from the white line and blood spilled from the corner of his mouth.


Rosss figure also rushed out of the Palace ruins as he continues to attack Doflamingo without giving him any chance to breathe. Before reaching Doflamingo, he punched directly.

Doflamingo releases the Spiders Web and he was successfull in removing some part of the power of distortion before it hit him causing him to breaks into a building. After smashing into the building, he used his powers to turn the building into strings and continues to attack Ross.


Not far away, the two CP0 Division Captain saw Doflamingo use a special force but he was still not Rosss opponent, They couldnt help but look at each other and rush up again.

At this moment.

The news that Dressrosa was in chaos and completely reduced to battlefield had already been transmitted to Marine Headquarters, and Sengoku rubbed his eyebrows with some headache as he listened to the report on the battlefield over there.

If he had been decisive at that time and sent Marine Admiral directly in advance, he would not have caused this kind of trouble, but even now, with two CP0 Division Captain, there should be no major problems. As long as Kizaru catches up, the situation can be put under control again.

For him.

Although Doflamingo is also a garbage in the sea, He is one of the Seven Warlords of the Sea that signed the agreement with the government. He could not be defeated by Ross.

Although they are all pirates, Doflamingos existence, however dark, at least balance the sea, while Ross has made the sea a mess, making the government and Marine lose face countless times. They can never let Ross continue to sail anyway!