One Piece Talent System Chapter 197

Chapter 197 Design
"Off White(Shield White String)!"

Doflamingo waved his hands and the earth surged like a wave, blocking Rosss fists coming towards him.

The fist fell and the line of distortion collapsed.

Doflamingo folded his arms in front of him and displayed Armament Haki to resisting the aftermath of the power of distortion, then picks his finger and the string behind Ross slammed toward him.

Originally, A String Devik Fruit User is good at air warfare, but in front of Ross, air warfare is obviously a foolish tactic. Doflamingo abandoned air warfare completely when he realized that Ross was faster in the air than he was, and turned to ground warfare with the power of awakening.

"Tekkai (Iron Body) punch!"

The fist of the Division Captain slammed toward Ross. The powerful force behind the punch made a wind pressure and turned it into a huge fist, which went to the back of Ross.

Ross waved off Doflamingos string attack and then shoved it out before turning around and breaking the Division Captains long-range punch and then he turned back and continued to attack Doflamingo.

Now only one CP0 Division Captain is left against him, because when Doflamingos abilities awakened, the gap between their strength became very small, and the two of them are basically wasting their fighting power, so the other one begins to deal with the other Ghost Hand Pirate members.

After he used his devil fruit awakening powers, Doflamingo was only slightly weaker than Ross and add a Division Captain with him, the battle was stagnant for a time.

On the other side.

With Donquixote Familys many cadres and top cadres working together and one Division Captain assisting, the three giants and Law and Robins offensive could be stopped.

The situation is gradually turning in favor of the Donquixote Family.

"Its beyond my expectation for you to have such a strong fighting force, but my subordinates arent newbies either, fufufu"

Doflamingo teamed up with a CP0 Division Captain to deal with Ross. Although he was slightly inadequate, he was able to support and noticed the situation on the other side. He could not help but send out a sneer, trying to influence Rosss mind.


At this moment, Ross has already entered the state of Spirit Heart and his emotions are completely unaffected by foreign objects.

His entire figure is like a miniature version of Whitebeard, dashing and crashing. Even Doflamingos full awakening shield white string line can only block Ross for the time being.


Distortion light burst out, temporarily affecting Doflamingo. Ross punched and broke the shield white string line and caused Doflamingo to fly out.

The blow almost stifled Doflamingos bizarre laughter in the middle, causing him to fall apart in pink feathers and a little blood spilled from his mouth again.

"Your laughter is terrible, so stop laughing."

Ross regains his fist with indifferent eyes and breaks through the interference of the CP0 Division Captain with a backhand blow and charges into Doflamingo again.

Doflamingos face turned a little black, with a faint look of anger. His hands waved violently and numerous strings converged, turning into ten very thick spikes, with the purple Armament Haki covering their tips.
"Dont be too arrogant God Thread!"

Whiz! Whiz! Whiz!

The holy bullets that were condensed burst out in an instant and rushed towards Ross, covering all of Rosss dodge routes.

Ross was not afraid. He stepped forward and the Power of distortion was activated. He grabbed several white lines and pulled them hard on both sides. The Tenacious thread was torn apart by the rigid Distortion.

The Battle is still going on.
While Doflamingo was concentrating on fighting Ross with all his might, a strange force suddenly swung away from Donquixotes Underground area and instantly swept across the island.

Underground factory.

Laffitte stood there in a black cape, laughing and not far away from his lay Sugar with foam in her mouth caused because of her fainting, Trebol stood near Sugar with an extremely ugly expression on his face.

For the war against the Donquixote Family in Dressrosa, a careful plan had been drawn up as early as in the beginning. All the members of the Donquixote Family and almost all of their fighting powers were listed by Ross and he made detailed plans for the war.
So to speak.

Everything that happened so far is within the expected range!

If you know everything about the Donquixote Family and know all the Doflamingo hidden cards and you still cant do this then its just questioning the IQ of Ross, Robin, and others!

"You areDemon Sherrif Laffitte!"

Trebol had an angry and panicky look on his face. He had no idea that the Ghost-Hand Pirates would know about Sugar and would target her.

This is a big trouble!

Dressrosa, the country of pirates, or the country of toys, has always been a symbol of light, and the government has supported the legal plunder of it by a member of the Seven Warlords of the Sea, which can suppress all public opinion.


Once the darkness hidden in the light is exposed, this so-called achievement will turn into a huge scandal, which can not only destroy the status of Doflamingo Seven Warlords of the Sea in an instant but also seriously damage the prestige of the government!

On the ground.

The exotic power gushing out after Sugar fainted has no effect on Ross and others, but it changed all the toys who are forgotten human beings. One by one, they are restored to their original shape.

"What happened?!"

Doflamingos Kenbonshoku (Observation) noticed this and his face changed instantly.

The CP0 Division Captains also perceive the changes on the island and reveals a strange expression, toys are human beings, even they did not know that.

After being turned into toys, everything about them will disappear from everyones memories, Sugar can be said to be the deepest hidden card of the Donquixote Family.
"It seems that my subordinates arent newbies either."

Ross calmly threw back Doflamingos words at him.

Doflamingo suddenly turned his head and looked at Ross. The pupils under the sunglasses contracted violently. His face became very ugly and his heart was shaken.

Theres no doubt about that. Its Sugar!
For the sake of safety, Trebol was sent to protect Sugar secretly and not to participate in the Battle. It was only for the sake of safety but unexpected, something really happened.


How did Ross know about Sugars secret?

Doflamingo is no longer as calm as before. Once something happens to Sugar, Dressrosas dark screen will be instantly exposed to the whole world. The influence of public opinion will put great pressure on the government and they will definitely cancel his Shichibukai identity.

The series of consequences that have been triggered are almost unimaginable.

"This must not be exposed at any cost!"